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   Chapter 3 All Because of Being Lovelorn

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 5600

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"I'm actually very satisfied!" Albert said word by word, "But don't forget how you set me up. So don't blame it all on me. And my promise was made before you set me up. After you betrayed me, you shouldn't have expected that I'd keep my end of the bargain!"

"What do still you want from me then?" Rebecca was trying really hard to keep it together. She was about to go mad. Her virginity was lost to a monster like Albert who was still unwilling to let her go. Had she given it to him in vain?

"Ha-ha, I have told you. I am not a man to be messed with. Everything has a price. Since you messed with me, I will make sure that you will pay for it... for slapping me, for setting me up, for making me look like a fool!"

"You... You..." Rogue! Rebecca was so angry but she didn't dare to fight back anymore.

She was really scared now. She had underestimated this man who turned out to be shrewd and scheming that it would be wise not provoke him at all.

Albert cast a cold glance at her and said, "Rebecca, I know you don't have the money to pay me back. In that case, you can be my woman for ten days. After ten days, we are even and you can walk free."

"You've gone too far. You asked for one night and you've gotten it. Now you're telling me that you want ten days?" It was a shameless proposal. How could he do this to her? Rebecca was so angry that her face turned pale. She was about to cry but no tears came to her eyes.

"Ha-ha, whoever dares to go up against me, I will make them pay back ten-fold. This is my principle," Albert said lightly.

Then he gave her the key card to the hotel suite. "I hope I can see you again at the same time tonight. I hope you won't disappoint me. You should know by now, the things that I can do. Okay?"

"Albert... You..." Albert stopped her impatiently and demanded fiercely, "Don't say anything more or I'll change my mind and ask for one hundred days!"

Rebecca shut her mouth immediately. She held back her anger and gritted her teeth, wanting to cut him into pieces.

'Oh my God! How on earth did I ever get entangled with this man? Was he sent by God to punish me?'

Rebecca walked out of the hotel in low spirits. She recalled the first time they met.

'I shouldn't have stepped out of my bounds. I messed with the wrong person and now I am being punished.'

It was four days ago, on a sunny day. The sky was blue and white clouds sailed quietly by.

It was such a good day, but Rebecca suddenly suffered a fatal blow.

Her boyfriend, whom she was going out with for more than a year, said that he wanted to break up with her and marry another woman. Rebecca was devastated and her mind went blank.

Pain, disappointment and grief consumed her entire body.

That night, Rebecca took her best friend and roommate

Alice Li to a bar to drink.

The bar that they went to was the most high-end one near the school. The consumption in this kind of place was quite high, and so was the price of drinks. If it were in normal times, Rebecca would never waste money to go to such a place.

But that night, somehow, she took Alice Li there.

It was said that a lovelorn woman would lose her mind, so Alice Li naturally let her do whatever she wanted. Moreover, with her keeping Rebecca company, how could anything go wrong? She could only let her get drunk and then help her back to school.


It was good that it wasn't too far from the school where they went. What was more, it was a pretty decent bar so Alice Li didn't have to worry about that.

She didn't expect, however, that Rebecca would get into such trouble.

Perhaps it was because of her misery that she got easily drunk, drinking only a few glasses of wine.

After a few gulps, Rebecca spoke incoherently, "Alice, do you think today is April Fool's Day? Why did he break up with me today? Why does he suddenly want to marry someone else?"

Rebecca cried and smiled, "I thought I was Cinderella and I had met my prince charming. Now I am without a prince. Do I have to return to my original form since I can't become a princess anymore? Why? Why did he suddenly say that he wanted to marry someone else? Liar! He's such a liar!

Ha-ha, son of a bitch lied me!"

Sometime later, two girls entered the bar and sat at a nearby table.

"Oh, I wondered who was so unlucky to be abandoned and is making a scene here? It turns out to be the pure beauty of our school, Rebecca Pei," one of the girls sneered loud enough for Rebecca to hear.

"What kind of purity does she have now? She has become an abandoned woman!" another beautiful girl in a purple dress said with an arrogant smile.

"Bullshit! It's none of your business!" Rebecca was furious and she couldn't hold herself together because she was too drunk. The girl in purple dress in front of her, Emily Wen, was her archrival at school.

As one of the three most beautiful girls on campus, Emily Wen always disliked Rebecca. How could she not take the opportunity to rub salt on the wound, now that Rebecca had just been dumped by her boyfriend?

But Rebecca drank too much tonight. She was so angry that she didn't even think about it and directly poured a large glass of wine on Emily Wen.

Alice Li was stunned to the core. Emily Wen was a very difficult and unruly lady, but it was too late to stop Rebecca now.

Emily Wen was completely drenched and was naturally furious and wanted to fight with Rebecca. Rebecca was drunk but she was also smart. She rushed out of the bar as fast as she could and avoided a beating.

Just then, she bumped into a tall young man.

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