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   Chapter 5 the CEO Wants to See You Alone

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 6640

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Although she was drunk last night, she still vaguely remembered that she not only knocked down a jewelry box on that man's hand, but also broke a pair of emerald jade bracelets, and she slapped him hard...

She was really crazy when lovelorn and drunk! How could she make such a big mistake! It turned out that the man she slapped was called Albert Cheng, a real business tycoon and a real estate king. How could she, a weak woman, provoke such a man?

Rebecca felt helpless and her mind was in a mess.

"How's it going, Rebecca? What did the principal say to you when you went to the principal's office just now?" As soon as Alice saw Rebecca, she walked up to her, held her hand and asked with concern. But when she saw the sullen look on her face, she had already expected it.

"Alice, the man I bumped into last night is called Albert Cheng, the real estate king, one of the members of the school's board and the biggest sponsor of B University! He forced me to drop out of school! " Rebecca held Alice in her arms and began to cry!

"What? Is he Albert, the business tycoon and the real estate king? " 'Oh my God! What should she do?' Alice patted Rebecca's back constantly, but she didn't know how to comfort her.

Rebecca made a big trouble this time. Alice had seen clearly what happened last night, but she didn't dare to tell Rebecca about it!

Last night, she clearly heard the handsome man say that the broken jade bracelets were worth tens of millions of dollars, and he gritted his teeth and swore coldly that he would make Rebecca beg for death...

She didn't take it seriously. She thought it was an ordinary threat. She didn't expect that the handsome man was the real estate king Albert. It was like a dream!

"I begged the principal. I said I didn't want to drop out of school. The principal didn't agree. He asked me to ask Albert for help, but I don't think he will let me go so easily. I have a hunch that even if I drop out of school, he won't let me go. I'm so scared... " Although Rebecca didn't remember clearly what happened last night, she still had a bad feeling.

"Rebecca, I'll go with you. Don't be afraid!" Alice patted her slightly to comfort her, but her heart was trembling.

Even if she went to beg Albert, she was still very worried. Would he let go of Rebecca? Alice was very nervous.

But she had to help her best roommate. Anyway, she had to have a try.

"Thank you, Alice! Fortunately, you are with me. "

"You're welcome. If I had persuaded you not to drink in the bar last night, it wouldn't have happened." Alice complained to herself.

"It's not your fault. It's all my fault. I shouldn't go to drink after lovelorn. I drank so much and made a big trouble! Why did I bump into Albert, the real estate king, instead of others? I'm so unlucky! " Tears streamed down Rebecca's cheeks when she thought of the slap she gave Albert when she was drunk.

How could he let her go so easily?

Rebecca couldn't help trembling when she thought of the handsome man with a blurred image.

"Don't think too much, Rebecca. Let's go to eat something first. In the afternoon, I'll go with you to find him and beg him. As long as we humble ourselves, I think we won't be in any trouble. But you have to control yourself. Don't act on your own will. You can'

t offend such a person. " Alice felt sorry for Rebecca and kept comforting her. She emphasized that Rebecca should be patient and not act on impulse.

They had been classmates for so many years, and she knew well about Rebecca's pride.

"Okay!" With tears in her eyes, Rebecca nodded her head heavily.

In the Cheng Group.

In the YH building, which was 38 floors high.

"Mr. Albert, there are two students of B University, Miss Rebecca and Miss Alice, who want to see you! Do you want to see them? "

"Oh? She finally came! " Sitting in the tiger skin chair, a faint and inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of Albert's mouth. A trace of playfulness began to appear on his handsome and indifferent face.

'Humph! If you dare to provoke me, I will make you unforgettable.' Albert sneered, and his handsome face became a little cold and evil. "Let Rebecca in!"

"Yes! Boss! "

"Miss Rebecca, please come in. Mr. Albert wants to see you alone. Miss Alice, please wait here!"

"Okay!" Alice forced a smile and looked at Rebecca worriedly with encouragement in her eyes. "Go inside and have a talk with him! Come on! I'll wait for you to come out. "

"Okay!" Rebecca took a deep breath and nodded, pretending to be calm. Under the guidance of the Secretary, she knocked on the door of the CEO's office with her trembling fingers.

"Come in!" A pleasant, slightly low and magnetic voice came through, but Rebecca inexplicably shivered.

Rebecca gently pushed the door open and saw the handsome man again.

This time, she saw him clearly, not the vague face in her impression.

He had a handsome and extraordinary face, a pair of deep eyes as deep as the sea, a high nose, and a perfect lip line.

His features were like the work of God, impeccably perfect...

However, it was this perfect handsome face that made Rebecca feel that he was extremely evil, overbearing and dangerous.

At this moment, he was sitting on a tiger leather chair, looking at Rebecca like an ancient emperor, exuding a noble and elegant royal aura.

Rebecca's heart skipped a beat and she lowered her eyes involuntarily.

'Oh my God! What was wrong with me last night? Why did I offend such a powerful man?' She slapped the man hard for no reason. It was incredible!

Rebecca's heart trembled. She took a deep breath and said what she had prepared.

"Mr. Albert, I'm here to apologize to you. I'm sorry! Please forgive me and don't let me drop out of school, okay? " Rebecca said in a trembling voice, like a primary school student who had done something wrong. She didn't dare to say that Albert forced her to drop out of school, but carefully used the word "let".

Albert laughed and stood up from the tiger skin chair unhurriedly. He walked gracefully to Rebecca, and his tall and straight figure could be seen clearly.

But at this time, Rebecca was not in the mood to appreciate the perfect figure of this man at all, and her heart beat wildly.

Albert looked at her playfully, "Do you think you can erase what happened last night by apologizing to me? Miss Rebecca, you really don't have a good memory. Have you forgotten what I said last night? The jade bracelets you broke is worth tens of millions of dollars. Plus the slap you gave me, I will make you beg for death in the future! "

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