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   Chapter 11 Angry, That Person Was Andrew

Lock Me In Your Heart By Xiao Yan Characters: 3639

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"Yana, you're finally back!"

"Nathan?" Hearing that, Yana was stunned. The person who came was Nathan Ling, the youngest captain of "QY Aviation", who was her senior. He had been a big shot in the university.

"Didn't we say that we would have a meeting this afternoon?" Nathan Ling didn't blame her, but smiled.

"Ah!" "I'm sorry, Nathan. I forgot it."

"It doesn't matter. It's just a routine meeting. We didn't say anything important. Don't be nervous." Nathan Ling said with a smile.

Nathan Ling liked Yana very much. She was kind-hearted and warm-hearted, and she worked very hard. Therefore, in the company, he often helped her and tried his best to help her reduce the pressure on her work.

"I'm really sorry, Nathan. What's the content of the meeting this afternoon?" Yana lowered her head. On one hand, she felt ashamed of her absence from the meeting. On the other hand, she was afraid that anyone would find out that she had cried.

"Oh, here you are." Nathan Ling handed a folder to her and said, "I've helped you apply for the flight of international line, and it's in the first class. From now on, you don't have to use the way of free assistance to follow the plane. You can officially start from tomorrow on."

"Flying international line?" Yana was flattered. She didn't expect that she only flew the domestic line for a year, after that she would fly the international line. She couldn't believe it. "I... Can I?" She was not confident.

"Of course. I wouldn't be wrong. You're the best." Nathan Ling said thoughtfully.

The innocent Yana didn't understand what he meant. She just smiled and promised. "Don't worry, Nathan. I will try my best. Thank you!"

"Then let's work together!" Nathan Ling reached out his hand.

"Eh?" Hearing that, Yana frowned in surprise. Then she p

ut on a smile and reached out her hand to shake hands with him. "It turns out that I'm on the same flight with you. I'm so lucky. Please give most concerns."

"We should take care of each other."

"Okay!" Yana nodded vigorously. Her previous depression was finally reduced a lot.

It was annoying, especially when he saw the intimacy between the two hands.

A strange light flashed in Andrew's eyes. With danger in his eyes, he turned the steering wheel and left.

On the second day, Yana got up very early. The dark circles under her eyes indicated that she hadn't slept well the whole night, with mixed sadness and excitement.

At half past eight, she was going to Paris Airline Center and was about to fly to Guangzhou, because she had a quarrel with Amy before. Although the two of them lived in the same suite, they seldom talked or even looked at each other.

Early in the morning, she didn't see Amy. She guessed that she must have gone downstairs for breakfast early.

She was dressed neatly and dragging her luggage. However, as soon as she went out, she met the angry Amanda in the corridor of the hotel, and Amy stood respectfully and humbly beside her like a little maid.

Amanda rushed to the front of Yana and stared at the tired look on Yana's face, with a strong resentment in her heart.

Yesterday, she called Darren and tried to find out that Yana had stood him up. But according to various signs, she must have sex with someone that night, otherwise she wouldn't have come to blame her and put on a desperate expression.

Therefore, through various connections, she finally figured out that the person that Yana was luring that night was the mysterious and low-key richest man in Asia, the most valuable golden bachelor in the world, and the president of Tang Group, Andrew.

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