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   Chapter 1 Her Father Sold Her

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One late cold winter night,

bright neon lights flashed on both sides of the street and colored the white snow. Although various vehicles rushed through, it remained a quiet night.

In a KTV, a woman with lips as red as her cheeks reclined on a leather sofa. Her hooded eyes would draw every man in. A wine glass was trapped between her slender fingers. She was the very image of a beautiful angel.

Red lips pressed against the cool glass as she raised her head to drink up the wine. After she swallowed the liquor, she set down the glass and threw a few hundred dollars she pulled out of her purse on the tea table.

Without saying a single word, she walked out of the magnificent gate.

Feeling dizzy, she could only lean sideways against the door frame, hoping to take a break.

A Porsche cut through the cold wind and rumbled in the darkness of the quiet night. It stopped near her and then the door swung open. Confusion flashed through her eyes at the sight of the car and she couldn't help but shake her head. However, before she saw who the person was in the car, her lids grew heavier and slid to a shut. Darkness welcomed her before her body hit the cold ground.

Before she completely slid to the ground, a man in black suit hurriedly got off the car and rushed straight towards her. His arms wrapped around her slim body as he carried her into his car. Once he made sure she was secure in the seat next to him, he fired up the engine once again and head straight to a luxurious house.

"Who... Who are you? Where are you... taking me?"

Tabitha Mu desperately struggled to force her eyes open to get a good look at him but she failed. A sick feeling rose from the pit of her stomach as the haze in her head became even worse.

In his perfectly trim suit, coupled with his height and the way he held himself, he cut an undeniably arrogant profile.

Through the cotton that filled her head, Tabitha Mu could hear the vague sound of the engine dying before she was scooped up in his arms again. Before darkness fully claimed her consciousness, her final thought was that his chest was as wide and as solid as his father's.

Like that, the night passed over both of them.

Since Tabitha Mu was so tired, her consciousness didn't manage through the thick haze in her mind and she didn't get a clear look at the person using her body.

Warm sunlight pierced through the clouds to shine on Tabitha Mu's face, dragging her out of her nightmare. A painful headache immediately made itself known and every inch of her body seemed to ache.

As she forced her aching body to sit up, the quilt covering her body silently slipped down. Fear flashed through her once she registered her completely nude body and the dried blood staining the sheets.

'What happened last night?'

She thought to herself as fragments of fuzzy memories surged in her mind.

Damn it! She suddenly lost her chastity that she planned to gift her husband on their wedding night.

Tears welled in her eyes as she curled up into a ball and buried her face into her knees. More and more tears fell from her eyes like a string of pearls with a broken thread.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Three sharp raps against the door snapped her out of her thoughts.

As Tabitha Mu's tight hold on the quilt nearly tore a hole in it, a reserved voice echoed, "Miss Tabitha, are you awake?"

Blood nearly welled at her lower lip with how hard she was biting it, but she let out a shuddering breath before she spoke, "Who...

Who are you?"

Although it was a man's voice, she was sure that there was no way it was the man who took her chastity last night.

"I'm Mr. Boris' subordinate and he's wai

ting for you downstairs. Miss Tabitha, please change your clothes as soon as possible. Don't keep him waiting for too long."

"Mr. Boris... Who's that?"

"You'll know when you go downstairs." Since she had no other choice, Tabitha Mu put on the clothes laid out for her and walked out of the room. A row of exquisite wooden railings welcomed her, lifelike patterns engraved into the wood. Every inch of yard exuded an ancient and elegant aura.

It didn't take her long to spot a man under a tree with his back to her and talking to another man.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

In order to see the man's face, she deliberately stepped harder than she had to. Sure enough, he turned around at the sound. An outstanding face greeted her, but her eyes focused on the strands of his too long hair falling over his brow.

Despite his fair face, the unfathomable coldness in his eyes sent chills down her spine. His thin lips pursed for a moment at the sight of her.

"Who are you?"

Tabitha Mu gathered all her courage to ask, although her clenched fists at her side trembled. Deep inside her, she couldn't help but feel like she knew him.

Even though she could barely remember it, there was no doubt that the man who bedded her last night felt just as cold as he did.

Without any shame, he didn't dodge the question nor did he entertain it. He gently opened his thin lips and said, "Boris Fu."

Undeniable charm filled his cold voice.

The painful throb in her head returned without any warning. Boris Fu!

Everyone in this city knew the name that was equal to a commercial brand.

An undeniable legend in the business circle, Boris Fu was a billionaire with great strength. All the citizens also knew of his cold nature.

Boris Mu was the boss of the Grand Hotel, who earned over a million dollars per minute. No way!

Could it be they merely had the same name? Or perhaps...

At the shocked expression on the woman's face, Boris Fu sneered, "Let's go."

"Go...? Where are we going?" In the face of such a powerful man, anxiety filled Tabitha Mu's nerves.

"Of course we're going to..." Boris Fu paused for a moment, and then turned to the gate. "The Civil Affairs Bureau."

At those words, Tabitha Mu suddenly stiffened.

Shocked wasn't nearly enough to describe what she was feeling.

Civil Affairs Bureau? She just graduated from high school. Was she going to marry a strange man?

What the hell?

As Boris Fu watched the various emotions dancing on the stunned woman's face, a sneer appeared on his face.

"Seems like you don't understand what happened... That's fine. Someone will tell you soon."

Before Tabitha could even catch her breath, a familiar figure ran towards her from a distance.

"Tabitha!" An out of breath middle-aged man ran into the gate, and quickly humbly bowed to Boris Fu when he caught sight of him.

With her eyes wide open, Tabitha called out to him in disbelief, "Dad?"

There was no doubt that it really was Tabitha's father, Andrew Mu.

"Why are you here?"

"Tabitha..." As soon as he was close enough to his daughter, Andrew Mu pounced on her and let out obviously fake sobs. "It's Dad's fault!"

An idea slowly formed in Tabitha's mind. "Dad, what's going on?"

Despite the throbbing in her head, she could also hear the loud pounding of her heart in her ears.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. It's all my fault. I'm not good enough. But I really had no choice..." Andrew Mu cried in a low voice.

As she deciphered what little Boris Fu said to her, Tabitha felt her heart sink like a stone thrown over a cliff.

"You really...

sold me." The last two words were spoken through her tightly gritted teeth.

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