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   Chapter 80 Congratulations! You Are Pregnant

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 8689

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In addition to the balloons, Albert also prepared fireworks.

It was so romantic for a loving couple to hold each other and let off the fireworks on the sea. At this moment, Rebecca was also immersed herself in the romance.

Everything was so happy and beautiful that it was not real at all.

It was like a dream.

"Albert, will your parents really accept me?" With her arms around him and her head resting on his shoulder, Rebecca asked in a low voice. It sounded that she was not confident at all.

"What are you worried about? They have to accept it even if they don't want to!" Albert tried to comfort her.

"But I'm still afraid..." As Rebecca spoke, she grabbed his arm tightly, as if seeking a sense of security.

"If you are really afraid, I have a way..." Albert looked at her with a faint and doting smile.

"Just say it. They are your parents. I don't want you to fall out with them because of me." ...

Well, if he insisted on giving up the Cheng Group and starting a new company in the United States for her, he would regret in the future, wouldn't he?

Albert smiled. It seemed that this girl was very nervous about him. He was in a good mood and whispered in her ear, "It's very simple. That way is to get pregnant with a little baby for me..." ...

"Damn it... You..." Rebecca was so shy that she froze in an instant.

His words reminded her that her period seemed to be a few days late.

Noticing her unusual expression, Albert asked with concern, "What's wrong? Rebecca?"

"Well... Albert... My period seems to be late. It hasn't come yet..." Rebecca began to mumble.

Thinking of the vomit and chest distress in the past two days, Rebecca felt a little flustered. It was not a coincidence, was it?

She seldom met Albert, and he wore condom that ten days. But he didn't wear it that night when it was Jasper's birthday...

Her heart was nervous, and she was slowly recalling.

"How long it had been delayed?" Albert also seems to be nervous.

"Well... I... I forgot the date of last month..." Rebecca blushed with shyness, but she couldn't remember when her period came last month. She even forgot it tick off the date on the calendar.

"Rebecca, how could you be so careless? How could you not remember it?"

"Why do you blame me? There were so many unhappy things last month. It's normal for me to forget the date of my period. And you forced me to pay back two million dollars, so i was extremely nervous. I really can't remember the exact date..." ...

"Well, don't think about it anymore. Go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow!" Alber

ions! The test result is positive. You are pregnant!" ...

Rebecca's hand holding the report trembled. She was really pregnant...

Her mood was very complicated at the moment. It was hard to tell whether she was surprised or happy. Although she had been mentally prepared last night, she still had a feeling of being struck by lightning.

Happiness came so fast. She had never prepared to be a mother, but it came all of a sudden.

How unreachable it was to marry into a rich family and have a baby?

But it really happened...

After walking out of the hospital, she managed to calm herself down. Naturally, she picked up her phone and wanted to call Albert.

Before she could dial a number, her phone rang. ...

After a short pause, she was overjoyed. It must be Albert. He knew that she was in the hospital. He was so nervous last night, so he must have called her first.

But when she looked at the phone number, she found it was completely strange...

"Hello..." Rebecca answered the phone, feeling a little disappointed.

"Miss Rebecca, I'm Albert's mother." ...

Albert's mother? Rebecca's heart skipped a beat. 'Did she find out so soon?' Rebecca wondered.

"Miss Rebecca, I have something to tell you. How about making an appointment and having a talk with me?" Yvonne's elegant voice continued.

"Mrs. Yvonne, what do you want to say?" Rebecca was on her guard.

"Let's talk about it when we met. When will you be free?" Yvonne said in an impatient and slightly displeased tone.

Rebecca clenched her fists and her eyebrows were knitted. What was Yvonne doing? Forcing her to have a talk?

However, she didn't want to see Yvonne. She knew that it was not a good thing for Yvonne to find her.

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