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   Chapter 1 Deny It

Targeted By Evil CEO: Hold You With Tenderness By Ming Yue Characters: 7722

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"Rebecca, see me in the presidential suite at nine o'clock tonight! Otherwise, you will pay for it!" Albert Cheng's evil and cold voice came to her mind again, which made her shiver.

She called Albert Cheng again, but he hung up mercilessly.

Why did Albert Cheng hang up her phone again and again? Had he known that she set him up?

What did he find? What clues gave it away? Or did he recall something that was off?

Rebecca Pei paced back and forth, feeling a chill spreading from her feet to her whole body. She was so anxious that she couldn't feel the ground that she was walking on.

No! She must go see him and find out what was going on.

She had to even if she didn't want to!

Things could take a serious turn if she didn't. Albert Cheng would send her to prison if he did go crazy.

The media reports painted him as ruthless and tyrannical, which made Rebecca Pei almost pass out with fear.

Gritting her teeth, she finally decided to go and hailed a taxi to take her to AA Hotel.

Half an hour later, she stood at the door of the presidential suite, room 3091.

Her heart beat faster than ever. She was ten times more nervous than the first time she came here.

Rebecca Pei took a deep breath and stood at the door for ten minutes before raising her hand.

This time, she didn't have the room card, so she could only knock at the door.

After only three knocks, the door opened. The handsome man who opened it was as arrogant and domineering as ever. He stood there like a king, staring Rebecca Pei up and down in front of him.

"What? You've decided not to call me, and you're finally willing to come up in person?" Albert Cheng's deep, piercing voice reached her ears. The irony was obvious as the coldness in his eyes was enough to bring a person from the blazing summer to the freezing winter.

"Mr. Cheng, I thought we have cleared everything up. What am I doing here? Why do you still want to see me?" Rebecca felt a little guilty and couldn't dare to look Albert in the eye. Instead, she hung her head low and looked at the lush carpet in the suite.

"Cleared everything up?" Albert sneered, pulled Rebecca through the door and into the room. He kicked the door closed, and then dragged towards the sofa before throwing her on it. He glared at her and said, "How dare you mention it?"

"Why shouldn't I? You think you don't have to keep your word just because you're rich?" How could he contradict what he had promised her? How shameless he was! Rebecca was still glaring back at him, with a strong questioning tone.

"Humph! You're such a reckless girl. You set me up but you want me let you go and not do anything about it? You are out of your mind! It's totally ridiculous!" Albert approached her step by step with a sneer like a predator ready to pounce on its prey. The panic in Rebecca's eyes could no longer be concealed. She struggled to the corner of the sofa and with nowhere else to go, trembled like a frightened little puppy.

Albert's eyes sank deeper and became sharper, and his smile became colder and more threatening. He leaned over to Rebecca, pinched her chin and said, "Why don't you start with telling me how you set me up?"

Rebecca was so frightened that her face had turned pale. She was profusely sweating on her back, but she would never admit it. She could only mumble, "I... I... I didn't set you up!"

"Hah! Really?" Albert sneered and looked at her with burning eyes. His hands had balled into fists, his veins starting pop up on his forearms.

"Of course. Even if I had the guts, I wouldn't dare to set you up!" Terrified as Rebecca was, she managed to lie.

She knew that she couldn't admit it, seeing his intimidating eyes. Not if she wanted to get out of there in one piece. She had a hunch that Albert didn't really know what happened. If he did, he wouldn

't even have to question her like that!

"Really? Look at that!" Albert coldly pointed to a wine bottle thrown in the corner of the sofa.

Rebecca's face changed slightly and her heart beat fast again. Damn it! She was too careless. The bottle of strong wine that she had made him drink that night was still lying around. It was cold and hard evidence that was now being used against her.

She trembled as she panicked within, but she tried to calm down and said, "It's just a wine bottle. It doesn't mean anything. Maybe it's something left in this room by the previous guests, right?"

Albert cast a cold glance at her and sneered in his heart, 'Why doesn't she blush when she lies? She doesn't even blink! She's really good!'

Unfortunately for her, she didn't know that he had booked this presidential suite for years, and no other guest had ever stayed in it.

"Really? So you didn't trick me and get me to drink the strong wine?" Albert smiled playfully. He knew he still had the upper hand.

"No, no, no. The bottle of wine I brought was just mild champagne. I also drank a lot, didn't I?" It was going to take more for her to admit it. She thought he was just guessing and perhaps just bluffing his way to make her admit it. What could he do to her?

"You really don't want to admit it, do you?" Without turning his gaze away from her, Albert suddenly turned on the video. Staring at the screen, Rebecca could feel her heart pounding faster. In the video, she saw the complacent smile on her face after she entered the elevator. She looked very confident and satisfied when she left, knowing that she succeeded with her scheme. With no one else in the elevator with her, she laughed loudly and triumphantly. But somehow, Albert got the surveillance video.

Rebecca trembled as she was running out of alibis, but she still said stubbornly, "I just thought of a funny joke when I left that morning. What can it prove?"

"You really aren't going to admit it, are you?" Albert flashed another evil smile and deepened his voice as saying, "I have many ways to make you tell the truth, you know." Albert moved closer until he was upon her and pressed her against the sofa.

"What are you doing, Albert? Don't set me up like this... You have broken your promise... Get off me!" Rebecca pushed Albert away with all her strength, but to no avail.

"I am setting you up? I broke my promise?" Albert scoffed at her, "You want the evidence, right? Well, I'll prove it to you now!"

-- Rebecca's dress was instantly ripped apart, revealing the smooth and tender skin on her shoulder. The coldness in his evil and attractive eyes was instantly replaced by passion, heating up with the natural flames of lust.

With her eyes wide open, Rebecca's mind went blank. 'Oh, my God! This devil is forcing me to have sex with him!'

At that moment, Rebecca's heart raced as she panicked. She instinctively covered the exposed part of her body with her hands. Tears had started to form in her eyes. She started to regret coming here.

"Why are you covering it?" Albert pretended to be confused, still flashing an evil grin. "Don't forget that you proposed the deal yourself! This idea was entirely yours. Why are you scared of it now?" His long and powerful hand drew closer to her.

Rebecca closed her eyes, tears now streaming down her face. "Yes, I did. But you didn't keep your word. I had sex with you last night, so you shouldn't be badgering me about it anymore!"

"What? Did you really have sex with me last night? How dare you keep lying to me like that? Look at yourself. Your body is flawless. Is there any trace of injury or evidence of forced sex between you and me?

Tell me! Aren't you the one who got me drunk?" Albert's voice remained cold and sharp, but it slightly raised. Rebecca's lies were getting old and irritating.

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