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   Chapter 79 Rebecca, Marry Me!

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 8541

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"Mr. Albert, what are you doing here again? It's not safe here!" Rebecca complained. She still felt a little depressed and sick in her chest. It seemed that her stomach was not good recently. Under her protest, Albert had slowed down the speed, but she still felt uncomfortable.

"It's just not safe for you. For me, no one dares to hurt me even if I'm here at 2 o'clock in the morning." Albert laughed and said, "And I'm going to take you to the sea. If you don't come here, where can we go?"

"What? Take me to the sea again?" 'Damn it! He's so bossy! Have you ever asked for my opinion? He definitely wanted to make a move at me,' she thought. "No way!"

"You have to go!" Albert smiled evilly and domineeringly.

"You liar! You liar! You said you wanted to prove it. It's obvious that you don't have a good intention!"

"Are you so sure that I don't have a good intention?"

"Humph, of course." Rebecca pouted her lips and couldn't get rid of his hand.

Albert simply held her up by the waist.

"Ah, you are molesting me!" Rebecca screamed mischievously.

Albert glared at her and said, "Little girl, if you continue to be naughty, I'll seal your mouth up!"

Rebecca shut up immediately. 'He is still so domineering. Obviously, he is still so domineering even if he know he is wrong.' But anyway, she didn't really want to get rid of him. To be honest, she really missed his embrace.

She hadn't made out with him for days, but now she was a little excited.

But she didn't want him to find out, or he would be complacent again

Albert carried her into the luxury yacht parked in the distance. He wasn't out of his breath, so she closed her eyes naturally.

Well, she was not good at hiding her emotions. If she didn't close her eyes, she was afraid that she would titter when she looked at Albert's affectionate eyes!

The moon was soft and the night was quiet.

The luxury yacht left the coast.

"Let's go to the top floor and get some fresh air!" All of a sudden, Albert came out of the driver's office and held Rebecca up in his arms.

Putting her arms around Albert's neck, Rebecca sighed, "I haven't finished my juice yet. I can walk myself. Don't hug me and take advantage of me! You are so mean. I didn't say I would forgive you!

What a bad guy! You are overbearing, rude and domineering!" Said Rebecca in a low voice.

"What did you say?" Albert glared at her.

"No... Nothing. I said Mr. Albert is super handsome, aloof, noble... Huh!" Rebecca smiled awkwardly and immediately changed her tone. Hey, why d


"Pervert, how could you propose like that?" Rebecca couldn't help laughing, "Are you proposing, or just threatening and murdering for money?"

"Rebecca, what do you know? This is called romance!" Albert smiled and stood up.

He hugged her and whispered in her ear, "I'm not interested in your money. I just took fancy to your beauty. Say yes, or I'll throw you into the sea right away!" He smiled evilly. "In fact, it's not bad to perform a new version of Titanic!"

"What? Nonsense! Say that again!"

"Rebecca, I love you!" All of a sudden, Albert looked at her affectionately. He stopped joking and a shining diamond ring appeared in his hand. Albert grabbed her right hand and put it on her without demur.

Looking at the familiar diamond ring, Rebecca could no longer hide her inner feelings. The familiar diamond ring was a pair of couple rings that she and Albert went to see in the shop. At that time, she had thought that Albert had chosen it for Kaylee.

"I love you too, Albert!" Rebecca kissed him on the lips and said, "Albert, I'm willing to marry you!" Rebecca said seriously.

Hearing this, Albert was happy. He picked her up and ran around in the cabin.

"Ah, I'm dizzy. Albert, put me down. I want to release the balloons!" Rebecca begged repeatedly. She felt uncomfortable in her stomach. Alas, she felt a little sick again. What happened to her intestines and stomach? She always wanted to throw up! When did she become so weak?

Seeing her pale face, Albert put her down. After a while, the two happily let go of all the balloons one by one.

Looking at the balloons flying all over the sky, Rebecca was as happy as a child and her heart was filled with joy.

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