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   Chapter 81 An Appointment With Mrs. Yvonne

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"Oh, then let's meet at noon! How about we meet in the NY Coffee?" Rebecca had to reply.

"Okay!" Then Yvonne hung up the phone.

'Oh, it's chaotic. Recently, life seems to be full of new experience every day. If my heart can't bear it, I will get sick,' Rebecca thought.

Rebecca held the phone tightly and dialed the familiar number again.



The phone was connected, but no one answered.

Before long, she received a text message. "I'm in a meeting. I'll talk to you later!"

Damn it! Last night, he said he wouldn't go to work and have an examination with me today. Now, she didn't need him to accompany her, but he didn't have time to answer the phone.

What a heartless man. Rebecca then cursed in her mind, 'I cursed you suddenly sneeze, fart, get the wrong document and embarrass yourself in a meeting! How dare you lie to me?

Humph! Humph! Humph!'

Rebecca cursed Albert angrily as she walked towards the bookstore.

She was pregnant, but she knew nothing about it. It was appropriate to buy a book about how to give birth to a baby and read it.

Although Albert was a business tycoon, and it was obvious that he had a lot of contact with women, people like him, even if he had been hanging out with all kind of women for a long time, would never really care about women, let alone having experience in pregnancy and giving birth to a baby.

Rebecca walked around the bookstore. When she was about to reach for the book with a green cover, her phone rang.


As soon as she saw the number, she couldn't help but get excited. "Hello, old man!"

"Hey, little girl, why are you so cheeky? It was so impolite. You pretended to be a lady yesterday. Did you get sick after pretending for a whole day? So you stop pretending now?" Wayne said with a smile. His voice was happy and not angry at all.

"Damn you! I was mad at you and your freak grandson!" Rebecca couldn't help arguing with the old man on the phone.

"What? Is my grandson a freak?" Wayne pinched his nose and said, "Hey, little girl, it doesn't matter if you scold me, but if you scold Albert behind my back, he will punish you severely tonight!" The old man said with a fake smile, full of fear.

"Humph! I don't want to talk to you anymore. You are talking nonsense! How could you say something like that?" What did Wayne mean that Albert would punish her severely at night? When she heard it, her face turned red. Damn it! The old man was the same as his grandson, they were all perverts...

"Ha-ha, little girl, how could it be nonse

e of the baby, she was determined to marry Albert.

As Albert's mother, Yvonne had to meet her formally anyway.

Well, Rebecca felt that she was silver-tongued. Why was she so nervous now?

Rebecca felt her heart beat faster and faster as she moved forward, so she pinched her palm unnaturally.

Rebecca calmed herself down and thought to herself, "Rebecca, why are you so nervous? You are so coward. How could you panic before they said anything?'

She pulled her palm with her fingers and felt the pain. She plucked up the courage and walked to Yvonne and sat down in front of her. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Yvonne and Miss Kaylee. I didn't expect you to come so early."

Yvonne smiled slightly and said sarcastically, "Miss Rebecca, you are really different now. You have become the daughter of a rich family and you are putting on airs!"

"That's right. You even kept the elder waiting. The Long Family is really arrogant. What an ill-bred girl."

'Damn it! I've just met her for a short time, but she just mocked me. I'm not late, okay? It was still two minutes before half past eleven,' Rebecca thought.

Rebecca frowned and said, "Miss Kaylee, you're wrong. It's not that our Long Family are not punctual. I'm never late. But if you sit here and wait from six o'clock in the morning, it would be nice when I made my entrance..."

"You... You are such a sharp tongued girl." Kaylee's face changed at once, and the fierce light in her eyes became faintly visible.

"So do you. I'm an inferior to you in this aspect, Miss Kaylee!" Rebecca didn't get angry. She just smiled lightly.

'Fuck you! Do you want to piss me off? I'll piss you off first! Just wait and see!' Rebecca thought.

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