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   Chapter 10 Follow Her All The Way

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The moment Yana walked out of the school, tears welled up in her eyes. The depression and grievance she had suffered all day burst out, and she shed tears.

For eight years, in order to atone for her mother, she had done what she should do and shouldn't do, she had born what she should bear and shouldn't bear. She swallowed all the things, silently endured, and had been careful all the time.

In the rainy season at the age of seventeen, after the truth was clear, she stayed at home for every second, as if she had been tortured. She lived a trembling life. After she went to college, she resolutely moved out of her home regardless of her father's obstruction, and then sent her mother to a sanatorium. After that, she could live on her own.

She thought she was strong enough to face the unknown, but today she realized that she was not omnipotent and there were still something that she can't afford.

More and more tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't wipe them all. The night had fallen. The night in Paris was cold. As the autumn wind slowly blew, she shivered coldly.

It was so cold, really cold, and she felt very lonely, as if she was the only one left in the world, so helpless.

She walked aimlessly along the street like a ghost, not knowing that a black luxury car was slowly following her not far behind.

Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Andrew stared at the thin and petite figure in front of him with his dark eyes, and his expression was a little gloomy.

What happened? When would she stop crying?

Since she came out of the school, she had been crying. Because she saw the man she liked being with another woman, she was so sad as if the whole world was going to be destroyed?

Andrew guessed unhappily, but he could only endure and quietly followed her.

Yana walked slowly, not thinking about where to go. There was no safe ha

ven in this strange city. She walked forward step by step with her small feet. She was out of her mind, and she didn't even notice a bike running behind her.

Damn it! Did she want to die?

Andrew took a deep breath and cast a sharp glance at the "accident" not far away. There was a nameless fire surging in his chest. He wanted to go forward, but dared not reveal his whereabouts.

With a squeak, the young man on his bike suddenly stepped on the brake. Seeing that the handlebar grazed her arm, he quickly jumped out of the bike and asked with concern in French. "Miss, are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"No... No... I'm sorry!" Said Yana in fluent French, touching her aching arm.

"That's good, Miss. It's easy for you to have an accident. Please be careful!" The young man reminded her with a kind smile and then left quickly.

Turning her beautiful eyes, Yana found that many passers-by were looking at her. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing and felt regretful.

Yes, what was she doing just now? Did she really want to die?

No, no, No. She just became a stewardess. Her dream was not realized yet, and she did not make enough money. Moreover, her mother who lived in a sanatorium needed her care!

She couldn't give up because of grievances and setbacks!

Although the cost was a little high... Just take it as a nightmare!

After encouraging herself to cheer up, Yana trotted to the roadside and got on a taxi in a hurry.

Andrew followed her all the way. When he saw Yana walk into a classic restaurant, he raised his cold and dashing eyebrows with displeasure.

Who did she date at the restaurant?

There was an urge for Andrew to get out of the car and ask her clearly, but before he could do anything, he saw a young and handsome man running out of the restaurant. After seeing her, the smile on his handsome face was unusually bright...

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