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   Chapter 8 She Was An Outsider

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"I'm glad that you know that." Amanda said with a smug smile.

"In fact, you can't blame me. I did it just for the company. In other words, you have helped dad a lot. Do you know who the man is? He is Darren Yan, the heir of the Yan Group. Recently, the Xia Group and the Yan Group are talking about cooperation, but it's not very smooth. If you successfully please him, you have made a great contribution. At that time, dad will definitely forgive you and love you more. After all, since the moment you decided to be a stewardess in disgrace of the Xia's family, dad has never talked to you, as if you are not his daughter."

"Dad..." Panic could be seen in Yana's beautiful eyes. "Dad, he also knows about it? !"

"What do you think?" Amanda deliberately gave an ambiguous answer.

"No, I don't believe it!" Tears welled up in Yana's eyes. She shook her head vigorously. She didn't believe that her father would treat her like this. It was absolutely impossible. She didn't believe it!

"If you don't believe me, you can call dad and ask him in person if you are sold to Darren Yan in exchange for the contract. If dad knows that you have succeeded, he will be very happy. But I'm not sure if you can bear the truth." With a smile, Amanda handed her the phone and found dad's number for her "considerately".

Looking at the screen saver on the phone, Yana saw her father was holding Aunt Jessica Jiang and Amanda, as if they were a family. Their faces were full of smile. They looked so happy.

A family... Happiness... It turned out that she was an outsider.

Biting her lips, Yana told herself not to cry, but she knew that her heart was bleeding.

"Besides, I have to warn you that Moore is my boyfriend and he love

s me very much. You'd better be sensible. Don't try to stay with him all day long and make us disgusted." Amanda ordered arrogantly.

"Do you love him?" Yana asked subconsciously.

"It's none of your business." Amanda sneered.

"I just want to warn you that since Moore loves you so much, you should cherish him and don't be unfaithful." Tears welled up in Yana's eyes.

"Ha ha, you are so pitiful." Amanda laughed and glanced at her with mockery. "Do you like him so much? What a pity! Moore told me that he would never like you in his life. He could only treat you as his sister to the most extent."

"That's it. Take care of yourself." Yana was indifferent to her mockery. She just didn't want Moore to get hurt.

"If you don't have anything else to say, you'd better leave here as soon as possible. After a while, Moore will come to watch a movie with me, in case you can't stand the scene of our intimacy." Amanda urged proudly.

Yana tasted the blood in her mouth. She really couldn't stay there even for a moment, or she shouldn't have come here. She knew what kind of person Amanda was, and even if she had figured it out, she would be the only one who was hurt and embarrassed. As long as she felt guilty to Aunt Jessica Jiang, she couldn't speak loudly in front of Amanda.

But she didn't come to Moore until she crossed thousands of mountains and rivers. She didn't want to leave without seeing Moore.

"Bye!" Looking up at a certain direction, Yana said this to her unreachable beloved.

'Moore, I hope you can be happy. I hope we can meet again. I'm satisfied even if I just look at you from a distance!'

Lowering her head, Yana ran away as fast as she could, but bumped into someone by accident...

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