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   Chapter 82 I'm Too Boring. I'm Here To Watch This Show

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 8308

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So they were so supercilious just because they came from rich families?

Today, she would like to know how arrogant they could be!

"Miss Rebecca, we haven't seen each other for only one day, but you look good!" Yvonne cast a glance at Rebecca and said, "What do you want? What should I do to make you leave Albert?" Yvonne came straight to the point.

What she said was true. At that time, Yvonne didn't want to see Rebecca at all and had to negotiate with her face to face. She thought Rebecca was not qualified to be Albert's girlfriend at that time.

Albert used to have a lot of girlfriends, and it was a little exaggerated to say that he had had eighty or one hundred girlfriends before, but it was the most conservative estimate that he had two or thirty girlfriends in the past.

But Yvonne never bothered to deal with them.

She didn't expect that Rebecca was so special! Not only did Rebecca fall in love with Albert, but even Wayne liked her very much. And Wayne even wanted Rebecca to Albert's future wife.

In this way, Yvonne had no choice but to negotiate with Rebecca in person...

"Mrs. Yvonne, what do you mean? Don't you think that you didn't respect Albert at all?"

"Respect?" Yvonne sneered. "He is my son. I love him. That's why I'm sitting here and talking to you.

Rebecca, you don't deserve to be the daughter-in-law of the Cheng Family. Albert and Kaylee are a perfect match!"

'Oh, really? What the hell is it? It is just your wishful thinking,' Rebecca thought in her heart.

But her heart felt sad for no reason. Her future mother-in-law was so difficult to deal with. What good days would she have in the future?

If she hadn't been pregnant, she would have given up now. She hated to face such a situation.

"Mrs. Yvonne, since you said that Albert and Kaylee are a perfect match, why do you bother to come here? If they are destined to be with each other, why do you have to bargain with me as if you are facing a formidable enemy?"

"You're such a sharp tongued girl. You're asking for it, aren't you? I just don't want to embarrass you, but you are so ungrateful. Who do you think you are? You are just a pet to Albert. Last time you called Albert in the middle of the night to seduce him, and I haven't settled accounts with you. You are so ungrateful." Kaylee said in a sharp voice. She even brought up what happened that night in order to irritate Rebecca.

Rebecca smiled faintly. When she heard what happened that night,

in a cold voice, "How dare you scheme against me and touch my woman? Believe it or not, I can pour a cup of hot coffee on your head now and avenge her!"

"No, no... Albert, don't do this to me!" Kaylee was so frightened that she could not help sweating and her voice was trembling.

"Albert, you've gone too far!" Seeing Kaylee's pale face, Yvonne couldn't help but stop him, "How can you do this to Kaylee? Do you take me as your mother?"

Albert's eyes were cold, "Mom, I have tolerated her enough. If it weren't for your sake and our friendship with the Qiao Family for many years, I could have washed her hair with coffee now!"

"Ha-ha, good job!" A familiar voice suddenly sounded, "Little girl, you should learn it from Albert. He is tough enough. You are inferior to him in this aspect." The old man suddenly walked out from the back seat and looked at the people who were looking at each other.

Yvonne's face darkened. Wayne is also here! Then he had listened to what they had said just now. Rebecca was really something. She actually planned this. Yvonne thought that she had really underestimated Rebecca.

Yvonne then glared at Rebecca and said, "Dad, why are you here?"

"Yvonne, I'm too bored. I'm here to watch this show for fun!" The old man smiled and picked up the check of twenty million dollars from the table. He looked around and clicked his tongue. "Ha-ha, twenty million dollars is not bad. It's enough for me to buy ice sticks or soda. It is good to have some pocket money. But look, Albert. You are only worth twenty million dollars to your mother? Is it too shabby?" The old man looked at Albert with a playful smile.

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