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   Chapter 2 It Was Her

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"Ah, it's so hot!" Yana managed to let out a weak moan.

She was still unconscious. The world around her seemed to spin uncontrollably and her body felt as hot as fire.

Standing by the bedside, Andrew looked down at the woman in front of him indifferently, and his sharp black eyes narrowed slightly.

She was wearing a red silk robe which complimented her tender, white skin. Under the orange light in the room, she emitted a faint luster.

Although he could tell that the woman under the quilt was as beautiful as her figure, he was not interested at all. He didn't know why she broke into his room, and it seemed that she was drugged and unconscious. He was even more disgusted and his lips curled in disdain.

He wanted to throw her out and hold the hotel accountable.

When Andrew picked up his phone and was about to make the call, the woman turned over and lay on her back, revealing her beautiful face.

His eyes suddenly widened as he approached the bed in confusion. Seeing the woman waving her arms randomly, trying to pull away the thin quilt from her body, his expression darkened.

It was her! ...

The moment Andrew saw the woman's face, he couldn't help but feel nervous. He frowned, confused and shocked. When he saw her snow-white body exposed, he quickly looked away and covered her with the quilt she just removed.

Why was she here? What was going on?

Standing up straight, he stared at the woman startled. The memories kept flooding in his mind. Every time he remembered more, he grew angrier.

Is this the gift Davis Xie was talking about? He thought he was just joking in the YF Building.

But what surprised him most was that she was that kind of woman, who would be will

ing to sell her own body.

He didn't expect that they would meet again in such a way. What a small world!

Shock and anger filled every fiber of his being.

Gradually, the murmurs became more and more urgent which stabbed into his heart, making it ache with confusion.

No, she was a friend of his fiancee. He would never touch her!

He gasped for breath, and his handsome face, which had always been calm and steady, could not hide his embarrassment. At this time, Yana, who was still dazed, got up from the bed and immediately stumbled upon him.

Hmm... So painful!

The smell of the man was quite familiar and pleasant. The scent of his cologne mixed with his unique breath rushed into her nose, making her hold on to him tightly.

"I love you. Please don't let go!" She raised her head, squinted and smiled sweetly at him.

Standing on her toes, she held up his handsome face with her soft hands, and kissed his thick black eyebrows, sharp black eyes and high nose bridge. Finally, her soft, red lips stopped at his, waiting for him to kiss her back.

Andrew lowered his eyes and stared at the woman in front of him coldly. There, they stood in silence until she clumsily bit his lips in an attempt to kiss him. Shocked, he snorted and gently pushed away the woman in his arms.

She was as beautiful and innocent as he remembered. Her features were soft and delicate, and her big eyes shone brightly like the stars. Under her cute nose was a pair of perfectly curled, rose-colored lips.

Her flirtatious actions made him nervous, but he stood his ground and didn't budge an inch.

"Tell me, why did you come to my room? Did Mr. Davis send you here?" Andrew asked coldly while he held her chin.

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