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   Chapter 11 Go away. I Don't Know You.

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 5136

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"Ah!" Rebecca was completely driven crazy. She began to struggle crazily, but her struggle could not really get rid of Albert's control. It only made Albert more excited.

Albert smiled playfully, "What are you doing? Didn't you say it was your first time? But I don't believe it. I have to test it to see if it's true. " Albert mocked brazenly.

"What? Test? " Rebecca was so angry that she wanted to slap herself.

'Why did you say it was your first time?' She was as stupid as lifting a stone to hit her own feet. She was as stupid as a pig.

Rebecca kept cursing in her heart, but Albert's evil hand reached into her.

Biting her lips tightly, she thought, 'This pervert is so shameless!'!

Albert was also surprised by his unusual reaction. What happened? Was he crazy?

He always had self-control when it came to women.

Since the woman who could touch his heart left, although there were many women around him, he had never fallen in love with any woman.

At this moment, he felt the palpitation from the bottom of his heart seemed to come back.

Rebecca gritted her teeth and wished she could cut him off with a knife right away. But her pretty face was so shy and angry that her face flushed as red as a ripe apple.

This woman was so beautiful that he itched to have a look at her. Albert had never looked at the woman beside him carefully, but at this moment, he was so careful. He looked at Rebecca so carefully that he could clearly remember her extremely shy face in his mind.

'Oh my God!' He was a little drunk. This had never happened to him before. Even with that woman had never had such a feeling!

"Albert, get out of my way. Are you done?" Rebecca couldn't bear it anymore and roared. This guy humiliated her on purpose. The feeling of shame spread all over her body.

Rebecca felt ashamed, scared and angry. Her heart beat faster than ever.

Did Albert want to have sex with her here? Rebecca was totally unprepared. She had never thought that he would force her in the office. At the thought of losing her virginity, she was a little scared.

Just as her heart was beating wildly, Albert finally let go of her.

Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief and fell into Albert's arms. But the next moment, she jumped up reflexively and quickly sat far away.

Albert looked at her every move with an evil smile and said, "Well, there's no need to test it. Miss Rebecca's hand feel is indeed very gratifying. In that case, it's settled as you said. If you stay with me for one night, the two million you owe me will be w

ritten off. "

"It's a deal?" Rebecca asked in disbelief, her heart still beating fast.

"It's a deal!" Albert added with a smile, "See you in the presidential suite of AA Hotel at nine o'clock tonight! This is the room card! " As Albert spoke, he gave her a room card and continued, "See you!"

Taking the room card, Rebecca's heart was full of disdain. Presidential suite? 'Is he so awesome? I don't care.

Damn it!' It sounded so disgusting. She was selling her body. Did he think she was willing to do it? 'Will I be still in the mood to flirt with you? Do you think we are a couple? Disgusting!'

Rebecca cursed in her heart, but she didn't dare to show any expression on her face.

"Okay, I'll be on time!"

The moment she walked out of the building, she still felt unreal.

'Oh my God!' She actually succeeded in selling her first night.

She couldn't believe it!

She was crazy! How could she do such a bold thing?

'Humph, don't think about it anymore. There is no other way anyway.'

It would be better to think it as a nightmare. It was just one night. It was better than being sent to jail.

Besides, she had prepared a brilliant plan. Maybe she could muddle through if she was lucky. A sly smile appeared on Rebecca's face, and her eyes were full of vigor.

'I won't let you get me so easily, Albert!'

Rebecca gritted her teeth and rolled her round black eyes cunningly. Then she gradually disappeared in the crowded street.

In the afternoon, after going out for more than half a day, Rebecca finally returned to the B University.

After half a day's preparation, she hoped it could really work tonight. With a playful smile, she quickly walked towards the dormitory.


On the boulevard, a familiar tall figure suddenly stood in front of her.

It was Bain again, the disgusting and shameless hypocrite!

He had the nerve to come to her. She frowned, looked at him in disgust, and turned left.

"Rebecca!" Bain followed her without hesitation.

"Go away. I don't know you." Rebecca gave Bain a ferocious stare, and the anger in her eyes was quickly ignited.

"Don't be so stubborn, Rebecca. Just accept my proposal. No one else will help you raise two million in such a short time except me!" Bain said shamelessly.

He was very clear about Rebecca's family background. Two million was definitely an astronomical figure for her. Not to mention a few days, even a few years, she couldn't raise two million. She had no other way out, which was the reason why Bain dared to come to her again.

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