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   Chapter 109 That Kind of Woman (Part One)

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The sound of the phone dropping on the ground didn't disturb the couple who were hugging each other passionately. Instead, it hit heavily on Yana's chest like a heavy stone. It was sour, painful and stuffy. In short, she felt very uncomfortable, but she didn't know why she felt uncomfortable.

She really wanted to step forward and question their relationship loudly, but she didn't have the courage. She was afraid that Amanda would finally succeed in attracting Andrew and abandon Moore. That was definitely not what she could bear.

She tried to force herself to turn away, but for some reason her feet were rooted to the ground, unable to move.

She felt more and more suffocated. She didn't know if it was because she suddenly knew that Moore and Amanda were going to get married, or because Andrew and Amanda were hugging intimately in front of her at the moment. She felt sorry for Moore, or anything else?

How could Amanda betray Moore again and again? What did she think of him? As for Andrew, last time she was afraid that Wanda would cancel the engagement in public and embarrass him, but now what was he doing?

Yana forgot how she left that place. It seemed that a long time had passed since she left. When she came to her senses, she found that she had forgotten that it was her father's birthday party. She just walked out of the hotel in a daze and sat down on the chair in the hotel square.

In the autumn night, the wind was cool. Her clothes were so thin after leaving the warm hall, but she felt it was good to be so cold, which could make her confused brain calm down.

She took the wet tissue out of her purse and covered it in her eyes, trying to cool the hot burn made by the tears.

However, the result was the opposite.

The more she wanted to suppress her emotions, the more tears she shed.

She sobbed a few times. In order to stop her tears, she raised her head and looked at the beautiful night sky. Just when she started wandering, she heard a rapid footsteps from behind, and

Wanda down? " Said Yana in a loud voice. She tried harder to get rid of his hand, but failed.

"Then who do you like, Moore?" This time, Andrew's tone was firm. In fact, when he was in France, he should have known who her heart belonged to when he saw her looking at the affectionate look on Moore' face. However, it's just that there's so much going on in the middle that he's lost focus.

"Since you know it, why do you ask?" Since she didn't know how to explain it, she just admitted it. Anyway, it was true.

Hearing this, Andrew suddenly stood up and approached her. His cold eyes were full of coldness and harshness. "You are so heartless. Where on earth is Moore better than me? You know he is going to get married, but you still can't forget him. You even tried to get close to him on the pretext of robbing other people's boyfriend, but refused to be my woman again and again. It's the same kind of circumstance, you treat however two kinds, why?"

All of a sudden, Yana was stunned and shook her head frequently. His misunderstanding shocked her, but on the other hand, she was also confused. Although Andrew was domineering and aggressive, there was always a reason every time, and he would not get angry for no reason.

Did Amanda say something to him?

Or did Amanda arrange all these coincidences in advance? Why did she do that?

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