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   Chapter 16 Overbearing Kiss

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After dinner, the first-class cabin was playing the latest and most popular Hollywood movie, "The Avengers". Everyone was watching it with admiration and fixed their eyes on it. Only Andrew was still cold and expressionless, not in the mood to watch it at all. He usually had no patience and interest in movies.

In his spare time, he couldn't help but think of his subordinates who were in panic before getting on the plane. He frowned worriedly. They were shocked when they heard that he didn't take his private plane and came to the airport alone without his assistant. Then they were frightened, as if he was going to die.

That's right. Since he took over the Tang Group, he had to support the Empire worth hundreds of billions and the livelihood of millions of employees. His life was incomparably precious. Of course, any accident couldn't happen. But when he knew her career and was about to come back, he couldn't care so much. At the risk of being recognized by his brother-in-law, he used some means to get on the plane quietly.

After the movie was finished, most of the guests turned off the lights and were ready to go to bed, except for a small light next to Andrew who sat at the last seat.

It was difficult for him to sleep. Once he had a deep sleep, he would have some nightmares, and the final result was that he was exhausted. He hadn't slept well for a long time. Except that night, when he thought of this, his bright black eyes couldn't help but stare at the front path. He was very eager to see her beautiful face and feel her soft and fragrant body. Everything about her could strangely soothe his restless heart...

"Damn it!" Andrew cursed in his heart. He was so angry because of his feelings for her. When he reached out his hands to turn off the light and was about to go to bed, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a slim figure that occupied the whole night's thoughts slowly walking over from the other end of the path.

As usual, Yana came up to i

nspect the condition of the guests, making sure that every guest could fall asleep safely. When she passed by Ernest, she found that he was lying comfortably in bed, but the thin blanket slipped to his feet. She smiled and pulled it for him considerately. Her movements were extremely gentle, for fear of waking him up.

She looked carefully and didn't miss every detail. When she approached the last row, she tried her best to hide her panic and looked at Andrew. However, she didn't see his sleeping handsome face as she expected. Instead, she saw a pair of dark and bright eyes.

Suddenly, the four eyes were fixed in the air. After a few seconds, she squeezed a stiff smile, and then quickly looked away and rushed to the bathroom behind.

However, her blinking innocent eyes were like a fuse, coupled with her previous considerate actions to Ernest, instantly ignited the long-standing desire of Andrew.

He unfastened the seat belt quickly and followed her.

Noticing that he was following her and the air around her was filled with a strong man's breath, Yana subconsciously shrugged her shoulders and quickly stepped aside, trying to let him use the washroom first. She lowered her eyes and didn't dare to let him see her panic and fear.

Before she could realize his intention, her body had been sucked into the strong arms. She followed him into the narrow washroom. The door was quickly locked, and two cherry lips were forcibly sealed before they could make a voice.

"Emm..." His wild behavior scared Yana. She felt her heart was about to jump out of her chest. Panic and helplessness made her tremble all over. She could only open her eyes wide to protest.

She was forced to taste his taste, which was so aggressive that she could not help but think of that night. Her breath and heartbeat were disordered.

Her nervousness irritated him more. He kissed her more intensely and heartily. His long palm touched her back, making his tensing match her soft body.

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