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   Chapter 88 Restrain

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"Mandy." Felix touched Amanda's face lovingly, "I don't want you to be wronged."

Amanda shook her head, "I don't feel wronged. I like everything that I experienced with you, including hardship, sadness, joy and happiness. As long as I am with you, I would cherish it, and I'm willing to take pleasure in it. Isn't this how life is like? Only when you feel sweet and bitter can you be more wonderful. You will cherish it more and know how hard it is to come. "


"Uncle, just take it as for me, okay?"

Felix sighed helplessly, "Silly girl." But he didn't leave and took Amanda back to their seats.

The two men, Leon and Zac, didn't look well. As a man who always refused to show respect to anyone, Felix changed his mind just because of this woman's few words. They were happy to see him sitting back, they were not in a good mood after knowing that Felix came back because of Amanda.

No matter what the two men thought, Amanda smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Zac. I didn't mean it just now. I know I have done a lot of wrong things and hurt uncle's heart. I promise I won't do it again. Please give me a chance to prove my love for uncle. If I did something wrong, I will leave him without you chasing me. "

"Mandy." Shouted Felix disapprovingly. How could she said it so easily? He had never thought of letting her go when he was with her. Since she gave him everything, he swore that he would never let her go even if he died.

Amanda comforted Felix with a smile, "Uncle, don't worry. I won't do anything wrong or hurt you again, so I won't leave you."

Pursing his lips, Felix didn't say anything.

Although Leon and Zac didn't look well, they didn't say anything, as if they acquiesced in Amanda's words. For a moment, the room fell into inexplicable silence.

Soon, the ordered food was served. Felix quietly served Amanda, and Leon and Zac also ate silently.

The atmosphere was really weird. Amanda wanted to say something to cheer them up, but she didn't know where to start. She looked at Felix for help, only to find that he ignored her completely and just wanted her to eat more.

Amanda was speechless and felt more uncomfortable.

The other three men were quite at ease. In the past, they got along with each other in this way. When they had dinner, they would eat carefully. After dinner, they talked business when necessary, and when they had nothing to do, they would sit or go home respectively. They didn't tease or laugh at each other, but even so, the relationship among the three people was getting better and better day by day.

Amanda didn't know about this, nor did she expect that there would be friends who got along with each other in this way, so she had a very uncomfortable meal.

After dinner, they didn't talk much and were about to leave. As soon as they arrived at the door, Amanda stopped and said, "Uncle, the crystal shrimp dumplings just now are very delicious. Please pack one for me. Let's have it tomorrow morning, okay?"

Felix frowned and looked at the two people next to him. Reluctantly, he finally nodded and turned to pack.

Amanda l

a long time to be apart for five days, Amanda was still reluctant to part with him, so her hands moved a lot.

Felix tried hard to hold back his desire, but he had to. He held Amanda's hand and stopped her. "Mandy, good girl. You need to have a physical examination tomorrow. Go to bed early."

Amanda blinked and looked at Felix, "Uncle, we won't see each other for five days. Don't you miss me?"

Felix kissed Amanda's forehead. How could he not miss her? He was almost crazy. He held the person he loved every night and dared not move at all. This feeling was not something that anyone could bear. But he had no choice. "Mandy, you are still young. It's not good for your health if you keep doing it too frequently. Good girl, it will be fine when you grow up."

"Not." Amanda was dissatisfied. It had been more than a week since the first time they had sex. In the past a week, they did nothing except for kissing. "Uncle, do you dislike me? I want you. "

"Silly girl, don't think too much. Let's talk about it when you are eighteen years old. I don't want to hurt you."

"No, I'm in good health. I'm a doctor and I know my own health. Uncle, I just want you. If you don't want me, I won't talk to you anymore."

Amanda gritted her teeth and thought, 'It's not easy for me. If you didn't go to take shower with cold water at midnight, I wouldn't have taken the initiative. It's so embarrassing. But his wooden uncle didn't know how to climb along the pole, which pissed me off.'

"Mandy." Said Felix hesitantly. Hearing what she said, he should have pounced on her without saying anything. But what Amanda said that night made him unhappy. No matter what, she hadn't reached eighteen years old and hadn't fully grown up yet. It would be not worth it if he couldn't control himself and hurt her.

Amanda didn't say anything more. She turned over and kissed Felix's lips with her hands burning.

With a helpless sigh, Felix took the initiative. The worst result was that he could restrain himself later.

Amanda smiled complacently and enjoyed it intently.

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