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   Chapter 6 Don't Hurt Me

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Hearing his words, Yana's face turned blue and pale. Realizing his evil thoughts, she was afraid and ashamed. Tears fell down from her eyes in a hurry. She didn't forget to beat him fiercely with her hands, but he didn't move. Instead, he held her even tighter. She was anxious.

"Let me go, please, let me go..." At this moment, she realized that the man in front of her was so tall and strong, like a wild lion, tightly locking his prey.

Gritting his teeth, Andrew pushed her down to the bed rudely, grabbed her hands and pressed them on top of her head. He narrowed his sharp eyes and looked down at her tearful face. "You also cried last night, but your tears were filled with joy and excitement. Now you feel wronged and humiliated, don't you?"

Pursing her lips, Yana stared at him without saying a word. Her wet eyes told him that she would rather die than submit.

"I have told you that you would feel worse if you offend me, and I will never let you go easily!" Andrew kissed her neck hard, like punishment, warning, and even with a hint of helplessness.

"You barbarian!"

"That's right. Do you want to taste the feeling of being played by a barbarian again?"

Seeing that he was about to kiss her, Yana was so scared that she closed her eyes and said anxiously, "No, please, don't hurt me, please..."

Andrew gave her a deep look. After a while, he stood up with his back to her and ordered in a deep voice. "I'll give you one minute to pack up and get out of here. Otherwise, you'll pay for it."

After saying that, he angrily went into the bathroom and ruthlessly closed the door, leaving her in panic.

In the elevator leading to the first floor of the hotel, with her trembling body in her arms, Yana bit her tender lips. Stubborn and aggrieved tears r

olled down her cheeks, streaming down her snow-white neck, like pearls with broken threads. Only when there was no one else, could she vent the grievance and uneasiness in her heart without scruple.

Why did it become like this? She was no longer pure. It was definitely a nightmare, and she had provoked a devil!

What should she do? That man would definitely continue to pester her. She had a premonition that it was unusually strong. And what made her saddest was that she would feel ashamed to face Moore.

Holding herself together, Yana buried her face in her shoulders and began to cry in a low voice, like a helpless child. She prayed for the unpredictable future in her heart.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Andrew looked gloomily at the little girl walking on the street, absent-minded and weak. He frowned and his sharp eyes flashed with a strange light. Until the woman's figure slowly disappeared from his sight, he turned around and walked to the bedside table, picked up the phone on it, and dialed a number...

A few hours later, both of Yana's spirit and mood recovered. She didn't contact Moore immediately. On one hand, because she didn't know how to face him. On the other hand, she wanted to find out the truth as soon as possible, so she decided to ask Amy what was going on first.

At the beginning, Amy tried to hide the truth. She kept making excuses and pretended that she knew nothing. Although it was hard for Yana to believe that her best friend had betrayed her, she was so smart that she soon found that something was wrong.

Under her strong questioning, Yana even listed relevant points of laws. After arguing for a long time, Amy finally told her the whole story, but the truth of the whole thing made her suffer a heavy blow.

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