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   Chapter 6 Ten Million

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Albert said leisurely, "It's just the first step to ask you to drop out of school. If you can't pay me back the ten million, what will wait for you is the feeling of being in prison, understand?"

"Ten million!" Albert's words were like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and Rebecca finally remembered the cruel words he had said last night.

Ten million was an astronomical figure that was unreachable to her. How could she pay it back? Cold sweat trickled down her forehead.

But she didn't give up. She just bumped into someone. In this overcrowded society, collisions could be seen everywhere. Why did she have to pay a huge debt just because they bumped into each other? How could she be so unlucky to meet him?

"Mr. Albert, you said that the jade bracelets are worth ten million. That's just your one-sided statement. Maybe it's only worth one thousand or two thousand dollars! Besides, I just bumped into you and your body was not hurt at all. As for other things, I shouldn't be responsible for them. After all, you should also be responsible for the accident. " Rebecca was a little angry. She was the most innocent one.

Hearing this, Albert sneered, "Miss Rebecca, you mean it's my fault and I deserve it!" His eyes suddenly became sharp, and the surrounding temperature seemed to become cold with his sharp eyes.

'It's your own responsibility. Why should I compensate?' Rebecca muttered in her heart, but her eyes became timid. She couldn't help but step back and whispered timidly, "Albert... Mr. Albert, please don't be angry. I didn't mean that. No one wanted such a thing to happen. It was just an accident... It was an accident. "

"Oh? An accident? " Albert's face turned half smile. He stepped forward leisurely and asked, "Was it an accident that you slapped me?"

With cold sweat on her forehead, Rebecca begged in a low voice, "No, Mr. Albert, it's really my fault to hit you. I was drunk at that time. Please forgive me! If you don't vent your hatred, you can slap me back. One for ten. If you slap me, I won't complain even if you slap me ten times... "

"Ha-ha, hit you?" Albert burst into laughter. "I don't like to slap women's faces. If don't have to pay ten million dollars after I slap you ten times, your face is really valuable!" Albert laughed ironically.

"As for your doubts about the value of the jade bracelets, I advise you to accept your fate. I have always disdained to use cheap goods, and I have the given the best discount for the price of the jade bracelets, the real value is higher than this." Albert said leisurely, but his handsome face was getting closer and closer to Rebecca.

The more she thought about it, the more flustered she became. The words she had prepared were already in a mess, and the closer Albert got to her, the more frightened she became. It seemed that he didn't intend to let her go at all. She was completely at a loss and didn't know what to do.

Thinking of Alice's repeated warning to be humble, Rebecca suddenly gritted her teeth and said, "Mr. Albert, I know you are a gentleman and won't hit women. Then I'll slap myself. Please don't be angry with me!" Rebecca said, gritting her teeth and slapping her

self hard on her clear face.

"You can't solve the problem by hitting yourself!" Albert sneered as if he was watching a play, but his slender palm quickly caught her hand which was about to slap herself.

"Mr. Albert, I really don't have so much money to pay you. Please let me go! I didn't mean to bump into you. " Rebecca still remembered what Alice had told her. At this moment, she could only beg him with tears in her eyes.

Humph, ten million dollars. A woman like her who came from a common family might not be able to pay it for several lifetimes! How could she not bow her head?

What's more, what she said just now was so naive. She said that it was Albert's unilaterally statement. Even if he said it unilaterally, a business tycoon and a real estate king like him had plenty of ways to deal with her.

What's more, there were many people who saw what happened last night. His assistant, as well as Alice and her deadly foe, Emily, all saw it clearly.

It was her fault that she hit Albert. She was so scared.

If he was willing to let her go, she would be willing to kneel down.

Looking at the tearful and pitiful Rebecca, Albert's eyes began to look a little strange.

Rebecca was pure, sweet and beautiful, but now she looked timid and pitiful, like a watery cabbage, pitiful.

The softness deep in Albert's heart was inexplicably affected.

This woman even pretended to be pitiful to seduce him, and he was even happy to be affected by her.

Albert couldn't help feeling annoyed and angry.

It was not his fault. He had always been calm and self-control, but now he sympathized with his enemy. It was the first time that he had sympathized with an enemy. Although Rebecca was extremely beautiful, he had rolled out of the crowd of beauties. He had seen all kinds of beauties before. How could he be softhearted when he saw her crying? This was not his usual iron means.

Albert grabbed her hand impatiently and pulled her into his arms. His deep eyes suddenly locked on her face. As soon as he lowered his head, his perfect lips blocked her red lips.

"Ouch!" Rebecca was totally unprepared. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the infinitely enlarged handsome face in front of her.

Her heart was beating fast! Bang! Bang! It beat ten times faster, as if it was going to jump out of her throat.

Rebecca's mind went completely blank. Stars were shining in front of her eyes. She tried hard to push Albert away, but with all her strength, he still didn't move.

Albert clasped her waist more tightly with the other hand.

The two bodies were infinitely close to each other, tightly attached.

When Rebecca was in panic, the man took the opportunity to kiss every inch of her sweet lips.

Rebecca was so obsessed with his flirtation that she felt limp and powerless. She clenched her hand tightly and wanted to slap him again, but she held it back.

No matter how angry she was, she couldn't hit him. If she had to pay ten million more for a slap, she would cry without tears.

Rebecca tried her best to push him away, but in vain. Feeling her resistance, Albert kissed more crazily. He didn't let go of her until the two almost suffocated.

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