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   Chapter 108 Cha-Cha (Part Two)

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A coquettish and sexy female voice summoned back his lost thought. His handsome face darkened and he raised his head indifferently. What came into his cold eyes was a face with heavy makeup and too flattering expression, which made Andrew feel disgusted...

"Go away! Don't disturb me!" After casting a cold glance at her, Andrew turned his back to her and ordered in a deep voice.

"Please give me five minutes. I have something very important to tell you. It's about Yana." Amanda said unhurriedly. It was not easy for her to send away Yana. She wanted to seize the opportunity to attract his attention, so she wouldn't leave so easily.

But his voice was so pleasant to hear, like a cello, low and magnetic. It was difficult not to fall in love with him, and she had to be more determined to get it.

As soon as Andrew heard the name of Yana, he looked at her and examined the hypocritical smiling face in front of him. A very thin light flashed in his black eyes.

"Remember, I don't want to hear nonsense!" He warned her expressionlessly.

He had met many women who accosted him before, but she was the first one who was so direct and bold. After all, his cold face always said, "strangers are not welcome, or you will bear the consequences."

But looking at this hypocritical face carefully, he seemed to have seen her before?

"Mr. Tang, your time is so precious. How dare I waste it?"

Of course, Amanda was not afraid of him. She had always been brave and smart. Once she targeted the target, she would be brave to move forward. As long as she succeeded, she would do anything even if she was covered with bruises. Otherwise, she wouldn't have climbed to her current position without any ability. A woman with no power and background like her could never make it out among men.

She was very sure that she liked Andrew. Since he came back from France and officially took over the family business, she had fallen in love with him. He was handsome, mature, wise and rich, and he had a mysterious and deep taste, which made her addicted to him.

"I'm Amanda, the marketing director of Xia Grou

y, I won't disturb her. Please tell her later that I have to stay here for a few days. I'm afraid I can't find her in a few time! "

"Okay Please wait a moment! " Seeing that he was about to hang up the phone after he finished his words, Yana shouted anxiously. "I also heard that you are going to get married?" But Amanda didn't agree, but you threatened her. What happened? She didn't dare to ask the last sentence.

"Yes, if everything goes well, we will become a couple and be together for the rest of our lives." He said firmly. After chatting a few more words, they hung up the phone.

Yana put away her phone in a daze. She was still in shock and her mind was in a mess.

With heavy steps, she only had one thought in her mind: find Amanda and ask her about the whole story!

She quickened her pace, ran downstairs, and then went straight to the hidden corridor. Just halfway, she saw the scene of a man and a woman kissing each other, and she was instantly stunned.

She felt her brain went blank in an instant, unable to think or respond. She could only look at them without blinking——

She clearly saw that Amanda was buried in his arms affectionately, and Andrew was gently stroking her hair with an incomprehensible emotion in his eyes.

What was going on? What was their relationship? Why did they hug each other so intimately?

Oh my God, it's so complicated. She's going crazy!

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