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   Chapter 87 Brothers

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Amanda rubbed her head against Felix's chest and nodded, "Yes, I'm very happy. Uncle, thank you. I'm very happy. I've never been so happy before. "

Felix held Amanda's arm more tightly and kissed her hair. "Silly girl, I should thank you. Thank you for letting me know that I'm still alive. Let me know, in addition to darkness, there is also light. Let me realize what love is and what happiness is. I'm very happy. Thank you, my baby. "

"You are also my treasure, unique and irreplaceable."

With great pleasure, Felix pursed his lips and said, "Mandy, I'll take you to see my friends tomorrow, okay?"

"Uncle's friends?" Amanda looked at Felix in confusion. She had never heard of that he had friends. She had never heard of it in her previous life, nor seen them in this life. She seemed to know little about him.

Looking at the changing expression on Amanda's face, Felix lowered his eyes and said, "If you don't want to see them, forget it. It doesn't matter."

"No, uncle, I want to see them." Said Amanda, "I find that I don't know much about you. Uncle, I want to see your friends. I want to know everything about you."

With a smile on his lips, Felix said, "Okay. What do you want to know? I'll tell you everything. Thank you, Mandy."

"Silly uncle." Amanda pouted, "I don't want your thanks. I want you to be good to me all your life."

"Okay, I'll only be good to you all my life."

To meet Felix's friends, Amanda was nervous. She cared about him, so she cared about her performance in front of his friends. On the way, Amanda always felt nervous. "Uncle, can I wear like this? Was it too casual? Is there anything wrong with me? What should I say later? "

Holding Amanda's waist tightly, Felix said in a sad tone, "Mandy, I'll be jealous if you care so much about the men other than me. Don't worry about them. Just stay with me later. You can leave everything to me."

Amanda blinked. Well, she was indeed too nervous. She needed to only care about Felix. "Okay, I will listen to you."

"Good girl."

The car stopped at the gate of a luxurious hotel. A waiter had already opened the door. Amanda was slightly stunned. It looked very expensive, even more expensive than the place where she invited Zaria and the others to dinner yesterday. "Uncle, are your friends very rich?"

Felix was confused for a moment, "Sort of." They didn't have more money than he did, otherwise they wouldn't ask him for money every time. "What's wrong?"

Amanda shook her head, "Nothing. I just think I was too casual today. Will it embarrass you? But it doesn't seem right. If they value my appearance, it's meaningless for them to be friends with you. "

Pinching Amanda's little face with a smile, Felix said, "Yes, that's right. Let's go. If they embarrass you later, you don't have to worry about me. You can do whatever you want and say whatever you want. I will always

.. "

"Zac..." Felix gave a cold look at Zac and pulled Amanda, "Mandy, let's go."

"Felix." Leon shouted, "We are brothers. Don't take it too seriously. Sit down."

Felix remained unmoved. "As I said, Mandy is my life. You can not like her or accept her, but you can't hurt her. Since you can't do it, there is no need for us to stay."

"What Zac said is not completely wrong. Although the occasion is not appropriate, he did not mean to do it. Forget it this time. You don't have to defend her in a hurry. Time will tell whether she is good or bad. The three of us have been through a lot of ups and downs these years. Don't have a conflict because of a trifle. "

"There is no need for time to prove anything. In my heart, Mandy has always been the best. The friendship between us has nothing to do with Mandy. Don't take it as a reason to hurt her. You don't have to judge her. I won't let her appear in front of you in the future. I hope you won't go too far to provoke her. "

"Felix, are you really going to abandon us for a woman? She is still a woman who trampled you under her feet. Is it worth it? " Zac said angrily.

Frowning tightly, Felix said nothing and took Amanda away. "I'm sorry, Mandy. I shouldn't have brought you here today."

"Felix?" Leon and Zac shouted at the same time.

Amanda was a little stunned. She didn't expect that things would turn out like this. She was moved by Felix's love for her and deeply blamed herself for what she had done.

"Uncle, don't be like this." Amanda stopped Felix who was walking out. "I'm fine. It's all my fault, whether it was before or today. Uncle, I will feel guilty for leaving like this. If will leave regrets all my life. I know you are also upset. I don't want you to be upset. I want you to be happy. There should be friends, brothers and families in your world. I want to enter your world, not be expelled from your world by your protection. "

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