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   Chapter 106 IPartment (Part Two)

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"Next is the first project of the party, dancing. But before the dance, I will let everyone play a guessing game first. Please automatically quit if you don't dance, or have ordinary dancing skills! Listen to the rules of the game clearly. The man on the TV screen can guess the music. If correct, you can choose any lady present as a female companion and dance the first dance of the party... "

How could it be him!

With her eyes wide open, Yana looked at Ryan, who was handsome and humorous on the stage. The next second, she looked around subconsciously, wondering if Andrew was also here.

"Wow, it's Ryan, the king of perfume! Why is he here? Yana, your father is so powerful. He even invited Ryan to be the host. How awesome! " Demi was so excited.

With a stiff smile, Yana pursed her lips and said nothing. She had a very bad feeling.

As soon as he stood on the stage, the handsome and elegant Ryan attracted everyone's attention. The scene suddenly quieted down, and even the noisy music and dance stopped. Only his mellow voice echoed in the hall, but it was not cold at all.

Ryan had a natural hot charm, which made the female compatriots intoxicated.

All the people present, including Baldwin, who was standing in the corner, were surprised at the sudden appearance of Ryan, except for Andrew.

How could this guy be unaware of the delicate situation and behave like a bitch?

With a gloomy face, Andrew glared at Ryan, who was talking enthusiastically, as if he was going to be torn into pieces.

Looking around, the most eye-catching person was Yana in a white dress. Under the neon light, her unique and fresh breath revealed completely, like a fairy left in the world. All the male guests did not hide their desire for her, and they were just a group of wolves with bad intentions.

It was troublesome enough to let her under the stage. Ryan still wanted to put her on the stage. He lived too leisurely, didn't he?

Damn it! If he dared to let others dance with her, he would break his pig head!

Andrew was so angry that he gritted his teeth!

But what was wrong with this woman? She refused his pick up and ran away in a hurry to attend such a boring birthday party. But what was the relationship between her and Baldwin?

The two of them both had the surname Xia, they had been involved more than once. Moreover, Yana had asked Baldwin to come in and out of her boudoir late at night.

e that was ready at any time. And there was a moment of fervent urging downstairs.

"Queen, Queen, Queen……"

Seeing the guests kicking up a fuss, Yana was stunned and her eyes widened.

"Yana, hurry up. It's you!" Seeing that her friend still didn't move, Demi, who was standing beside her, became anxious. She pushed Yana's arm and reminded her in a low voice.

Oh, my God! I didn't expect that their CEO would also come. Once again, Demi admired the protagonist of the banquet very much, but the protagonist didn't take it seriously at all, and even felt very irritable.

What was going on? He remembered that he didn't invite Ryan and Andrew. Why did they suddenly appear and make his birthday party a mess?

With a cold face, Baldwin was extremely dissatisfied.

"Okay!" A helpless smile appeared on her face. Seeing that the shouts were getting louder and louder, she thought she couldn't avoid them, so she had to bite the bullet and go onto the stage.

Seeing the two people on the stage who looked like a perfect match, Amanda felt very uncomfortable. Especially when she saw that Andrew was staring at Yana with such gentle eyes, her chest was filled with jealousy. But no matter how unhappy she was, she could only swallow hard into her stomach, not wanting others to see her difference.

After the dance, she must find a way to make Andrew notice her. It was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see him. She couldn't miss it. She must completely separate them!

She raised her hand and looked at the diamond watch on her right hand. She thought he must have got off the plane at this time.

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