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   Chapter 105 IPartment (Part One)

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"What does it have to do with her?" Finally, there was some reaction on Andrew's expressionless handsome face.

Ryan snickered and deliberately kept her in suspense, "this is the secret between her and me."

Hearing this, Andrew frowned fiercely. The secret between them? When did these two people get so close?

After saying goodbye to her father from the restaurant, Yana immediately called her friend Demi, hoping that she could accompany her to the party. She also wanted her to help her choose a dress suitable for that kind of occasion. She hadn't participated in her father's birthday party for many years, so she wanted to show the best side.

In the end, Yana chose a white dress, which fully revealed her fresh temperament and elegant demeanor. While Demi chose a sexy red dress, which set off her good figure.

After the two of them changed their clothes, which cost them a fortune, they took a taxi for fear of being late and messy their hair and dress. The expensive expense for the taxi instead of the public transport made them grit their teeth. The taxi drove at top speed all the way to the extremely luxurious five star hotel in the city center.

"Yana, let's go inside!" With a charming smile, Demi raised her chin, straightened her chest and walked confidently on the red carpet with Yana.

Compared with Demi's ease, Yana was uneasy. Especially when she saw many celebrities walk into the hotel together, she was extremely nervous. It was not because she felt inferior, but because she felt a little uncomfortable.

No one should know her!

Even before she left home, she seldom appeared in public. Her father's friend probably only knew Amanda. After all, she was the spokesperson of the Xia Clan and had always been active in the upper class. Thinking of this, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Taking a deep breath, Yana and Demi walked up to each other and registered their names. However, she only wrote two words, "Yana", because the surname "Xia" made her feel very lonely.

Never mind. She just wanted to bless her father, so she didn't need to care about these unimportant details. So when she entered the banquet hall, she carefully hid from the people she shouldn't see. She just wanted to find her father and give him the gift she had prepared in advance. I

are different, but they are all funny and interesting. Although I seldom watch these, to be honest, this show is really interesting." It's a joke every ten seconds. You don't have time to worry about your own life. She usually watch it at the most depressed time, and her mood will change with it.

"I don't think it's interesting." Demi didn't think so.

"Ha, ha, in fact, what I like most is their way of life, and subtle emotional communication between people. If there is also a IPartment in reality, I also want to live in it. It feels very warm and loving." Said Yana expectantly.

"Then what's the problem? We'll rent an apartment together tomorrow." Demi immediately made up her mind.

"I didn't mean that." Demi was really a doer.

"Okay, okay, don't be nervous. I understand!" Yana just wanted to feel at home. There were so many people and love. How could she not know such a desire!

IPartment? A tall and slender figure stood behind them, murmuring the word thoughtfully!

At this time, the sound of a microphone suddenly came from the stage. It was from a man in a white suit. He stood up and said in a deep and pleasant voice, with a bewitching smile on his handsome face.

"Dear guests, good evening, everyone. I'm the host of Mr. Xia's birthday party tonight. First of all, I wish our birthday person a happy birthday, good health and prosperous career." Ryan raised his glass and toasted to the guests, without looking at the host. He took the lead, and the audience were also involuntarily have echoed.

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