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   Chapter 24 The Three Young Masters Of Rain City (Part One)

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After looking around, they chose the same bed by the outer window. The two of them made the upper and lower beds. Amanda was lazy, so she chose the lower bed.

After making the bed and putting the things in the appropriate locker, it was time for lunch. The two of them went out for lunch hand in hand and prepared to buy some daily necessities.

As soon as they walked out of the dormitory, Amanda remembered that she hadn't told Felix that she was safe. Just now, she was just looking at the dormitory.

She took out her phone and dialed the number, but it was answered with only a sound.

"Uncle, I'm sorry. I was packing my things just now, so I forgot. I am with Zaria. With her help, everything goes well. Don't worry about me."

Indeed, Felix had been waiting for her with the phone in his hand. He was afraid that he would disturb her and annoy her if he called her. Even if she had asked him to do whatever he wanted, how could he allow him to do whatever he wanted with his heart?

Since Amanda didn't call him for a long time, his heart was hanging in the air. He didn't feel relieved until now.

"It's good that you are fine. Are you tired? Take your time. Don't worry. You can't finish it tomorrow. Don't push yourself, okay? It's noon now. Remember to have lunch and eat some good. You are much thinner. Don't run outside alone. It's too hot and it's not safe. Go back early and have a rest.

Don't go out too late, okay? Call me if you need anything. Tell me if you are wronged or bullied. Besides, don't drink cold water, especially natural water. You like to drink cold water. Your stomach is going to ache. Don't always eat those unhealthy snacks, or your stomach will be damaged. You can tell me what you want to eat. I'll send it to you when it's ready. "

Amanda giggled as she listened to Felix's detailed explanation.

She enjoyed his nagging and his voice like warm spring enveloping her.

He was her angel who always guarded her. He was worried that she would not be able to eat or wear well, that she would be in a bad mood, that things would not go well, and that she would be wronged. Her uncle was so stupid.

Felix said for a long time, but there was no sound at the other end of the phone. Was she annoyed by his words?

He paused and asked tentatively, "Mandy, are you listening? Am I too long winded? I'm sorry. Don't be angry. I won't say it. Just take care of yourself. "

Amanda felt sorry for her uncle who was always so careful. She sniffed and said in a choked voice, "Uncle, I like to hear you talking too much. I miss you." Then she chuckled and said, "Don't worry. I will take good care of myself, and so will you. Don't

think that I don't know it. You won't eat well if I'm not here. Send me a video when you have meals later. I want to make sure that you're not lying to me."

Shaking his head, Felix couldn't help laughing. He could imagine that Amanda was crying and laughing, grimacing. "Okay." His silly girl was caring about him, no matter what.

Amanda snorted proudly, "Then goodbye, uncle. I miss you, and you must miss me too."

"I miss you too." He missed her so much.

Felix looked at the phone hanging up and giggled, as if he wanted to see a hole in the black screen.

"Wow..." A joking voice sounded, "Who is this? Is it Felix, our cold faced fiend? Oh, look, how happy he is! His face is full of peach blossoms, and his heart is waving, right? It's so amazing. Even if you are in jail, you can still get a beautiful woman. "

When Felix was lost in thought, a handsome and sunny man appeared in front of him. The man had fair skin and seemed to be unable to see the sun all year round, so he was like this. His eyes flashed with shrewdness. He looked like a scholar, but it was still unknown what was in his bones.

He was surprised at Felix's unusual expression and found a rare opportunity to make fun of him. His eyes were like the X-Ray, scanning Felix from top to bottom, from inside to outside.

"Felix, I heard that you are so happy here, and you don't allow us to come to see you. Now it seemed that... You did live a good life. You... "

The man who spoke was a man in his early thirty's. He was tall and straight, exuding a sense of righteousness. His eyes were as sharp as eagle's, and his words and behaviors were somewhat serious and rigid.

His skin was dark, probably because he had been exposed to the sun for a long time. However, his fortitude and outstanding appearance matched to his skin color.

Felix withdrew the smile at the corners of his mouth, changed into the usual cold, and looked at the two people.

The man who spoke before was called Zac Zhao, the only grandson of the Zhao family which was one of the three biggest enterprises in Rain City. He should have inherited the mantle of the Zhao family and entered the business circle, but he only loved to study. He liked to study something mysterious, and had no interest in doing business. Zac's grandfather couldn't do anything to him. However, there was only one grandson in the Zhao clan, he was reluctant to beat or scold him. In the end, he could only indulge it.

The second speaker was the young master of the sun clan, Leon Sun. The sun clan was a famous military family in Rain city. They had four generations up, and were all soldiers, and each of them had a high position.

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