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   Chapter 7 Look At Your Lips

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 6207

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Rebecca breathed heavily. 'You bastard! You bastard! You bastard!' Alice was so angry that she cursed Albert and even his ancestors of eighteen generations in her heart.

But she held back her anger and didn't dare to say them out. She stared at him with burning eyes and took the opportunity to push him away. She couldn't help but want to retreat.

"Are you afraid of me?" "Didn't you pretend to be pitiful just for me to kiss you?"

"You bastard! Shame on you!" Rebecca couldn't help cursing.

"Ha-ha! You little girl is really interesting! " Albert laughed happily, but there was a hint of scheme in his eyes.

"Miss Rebecca, since you sincerely apologized to me today and made me laugh, I won't force you to drop out of school. Besides, I'll make an exception and deduct 80% of the ten million. I will take it as my own responsibility. You just need to pay me back two million." He seemed to have made the biggest concession.

He looked like a generous and kind holy being.

There was indeed a moment of surprise in Rebecca's heart, but in less than a moment, her heart sank again. She had completely forgotten to be angry, and continued to beg bitterly, "Mr. Albert, I can't pay you back two million. Please, can I...?" Rebecca begged pitifully, but she didn't dare to say the four words "not have to pay you back."

As expected, Albert's face darkened like a dark cloud in an instant. He said coldly, "Miss Rebecca, don't push your luck. Two million is the limit, and it can't be less. Don't take advantage of me. I don't have much patience. I'll give you a week. You must pay me back two million within a week. Otherwise, you will be in jail! "

Hearing this, Rebecca couldn't help shivering, "No, Mr. Albert, you can't be so heartless. I really don't have so much money. Can I pay it in installments? I... " Rebecca was still pretending to be pitiful and wanted to say something more, but Albert had already turned around and walked to his seat, without looking at her any more.

"Mr. Albert, please..." Rebecca shouted unwillingly.

However, Albert impatiently asked her to leave, "See her out!"

Obviously, the man didn't want to let her go. Why did he pretend to be a good man or a holy being? Hypocrite! He was so hypocritical. He was a lecher, a turtle, a bastard!

What's the point of saying that he would deduct 80%? She still couldn't pay back two million.

Seven days? Two million? It was just impossible for her. Not to mention two million, she didn't even have twenty thousand dollars... She was just a student.

Rebecca reluctantly walked out of the CEO office. Although she was angry and cursed him, she knew it was useless to stay here. He wouldn't forgive her!

Looking at Rebecca who walked out angrily, Albert couldn't help laughing, as if he was playing cat and mouse.

'Little girl, you are really interesting. Let's play slowly! I'll let you know the consequence of beating me!


"What's wrong, Rebecca?" Looking at the angry, depressed and helpless look on Rebecca's face, Alice guessed the result without asking. However, she s

tared at Rebecca's lips surprisingly.

At this moment, Rebecca's lips were red and swollen, wet, with saliva and slight teeth marks.

"What's wrong? Mr. Albert doesn't forgive me! I'm doomed this time! " Rebecca said angrily, with tears in her eyes.

She was really disappointing. What was the use of crying? She tried her best to hold back her tears.

After hearing what Rebecca said, Alice didn't seem to have any reaction. She just stared at her lips in confusion.

Rebecca was confused by her stare. "Why are you staring at me like this? It's so weird! "

"You are weird!" Alice handed over a small mirror and said, "Look at your lips!"

Rebecca's heart skipped a beat. She opened the mirror and found her face burning. Damn it! Her lips were red and swollen, and there were red and teeth marks on them. It was disgusting!

"Rebecca, to be honest, did you seduce Albert just now?" Alice said with a smile and a serious look.

"Bullshit! I was kissed by that guy! I don't know if he is a dog or not. What a fucking perverted, disgusting, despicable and shameless lecher! " Rebecca was so angry that she cursed when she saw no others in the corridor.

Since she came here, she had been holding back her anger. She pretended to be pitiful so seriously. Now she was really mad.

"Rebecca, it seems that I have been too kind to you. You must think that the two million is not enough. Do you want to pay back ten million?"

Albert's low and magnetic voice suddenly came from behind, and his tall figure was standing at the door of the CEO's office leisurely.

'Oh my God! This guy is the rebirth of ghost. Why didn't he make any sound when he walked?' "No! No! No! Don't be angry, Mr. Albert. I don't want to pay you back ten million at all. I just itched to say something, but I didn't say anything! " Rebecca spoke incoherently and ran towards the elevator with Alice.

Albert sneered and looked at the figure which was like the wind! 'How dare you say that I'm not a human being and that I'm a dog? And how dare say that I'm a fucking perverted, disgusting, despicable and shameless lecher?

I'll show you how awesome I am!'

With a deep smile in his eyes, Albert walked into the meeting room, but there was an imperceptible joy inexplicably in his heart.

Out of breath, Rebecca and Alice rushed out of the YH building. "Damn it! I was scared to death!" Said Rebecca, panting.

Yes, Albert's eyes were so frightening that Alice's heart was still fluttering with fear. "What did you and Albert talk about in the president's office, Rebecca?" Alice was not only worried and concerned, but also curious.

Rebecca sighed and became depressed. She had nothing to hide from her best friend, so she told her everything.

"Alice, I'm doomed this time. How can I raise two million for a week? You know me. My family borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from others when I went to college! I can't solve it even if I sell my body this time. " Said Rebecca with a bitter smile. She would go to jail seven days later if she couldn't afford the money. What a nightmare!

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