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   Chapter 89 Another Use Of Spiritual Sense

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Suddenly, an idea occurred to Amanda. She put her arms around Felix's neck and said, "Uncle, let me have a baby for you."

"Uh..." Felix froze and almost said, "Well, Mandy..."

"You don't want to?" Amanda squinted and said dangerously.

Indeed, Felix didn't want to. It was enough to have her. He had never thought about children, even if he wanted to, it was not now. "Mandy, you're still young. Don't worry about the baby. We'll talk about it when you grow up. Be a good girl and get down to business first."

Amanda pouted, "You always say that I'm young and I need to grow up, how old can I be then?"

How old? Frowning, Felix thought, "After twenty-five. It's said that it's better to have a baby after twenty-five."

"Twenty-five?" Amanda said in a low voice, "Who told you that it will be good to have a baby after twenty-five years? Besides, there are still several years left before twenty-five years. When I'm twenty-five, you're thirty-five, and people at thirty-five have children who can buy soy sauce on their own. Uncle, you're almost thirty now... Hmm... "

Felix's face darkened. She didn't want to have a baby with him. She was reminding him that he was old. Then he would tell her personally that whether he was old or not.

So he worked hard the whole night to prove it.

Amanda was as soft as mud. She didn't remember any child at all. It would be good if she could keep her life.

She didn't fall asleep until dawn. Before going to bed, she felt lucky that the physical examination was in the afternoon, otherwise...

It was not until noon that Amanda woke up. The fragrance came from the kitchen. It should be Felix who was making lunch. Amanda opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Why did she feel so tired? It was not because she was tired after being tortured by Felix, but because she always felt that something had lost from her body and made her tired.

"Master." White was holding a bag of potato chips leisurely in the herbal garden. Feeling the thoughts of Amanda, it rolled its eyes.

Amanda was stunned for a while, then she turned to White and asked, "Is there something wrong with my body?" Was it a sequela of rebirth? Couldn't she live too comfortably even if she had one more life?

White rolled his eyes and said, "How can I have such a stupid master? You don't even know your spiritual sense has been absorbed."

"What do you mean?" Amanda didn't understand. Her spiritual sense was absorbed? Who absorbed it? Why didn't she feel anything?

"You are so stupid. Why don't you know that nourish Yang by absorbing Yin? You keep pestering host every day, but you still don't understand this."

"Puff..." Amanda's face turned red as she was spitting blood. She was not only despised by the dog, but also was said that she was dissatisfied with the desire. How shameless she was? "Talk to me honestly, or I'll stew dog meat tonight."

White gritted his teeth. His unscrupulous master always forgot it and even threatened it. How could it be so miserable? "Humph, just say it. I've told you that your spiritual sense will replenish what you have lost, just like when your body hurts, it will automatically heal. When you have sex, you will be integrated into a whole, and your spiritual sense will a

two brothers at home, and she was the only girl. Her parents loved her very much. Her parents had always been worried that she didn't have friends. It was not easy for her to make friends with Amanda, and they had such a good relationship. Out of love, they naturally treated Amanda well. Besides, Amanda didn't have parents, and she was a poor child. They felt sorrier for her. They always asked Zaria to bring her some food or ask her to go home to play.

Although she was grateful to Zaria's parents and liked them very much, she was not willing to go to their home, because seeing a happy family would make her feel warm, and the loss in her heart would be magnified infinitely.

"You must have eaten a lot of candies this morning. One or two of you have praised me. If I fall down one day, you must catch me well, or I will fall out with me."

"Okay, okay." Sophia promised, patting her chest.

Everyone laughed...

"What are you talking about? Why are you so happy?" Levy asked them with a smile as she got into the car.

"We are flattering Mandy and trying to get something good from her. Don't make fun of us. " Valery smiled.

"Really?" Levy smiled and said. "No, I won't make fun of you, but you have to share with me. All right, everyone is here. It's time for us to go. You can sit in the back seat. There is another seat over there. "

Levy pointed at the man who got in the car behind her.

The man nodded and walked back. When he passed by Amanda, he smiled at her as a greeting.

Amanda was confused for a moment. She didn't know why Mark would go, but she didn't show it on her face and smiled back.

The car moved forward slowly. There were more than twenty people in the car, all of whom were attending the Medical Association. There were several cars in front of them, which were from the hospital.

There were some humorous people in the car, making it not quiet. They talked and laughed, and soon became familiar with each other. Basically, they had gone out for more than two times. Knowing that it was the first time for Amanda and the others to go there, they had taught a lot of experience and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

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