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   Chapter 104 Wedding Plan (Part Two)

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Maybe she thought that Andrew was too strong, or maybe she had never cared about her fiancé.

Change her mind!? For some reason, when Yana heard these two words, she couldn't help but shiver.

"But what are you going to do with Nathan." Didn't he say that he refused her?

"Anyway, if he hasn't had a girlfriend for a day, then I have the chance to stick to this long-realized relationship with all my heart." Wanda said firmly.

"I hope everything will go as you wish!" It seemed that she could say nothing but bless and pray.

"Well, thank you!" It was difficult for Wanda to smile, because she was still confused.

She really wanted to know what kind of girl Nathan liked?

All of a sudden, something occurred to Yana. "But you'd better not tell this to Ernest. It's a problem of the three of you. It's not good to get him involved."

"Well, I understand! Now, although I'm still scared to death, if I want to be with Nathan forever, I have to bravely take the first step. " She would ask her fiance out and have a good talk with him peacefully. Even if she was scolded, it didn't matter. She would ask for his permission.

"Don't worry. As long as you tell him the truth, he will understand you." With the purely comforting words, Yana did not have a little assurance. After all, it was too difficult to deal with Andrew.

"I hope so!" Wanda smiled with relief.

"Of course! Let's go out first. Otherwise, they will doubt us." Hearing that, Yana breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't understand why she suddenly worried about him. She was afraid that he would get hurt because of this. When she heard that Wanda was going to confess, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

The following days were relatively peaceful.

In business, Andrew didn't make trouble for her on purpose, and even seldom talked to her. But that was because he was too busy. She heard that something happened in the headquarters, and he was busy every day between the Tang Group and the QY Aviation.

Of course, she didn't have much time to think about it. She put all her attention on her work and didn't think about the subtle relationship with him for the time being, as well as his marriage with Wanda.

Time flew fast. Day after day, it looked as calm as water, but more like the tranquility before a storm.

On Friday, when she was about to get off work, her phone suddenly rang in her bag. She frowned and didn't want to answer it.

In the past few days, Amanda had been looking for her. Yana didn't know what happened, but she didn't want to answer her phone or see her. Something bad must have happened to that woman. She didn't want to make trouble for herself again.

If she couldn't afford to provoke Amanda, she had to hide!

No matter how many times the phone rang, she still didn't answer it.

But when she got off work, her phone rang again. She impatiently took it out of her bag, but when she saw the caller ID, she was shocked.


Oh my God! It was her father!

There must be something imp

vening, in a private room of a high-end restaurant!

Ryan put down his chopsticks and looked up at the man opposite him, who had been wearing a cold face all the time. He shouted madly, "Andrew, I've had enough! Do I owe you money, or do I have a deep grudge against you? Why are you so hard to swallow when eating with me? What do you want to do with that face all day long! ?"

Andrew also stopped and glanced at him coldly. Then he lowered his head to eat to suppress the anger in his chest.

That woman was getting bolder and bolder. How dare she ignore his words! Damn it!

"After all, I'm your only friend. Please be friendly to me. Otherwise, I'll see who can have dinner with you after I leave." Only he could stand eating with ice. It was so difficult to be a friend of the richest man as an iceberg.

"Don't think too highly of yourself. I don't care." Andrew snorted coldly.

Ryan was so angry that the corners of his mouth twitched, but he could do nothing. He shook his head, waved his hand, and said with a smile, "forget it. I won't argue with you and I won't eat. Anyway, I'm going to attend the birthday party held by the Xia Group tonight. I'll reward my belly then."

"The Xia Group?" Andrew raised his eyebrows in confusion and looked up at him. He didn't understand how such a small banquet could attract him.

"That is the birthday party of Baldwin Xia, the adoptive father of the upper-class debutante Amanda. He is 55 years old. It will be a big banquet!" He thought his friend wanted to know, so he explained kindly.

But what attracted his attention was something else. There must be a wonderful performance tonight. He liked to be an audience.

"Then enjoy yourself. I wish you can eat till your belly is full." Andrew sneered. He was not interested in this kind of banquet at all, and he didn't have that lot of time.

"Oh?" Raising his evil eyebrows, Ryan said with an evil smile, "then I'll let Yana be my female companion tonight. You won't have any objection, will you?"

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