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   Chapter 86 Treat

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"Okay, I'll call Levy back later and ask what to prepare in the mountain and whether I should bring some gifts for the children there." Sophia and the others were brought up in a spoiled manner, and they had never suffered a little from childhood. If it weren't for the fact that they searched online on a whim because they had to go to the mountain area, they wouldn't have known that there was such a poor place in the world.

They agreed and discussed for a while before they went back to their own work.

Amanda lowered her eyes. There were so many pitiful people in the world, and how much they could help. The only thing she could do was to help them when they met.

After a week's class, Amanda and her roommates seemed to be a little busy. They just wanted to see the uncle that Amanda missed so much.

"How about this?" Sophia asked.

"Okay, okay. How about me?" Valery said.

"Hey, can you help me check this suit?" Phoebe was unwilling to lag behind.

Zaria and Shirley looked at each other and smiled, and continued to tidy themselves up.

Amanda was speechless. "He is my uncle. I invited you to dinner. Why do you dress like this?"

"Yo, is Mandy jealous now? Don't mind. We don't want to disgrace you. We can't let others find fault with our clothes. " Sophia said casually.

"Yes, we know he is your uncle and our friend's boyfriend. Don't worry. There is no need to guard against us." Valery raised her eyebrows at Amanda and teased her.

"Yes, you're right. We're only interested in young and handsome men. The old bacon is your dish, and we don't care about creatures like you. Just rest assured."

Sophia, Valery and Phoebe teased her one by one, which made Amanda speechless. Zaria glared at them and said, "Don't bully Mandy. It's rare for my Mandy to find someone she likes. It took her a long time to make up her mind to invite us. If you mess it up, I won't get even with you."

"Tut, tut, look at the strength of protecting the baby. You scared me." Afraid, Sophia made a face at Zaria.

All of a sudden, they burst into laughter. Amanda was speechless and turned to Shirley for help. Shirley smiled helplessly, "If we keep on making trouble, we can't go out. Do you want to go?"

Hearing this, they quickly cleaned themselves up. The world was big, and eating was the most important thing, especially free food.

Seeing that they no longer make fun of her, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. During this period of time getting along with them, she was more than one layer thick skinned by their training, but she was still unable to withstand the continuous bombardment of the three.

Just then, the phone rang, and they were like cats being stepped on their tails. They immediately exploded and pricked up their ears to listen. Amanda glared at them and answered the phone, "Uncle."

"Mandy, have you gone out? Do you need me to pick you up? "

"No, thanks. We can take a taxi. You are too tired."

"Okay. Don't worry. Put on more clothes. It's autumn no

They chatted with each other. Amanda smiled and said, "Well, don't be so sentimental. I still like you to tease me all the time. The dishes are cold. Hurry up and eat. As I said, you can eat with your stomach open. Don't be so formal."

"Okay, open your stomach and eat. We won't stand on ceremony."

Under the temptation of delicious food and gifts, they were less afraid of Felix. In addition, Felix picked up food for Amanda, peeled shrimps and picked up fish bones. He was not sharp at all, so they were more relaxed. They talked and laughed happily.

The dinner was a perfect ending. During this period, Felix only greeted them at the beginning and didn't say a word to them. He served Amanda wholeheartedly. They didn't feel being neglected, but inexplicably felt that they got unprecedented enthusiasm because of Amanda, which was unique enthusiasm of Felix.

In fact, it was true. If Felix was able to get close to someone within three meters, let alone having dinner with someone like this, it was also a special treatment for the person.

At the same time, they were also happy for Amanda. They could see that Felix cared about Amanda very much, and his every move showed his love for her.

"Mandy, thank you. We had a good meal today and received the gift happily."

Amanda was also happy, "It doesn't matter as long as you are happy. Be careful on the way back. Remember to call me when you arrive home."

"I see. Don't worry. Bye. See you on Sunday."

"Okay, bye."

Amanda waved her hand and said goodbye to them. Before she left, Zaria suddenly turned around and whispered in Amanda's ear, "Mandy, I can see that he treats you sincerely. You will be happy. I wish you happiness."

Amanda felt a lump in her throat and nodded, "Thank you, Zaria. I'm very happy. You will find your own happiness."

For the whole night, the corners of Amanda's mouth did not put down. She leaned in the arms of Felix and giggled.

"Why are you so happy?" Felix kissed Amanda's red lips.

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