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   Chapter 18 Never Mention It Again

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 4968

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"Well, you have to have dinner before taking care of a child, don't you? Well, forget it. Maybe you are still in the pain of a broken up relationship." Alice shook her head.

Rebecca didn't say anything more. If Alice misunderstood her, just let it be. She couldn't say that she was not in the mood to have dinner with another man for Albert's date tonight.

To be honest, she was not in the mood, let alone having a romantic time. Even if she tried her best to cheer up, she still couldn't cope with the crazy plunder of Albert!

As soon as she returned to her dormitory, she fell asleep immediately. She was so tired that if she didn't have classes in the afternoon, she would have slept till night.

At nine o'clock in the evening, she arrived at the presidential suite of AA Hotel on time.

Albert smiled evilly, "Honey, tonight is the last night we have agreed to stay here!"

"Well, it's already dawn. I have class later. I need to sleep."

"Ask for a leave. Don't have class today!" Albert hugged her tightly with a smile.

"Why should I listen to you? Don't forget that we are done today. Don't break your promise! "

"Fine! I won't mention the two million anymore. You are free now. Okay? " Albert was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Alas, Mr. Albert was suspected to be going to break his promise!

"Really? That's great!" Rebecca kissed Albert complacently.

But then she regretted, Albert even took this opportunity to kiss her so hard that she could hardly breathe.

"Rebecca, listen to me. Ask for a day off today. I'll take you out for a day!" Albert's magnetic voice sounded again.

Rebecca was completely stunned. Albert called her name so naturally, but she was absent-minded for a moment. "I..." She began to hesitate.

"What? After all, I'm your first man, right? Let me take you to have a good day. Let's have a meal and buy you some gifts, okay? "

Albert's soft words made Rebecca unable to refuse, and she finally agreed.

The two of them had agreed to go to the amusement park after a nap, but it turned out that they had slept till the noon.

"Mr. Albert, I'm so tired. Let me sleep again! I don't have the strength to go to the amusement park. " Rebecca still didn't want to get up.

"Really? Don't you want to get up? " Albert suddenly put on an evil smile.

"What do you want?" Rebecca sprang to her feet immediately.

"Ha-ha! What do you think? " Albert put on an evil smile and his eyes sparkled.


Don't mess around! Albert, we are clear now! " Rebecca quickly jumped up and rushed into the bathroom with her clothes. 'Damn it! He is a wolf that eats people without vomiting bones!'

When Rebecca came out of the bathroom in neat clothes, it was obvious that Albert had also freshened up. The luxurious and elegant suit made him look more radiant.

"Let's go!" Albert naturally reached out his hand to Rebecca.

"Where are we going?" With a red face, Rebecca handed her hand to him.

"Let's go to have dinner. Didn't you say that you were tired? You need to eat something to replenish your energy! "

"Okay!" Hearing that they were going to have dinner, Rebecca happily held his arm.

After all, Rebecca was young, in her prime and invincible age. Whenever she thought of delicious food, she felt happy.

She had always been a lively woman. Thinking that she could be free from this moment on and didn't need to be threatened by this demon, her heart was incomparably happy and excited.

Although she still held a grudge against Albert, after ten days of intimate relationship, the hatred in her heart seemed to fade away gradually.

Besides, Albert's attitude towards her was cold and ruthless at the first night, and from then on, he was gentle and sweet almost every day.

Although she had cursed him thousands of times in her heart, she couldn't deny that her body also had a desire for him.

However, she was clear that her relationship with Albert could only be on the deal, and she could never fall in love with him.

She couldn't afford to offend a man like Albert. She had already known it clearly, hadn't she?

She just wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible and restore her free and peaceful campus life.

However, she didn't know that ever since the moment she offended Albert, her life had been unable to return to peace...

"What do you want to eat?" Albert took her to the western restaurant of the hotel and found a seat by the window.

"Just let me order?" Rebecca was a little hesitant. 'Does he want me to pay the bill then?'

"You can order whatever you want to eat. But don't ever think about how to get me drunk again! " Looking at the hesitant look on Rebecca's face, Albert was amused.

"No, I won't. how dare I? I don't want to die!" Rebecca smiled awkwardly.

"Ha-ha, you are so smart. Why don't you dare? You even cut your own hand to pretend to bleed at first night. What else can't you do?" Albert teased.

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