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   Chapter 7 The Truth

Lock Me In Your Heart By Xiao Yan Characters: 4065

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Although it was only in October in Paris, it was still cold and gray, enveloping the ancient and prosperous city.

Yana came to University of Versailles, which was the school where Moore had a master's degree. She knew that since Amanda came to look for Moore, the two of them must be together.

Moore missed the appointment last night, which must have something to do with Amanda. If she went back on her word to take her beloved away again, she wouldn't mind. However, she set a trap to make her lose her virginity. She would get even with her no matter what.

She had lost enough. She had endured everything these years and didn't care about anything. Why didn't Amanda stop plundering everything she had? How could she be so cruel to watch her being sent into the tiger's mouth and bitten into pieces?

Was she destined to bear the grudges of the previous generation alone?

No, it was not her fault. Amanda had no right to bully others again and again. She couldn't see her sympathy as a sign of weakness and surrender.

When Yana was at home, Moore often sent postcards and photos to her, so it didn't take her much effort to find the dormitory building where he lived. When she picked up her phone and was about to call Amanda, she found her in the crowd.

Amanda, who was about to go back to the dormitory building, didn't show any surprise when she looked into the eyes of Yana. With a smile, she raised her chin arrogantly and walked over calmly.

"Amanda, what's this? Explain it clearly to me!" Yana threw the tranquilizer bottle to Amanda. Normally, she would never talk to Amanda in such an attitude, but today she really couldn't stand it.

Amanda glanced at the medicine bottle on the ground and looked at her with contempt. "Oh, Miss Yana, how dare you yell at me? Did you have sex with a man? And you think you have a backer then you can ignore me?"

"You admit it!? You knew through Amy that I wanted to see Moore and that I would have the habit of taking tranquilizers when I was nervous. So

you set the trap and asked Amy to change my medicine to embarrass me." Yana clenched her fists.

"Yes!" Amanda not only admitted it, but also said confidently, "Yana, I've told you before that I'll make you pay a heavy price for my wronged brother and my innocent mother, and you also said that you would bear the mistake your mother has made alone. Then what you've suffered last night will be regarded as compensation for me. You should be grateful that I have stopped Moore. He didn't go there. If he sees you in such a bad way with his own eyes, you will die of shame." After saying that, Amanda covered her mouth and smiled.

"Over the years, I have atoned for many crimes, and have I ever complained? But this time, you've gone too far. You ruined me, do you know that? " She was insane!

"In other words, you have successfully climbed into that man's bed. Wow, just like your shameless mother, you are really good at seducing people and you even subdued a tricky playboy. You are really awesome!" Amanda sneered.

"Don't insult my mother!" Said Yana, raising her hand angrily. She could be wronged, but she couldn't bear others to hurt her beloved mother with words.

"What? You want to hit me? How dare you? Let me tell you, Moore will pick me up later. If he sees the red and swollen face of me, he will hate you more. Just hit me. I will thank you, because there will be another person who hates you in the world. The more miserable you are, the happier I will be." Amanda approached her and put her beautiful face in front of Yana.

"You are so horrible!" The reason why Yana lowered her hand was not because she was afraid, but because she felt powerless. Happiness was like the quicksand in her hand. The more she wanted to grasp it, the faster it would disappear. She felt that her happiness was slowly slipping away from her fingers, because of this terrible woman.

The two women confronted each other like flames, not knowing that in a corner, a sharp and gloomy gaze had always been fixed on them.

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