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   Chapter 4 Enter The Wrong Room

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She opened her eyes wide and looked at him defensively and lovely, which made him want to throw himself on her again. But what confused him was that the two of them were so intimate just now that they felt very horny. Why did she look like she was frightened by a ghost in a blink of an eye?

"How do I know who you are! Oh my God! It was you who stayed with me last night? I'm so screwed..." With a sad face, Yana looked as if the sky was going to fall.

Hearing this, Andrew's face darkened and he frowned unhappily. Hearing her words, was there someone else she wanted to confess to last night? Her deep love words and enthusiasm were for another man, and he was just a substitute?

"Then who do you think held you last night?" He asked in a deep voice with anger.

"Anyway, it's not you." With her head in her hands irritably, Yana glared at him with her wet and beautiful eyes, asked with anger, "Why did you come to my room and do that to me?"

"Please figure out the situation. First, this is my room. Second, last night, it was you who took the initiative to do that, and I was just cooperating!" Andrew corrected her. He pulled over the suit pants that were casually thrown at the bedside and showed the room number to her. "No. 9999!"

Blinking her eyes blankly, a light flashed through her muddled head. She wrapped herself in the thin quilt, flustered but carefully jumped out of bed. She took out her card and found it was number 6666!

Oh my God! She went to the wrong room by herself. She must be too nervous yesterday and she was in a hurry, so she made a mistake.

God, what should she do? She was completely ruined!

The most important thing was that she shamelessly asked the man to hold her. Although she had mistaken the wrong person, who could she b


She couldn't help but glance at the phone aside. She quickly picked it up and found that there was a missed call and an unread message. They were from Moore. She checked the unread message, and found that there was only a short sentence in it - there was an emergency, so I couldn't make it. Yana, I'm sorry. I'll treat you to dinner next time as compensation.

She didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that Moore didn't come! Yana sighed deeply.

Seeing her upset face, Andrew got out of bed with a gloomy face and strode to her.

"Explain it clearly to me. What's going on?" From her regretful expression, it could be seen that she might have entered the wrong room and mistaken the wrong person. But when he thought that everything she had done was for another man, his face was not good and his tone was even worse.

"There's nothing to explain. It's all like this. What's the point of explaining more? Can something lost come back?" Lowering her shoulders, Yana said dejectedly. Giving herself to a stranger by accident was ridiculous and painful.

Andrew frowned slightly and gripped her chin ruthlessly, making the two people's eyes meet. He snorted, "Maybe you will feel that you are at a disadvantage. After all, you give your virginity to a stranger, but I tell you, you deserve it. You can't blame anyone else."

Damn it!

"Did I say I was mad at you? I didn't say anything, okay?" Frowning, Yana shouted at him shyly and angrily. "I'm so unlucky to face such a mistake. What else do you want?"

All of a sudden, Andrew let go of her and sneered, "You think you are unlucky? If I didn't save you last night, I'm afraid you would have been tortured to death by unknown drugs. How could you have the strength to talk to me here now?"

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