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   Chapter 17 Scald

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All of a sudden, Yana was stunned, her eyes reflecting his aggressive handsome face. She pushed him away with all her strength.

"Mr. Andrew, you've gone too far. How, how can you kiss me casually?" She covered her red and swollen lips and her face was as red as a tomato. She accused him while gasping for breath, but her weak voice did not work at all.

"It's all your fault." Said Andrew, staring at her red face.

"You evil man did something wrong, but you still dare to deny it. That's too hateful." She gritted her teeth and huffed.

"You just seduced me." And she was so considerate and gentle to other men. She should be punished!

"No, I didn't." Retorted Yana.

"Keep your voice down. Aren't you afraid that people outside will hear you? Passengers can come over at any time!" Andrew reminded her maliciously.

Hearing that, Yana was so frightened that she widened her eyes. She pressed her lips tightly and didn't dare to make a voice, but her body kept retreating. She couldn't bear the pressure from him, and she was afraid that he would do something reckless again. But she could care about the front except the back, and her elbow accidentally touched the switch of the hot water machine behind her.

"Ah..." The hot water poured on her fair arm, and she immediately felt a burning pain.

She groaned and didn't dare to scream. Her thin eyebrows were tightly twisted. It hurt!

"Don't move." Andrew growled and picked her up.

"Ah, what are you doing? Let go of me!"

"If you keep moving, everyone will know what's going on inside!" Andrew shouted angrily, but he tried his best to control his voice to avoid attracting onlookers.

"No!" Exclaimed Yana, embarrassed and annoyed. As expected, she didn't dare to move and just stayed in his arms.

"Sit tight. Don't move!" Holding her in his arms and making her sit on the toilet, Andrew raised his long arms and took out a clean towel from the side, dipped it in cold water.

"I can do it myself. In fact..." She wanted to take the wet towel with her uninjured hand, but she withdrew her hand under his cold gaze and dared not say anything.

But she really didn't like his approach. Maybe it was because they had been in intimate contact. His breath, smell, touch, even a cold glance would make her nervous and restless, and her heart could not help beating wildly.

He gently lifted up her sleeve, revealing her red and swollen skin. He frowned, glared at her again as if complaining, and then carefully used a wet towel to eliminate her swelling.

Why did he stare at her? She didn't mean to. It was all his fault. If he hadn't kissed her suddenly and she had been scared to death. Besides, she was afraid that he would pounce on her, she would notice the back and avoid getting hurt.

He was so close to her, and the tip of her nose was full of his good smell of cologne, which made her a little overwhelmed. Her little hand tightly grabbed her skirt, and her heart beat faster, and she did not dare to breathe deeply.

"Do you want to suffocate yourself?"

Hearing his mockery, Yana took a deep breath, gathered her courage and whispered, "May I ask you a question?"

"Tell me!" He said coldly. Then he wet the towel again and touched the wound.

"The captain said that you didn't get on the plane until five minutes after the booking. May I ask why? As far as I know, a CEO like you usually takes a private plane. This is the first time you take a civil plane, and you're alone." Biting her lips as usual, she looked at him timidly.

"Do you think I did this for you?" Andrew raised his eyebrows, stood up and opened the door all of a sudden. She had thought that he was angry and was about to go back to his seat. But after a few seconds, he came back with a medical kit in his hand.

"Maybe you are right. I did it for you." He applied the scald ointment on her arm, but he said something shocking with a calm face.

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