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   Chapter 17 Invitation

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The famous school hunk, Jasper, was also her idol. They were all in the same department of computer. How kind he was! It was good for her to have a look at him. She was really unlucky these days. Maybe she would have a change of luck after seeing a handsome man!

"Rebecca, where did you go last night? Why didn't you tell me before you went back to the dormitory? I was so worried about you!"

"Oh, my cousin has something to deal with. His wife is on a business trip and he has to work at night. No one takes care of the children at home." Rebecca made up a lie. 'I'm sorry, Alice. I didn't mean to lie. But how could I say that I had sex with Albert?'

"Oh, I see. Are you going to help him these days?" Alice didn't care about it and asked casually. Her mind had already flown to the platform.

"Yes! Yes! " Said Rebecca absentmindedly. In fact, she felt very sad, and it was difficult to speak out the feelings in her heart.

The two of them suddenly fell into silence. Alice suddenly asked, "Rebecca, Bain came to the dormitory again last night."

"Ignore him!" Speaking of Bain, Rebecca felt even more headache. He was a bitch ten times more shameless than Albert.

"He... He was here to send the invitation! " After hesitating for a while, Alice spoke slowly. Obviously, she was a little afraid that the news would irritate Rebecca.

'He is going to get married?' Rebecca thought in her heart. It was so fast, but he could get married as long as he wanted! Sending an invitation to his ex-girlfriend? Show off?


"Nothing! I don't have any feelings for him. " Said Alice indifferently. In fact, she really had no feelings for him now.

"So, has Albert's trouble been solved?" Alice also began to change the topic, but she didn't know that it made Rebecca more restless and nervous.

"Well, it's all right. Don't worry!" Rebecca lied again.

This time, Rebecca said it naturally. She was right. Everything would be fine, but the price was that she had to sleep with that devil!

The speech was unprecedented. Soon, Alice and Rebecca turned their attention to the platform.

With the appearance of Jasper, the atmosphere at the scene was unprecedentedly warm.

What a handsome man! His real face was even more handsome than the pictures posted on the campus forum. He was so tall and sunny with extraordinary temperament. His charming smile made many girls' eyes lit up.

What a typical prince charming! Even Rebecca was absent-minded for a moment. Perhaps only that devil could compare with such a handsome and charming man.

Albert's handsome face and those intimate pictures immediately appeared in Rebecca's mind.

Her face flushed and her heartbeat sped up.

Bah! Bah! Bah! What kind of dirty scene was she thinking? Rebecca couldn't help cursing herself.

"Rebecca, you have a crush on him, don't you? Look, your face is so red! " Alice whispered in her ear and laughed.

"Go to hell! You are the same. You drool when you see a handsome man. Humph, your face is even redder." Rebecca replied in a bad mood. She was guilty. If she was really blushing because she saw the handsome boy, it would be Okay. But what she was thinking about was the passionate scene with that devil

last night. That was what really made her feel ashamed! ...

Hearing Rebecca's retort, Alice smiled playfully, "It's normal to drool when seeing a handsome man. Look, how many girls like him! Every girl likes a rich and handsome prince charming like him."

"Prince charming? Just a dream." She didn't seem to have such expectations now. After her first love with Bain, Rebecca was now calm.

"Really? Rebecca, do you still care about Bain now? How could Bain compete with Jasper? I heard that Jasper is from a real rich family! " Alice said, with infinite yearning in her eyes.

"Hey, Alice, don't be obsessed with him. How can ordinary people like us marry in a rich family?" Since she met Albert, Rebecca had a strong aversion to the so-called noble clans.

"Yes, it's just a dream. Can't I even dream?" Alice smiled.

The appearance of Jasper, of course, attracted the attention of thousands of people, and also caused many whispers. However, with the gentle and mellow voice of Jasper, everyone gradually quieted down.

Time passed quickly, and the content of the whole lecture was so concise, key, consistent, complete and natural, fascinating. Rebecca was also fascinated.

However, at the end of the lecture, Rebecca was invited to present flowers.

This more or less surprised Rebecca. But it made sense. She was well-known in B University, and she had a good reputation in the Department of computer. If it weren't for Albert, the school wouldn't have forced such a good student like her to drop out of school.

After the lecture, Alice was a little excited. She was so happy that Rebecca was able to present flowers. It was happier than she presented flowers herself.

Just as the two of them were laughing and joking, a tall figure in the distance walked towards them.

Rebecca and Alice froze at the same time.

"Rebecca, thank you for your flowers. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? "

Hearing the gentle voice, Rebecca was stunned for a moment. What? Jasper came to invite her to dinner unexpectedly.

Seeing that Rebecca was in a daze, Alice was even more nervous than her and kept pushing her.

"Ah! Jasper, well... The flowers were sent by the school. I'm just a representative, as for having dinner together... Uh... I happen to be busy tonight, so... "

What? What did she say? Alice couldn't help pinching Rebecca hard. How could she refuse such a good opportunity? What's more, listen to what she said. She said the flowers were sent by the school... Alas, Alice felt sorry for her!

Hearing Rebecca's refusal, Jasper just smiled gently and charmingly, "It doesn't matter. Since you have something to deal with, let's have dinner together next time!" Jasper's words were still as sweet as before.

Rebecca felt a little embarrassed and left after chatting with Jasper politely.

Alice was a little disappointed and complained, "Why did you refuse? Jaspers date? What a good chance? How many people are jealous? "

"Didn't I say that I have something to do? I promised my cousin to take care of his child... " Rebecca began to lie again. Oh Jesus, she had lied more times than in the past few months, not to mention that Alice was her best friend! She felt guilty.

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