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   Chapter 85 Unable To Ask

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Felix had been carefully looking at the expression on Amanda's face, fearing that she would suddenly be angry and hurt herself. He nodded and said, "Mandy, you are still young and don't understand many things. In your heart, I am your uncle. There are some things that we can't do. When you grow up, you will understand that in my heart, you are more important than life. I will never hate you. I just hope that you will be happy and that one day you will understand what love is and that the person in your heart will be me. Mandy, I won't force you. I won't do anything that will make you regret in the future, as long as you are fine. "

"Ha ha..." Amanda finally understood what it was like to cry but have no tears. She thought about countless possibilities, which almost drove her crazy, but he pushed her away for such a strange reason. "Felix, you are not only a bastard, but also stupid. You are so stupid that there is no cure for your stupidity. Look at me carefully. I am seventeen years old, n

chool." Zaria said.

Shirley continued, "We have searched the Hongqi villiage online just now. It is really a mountain area. There are some lonely old people and children, but it is just equipped with electricity, and there is no network signal. It can be called a level one poverty area. Few people come out of the mountain, and people outside don't want to go in. The medical equipment is very backward. If the people there are sick, they can only neglect it. If they can't hold on any longer, they have to accept the fate. It's very pitiful. We have discussed and all want to go. Do you want to go? "

Amanda used to go mountain area a lot. Those places were closed, backward, and poor. People there lived for generations, only for food and clothing. As for other things, there was no study, medical treatment, or material. At that time, she was unable to protect herself. Every time she saw them, she just sighed. Now that she could do her best, she would naturally not refuse. "Go, count me in."

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