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   Chapter 1 Waiting For Him

Lock Me In Your Heart By Xiao Yan Characters: 3686

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In a charming and luxurious hotel overlooking the breathtaking scenery of the Seine River in Paris,

Yana Xia stood by the French window, admiring the picturesque scene. The sky was dyed with a wonderful orange hue of the sunset which reflected on the water's surface. Painters lined up along the riverbank, and tourists were scrambling to get to their destination and magnificent buildings stretched as far as the eye could see.

The gentle autumn wind blew up her snow-white dress. She felt the romantic atmosphere wash over her as the cold breeze gently blew on her face which slightly eased her nervousness. But still, her knuckles were white on the door railings.

'Would he come? Would Moore meet with me?'

Yana Xia's mind was in a complete mess, so she took a deep breath of fresh air to try to calm herself down. Although she had already stepped on the grounds of Paris, it was hard for her to imagine that she had the courage to do such a thing.

She even took a leave from work in order to come to Paris to ask out Moore Shen. Eager to show her love for him, she wanted to let him know that she would do anything for him, including giving him her virginity.

After all, she couldn't bear to wait any longer!

She knew deep within her heart that this was the only opportunity she could get. If she missed this, Moore Shen would likely go out with Amanda Yuan, the girl who had lived in her house for ten years and always tried to steal her favorite. Yana Xia couldn't afford to go back to Guangzhou with a broken heart.

What should she do then? She had lost the love of her biological father, and she didn't want to lose the love of her man.

The lights of tens of thousands of families gradually lit up the whole city. Looking at her watch, Yana Xia's heartbeat was racing crazily. It was almost eight o'clock a

nd she was nervous to meet Moore Shen.

The door opened.

This moment was coming!

Yana Xia's heart was beating out of her chest. She picked up the red silk nightdress on the bed and blushed as she stared at it. She quickly took off her clothes and put it on. The feeling of the soft, thin silk on her skin made her even more flustered.

Suddenly, she remembered the bottle of tranquilizer given to her by her colleague named Amy Tang before she left. She bit her lip, mixed the medicine in the juice and took a sip. Her hand trembled so much that the liquid in the glass spilled out.

A tall man walked out of the elevator. The well-tailored handmade suit wrapped his tall, muscular body. His hair was neatly combed back, revealing his angular and handsome face. He had firm nose and slightly pursed thin lips which faintly reflected the cold and ruthless atmosphere around him.

In the misty night, he walked steadily and quietly to the suite of the hotel. When he was about to raise his hand to turn the handle, he found that the door was slightly ajar.

The man walked into the room unhurriedly. He smelled the fragrance like jasmine as he heard a gasping sound coming from the bed.

Andrew Tang frowned and pursed his thin lips. He carefully walked towards the voice step by step.

On a king-sized bed with pure white cotton sheets, a soft and beautiful figure was lying in the middle, wriggling and groaning painfully.

Her beautiful black hair covered her face while she continuously let out coquettish murmurs.

She felt a headache as if her head had been hit!

Her body grew heavy, and waves of heat attacked her, which made her gasp for breath.

She felt hot all over her body, as if she was in a desert, basking under the scorching sun. She longed for some cold air to quell the fire burning inside of her.

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