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   Chapter 4 Provoke Him by Accident

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 6322

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'Damn it! This man's body is too tough.' Her soft chest was painful because of the impact, and she felt dizzy.

Rebecca, who was drunk, couldn't help cursing angrily. "Damn it! How can you walk without eyes? Do you want to hit me to death? " She looked at the tall man in front of her with blurred eyes.

This man was so handsome. Was she dreaming? He was as handsome as a God. She was in a daze. Bang! A box on the man's body fell to the ground, and a pair of jade bracelets jumped out of the box and fell to the ground.

"Crack!" They broke into several pieces.

"You bad girl, you broke my jade bracelets. How dare you complain to me first? Do you want to be beaten? " The man said angrily. His face was really dark! But the drunken Rebecca didn't notice the young man's fierce and murderous face at all.

"I want to be beaten? It's you who want to be beaten! " Rebecca snapped back without thinking, and slapped hard on the young man's face. Oh my God, she thought it was a competition like with Emily and others. She didn't expect that she would make such a big mistake!

"Damn you. It's none of my business to break your jade bracelet. I haven't blamed you for hurting my boobs! " Rebecca was still murmuring in a daze, but Alice, who was standing far away, was stunned.

That man's face was so horrible, and his eyes were almost killing. What was wrong with Rebecca? She hit people when she was drunk!

That man looked so dangerous, so horrible, so imposing and so handsome. Why did Rebecca offend this kind of person? It seemed that he was not an ordinary person. He wore top brand clothes, and it was obvious that he was the kind of rich people who was very difficult to deal with.

Alice was a little scared, but she braced herself to walk over.

Albert looked coldly at the drunk girl in front of him.

She was stunned for half a second and looked incredulous.

The assistant in black behind him stared at Rebecca.

There was actually a woman in the world who dared to beat him? How dared she?

Albert stroked his burning face and put on an evil smile, which instantly revealed his fiendish nature.

"Hit me?" All of a sudden, Albert grabbed her hands with one hand and rested her chin with the other. "You are the first one. How dare you?" 'I will let you know the price of slapping me!'

"Sir, I'm sorry. She is my classmate. She was just drunk and didn't mean to do that." Alice arrived at the scene in time and explained to the handsome man in horror.

"Oh?" He glanced at the pretty Alice and guessed that she and Rebecca were students in B University.

"Well, now the students in B University are getting more and more depraved! It's outrageous to accept such kind of student." Albert's eyes darkened.

"I'm sorry, sir! My classmate was drunk. She didn't mean to do that. Please let her go, okay? " Alice pleaded, 'Alas, why did she hit others when she was drunk?'

"Let her go?" With an evil smile, Albert continued to pinch Rebecca's chin and stared at her, "Okay! I happen to have something to deal with tonight, so I'll let you go first! But you are so bold. You not only broke my ten million worth j

ade bracelets, but also hit me. In the future, I will make you beg for death! "

Albert said coldly and then pushed Rebecca to Alice.

Alice held Rebecca and watched Albert and the assistant who had been standing behind Albert slowly disappear in fear.

Emily and the girl had already followed them out and saw this scene from a distance.

But Rebecca was too drunk that she was sleepy. Alice frowned and dragged her towards the school.

Emily and the girl followed Alice closely.

"Emily, it's useless for you to follow us. Rebecca has been drunk for a long time. If she gets drunk, she will beat people randomly. If you piss her off, it's not good for you. She is drunk and crazy now, but I can't control her... I apologize to you on behalf of her. Don't mess with her! "

Alice said with both hardness and softness, but her heart was beating fast. She was afraid that Emily would make trouble for them. She was a little scared when Rebecca was so drunk.

"Well, I'll accept your apology and let it go!" Emily said sarcastically and stopped chasing.

She had seen clearly what happened to the tall, strong and handsome man just now. Rebecca could beat him as she wanted. She thought it was better not to provoke her.

Alice breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but when she thought of what the handsome man said before he left, she felt worried for Alice.

He said that his jade bracelets was worth tens of millions. Was it true? Alice couldn't believe it.

It was impossible! It was impossible! It was probably a threat. Alice tried to calm down and helped Rebecca back to the room.

But on the second morning, the principal asked Rebecca to have a talk with him.

Alice felt something was wrong.

After a long time, Rebecca walked out of the principal's office with heavy steps. She felt that the whole world seemed to be dark. She clenched her fists, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes.

The principal's serious words echoed in her ears, "Rebecca, I also don't want you to drop out of school, but this time, you have indeed offended someone you can't offend, and there is nothing we can do to keep you. The school doesn't want to fire you in public. You'd better apply for expelling from school by yourself!"

"Mr. principal, please. I don't want to drop out of school! I worked so hard to get into B University. I've always been an excellent student! I... "

"We also know you are excellent, but this school is sponsored by Mr. Albert, and he is a member of the school's board. We can't offend him, let alone put the school in trouble for you..."

The principal looked at Rebecca again and said in a deep voice, "Rebecca, if you really want to stay at school, why don't you go to beg for Mr. Albert and apologize to him? Huh? Young girl, don't be too arrogant and act on impulse... " The principal sighed and hit the nail on the head.

As long as Albert didn't force her to drop out of school, the school wouldn't ask her to do so.

The principal's words echoed in Rebecca's mind as she walked with heavy steps. She looked terrible.

To beg for help from Albert? She was sweating at the thought of it.

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