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   Chapter 22 Acupoint Opening (Part One)

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In the first few days before the new term, Amanda stayed with Felix all day long expect at night. If Zaria hadn't reminded her, she would have forgotten the time of new term.

On the night before the new term, Amanda was held by Felix in his arms, reluctant to leave. "Uncle, I don't go to school, do I?"

"Okay." Said Felix without hesitation. "As long as Mandy is happy."

As long as she was happy, it didn't matter whether she went to school or not. He would hire the most professional person to teach her what she wanted to learn. If she didn't want to learn anything, he would support her and accompany her.

Amanda shrugged her nose and said, "Uncle, you indulge me. If I learn to be bad, it's all your fault." She gritted her teeth and pinched Felix's face.

Her uncle would do whatever she liked. He would support her whatever she wanted to do. Maybe he would support her as long as she was happy.

Holding her little hand in the palm of his hand, Felix kissed it and said, "It doesn't matter. As long as I am here, I will protect you no matter what kind of person you are. No matter what kind of person you are, you are the best Mandy in the world."

His silly girl should be carefree and happy.

Amanda felt warm in her heart. She pursed her lips to hide her joy...

She knew that he had spoiled her to the extent of pampering, and she had always known that.

Even though she knew that, she couldn't help but feel happy, moved and lucky when she heard it from him. She was lucky because of him in her previous life and this life.

She put her arms around Felix's neck, hung on him and rubbed her head against his chest. "You are the best, uncle."

Felix smiled without saying anything. He still had many shortcomings. He was not a good person either. Only in her eyes, he was the best and a good person. What a silly girl.

No matter how reluctant Amanda was, she had to go home, pack up the few old clothes and prepare to go to school.

The house was rented and the furniture was distributed. Well, well, there was no furniture. The only big thing she had was a gas stove that she didn't know how old it was. It was unnecessary for her to keep it. She put it in the rental house and added a little value for this old place like a beggar's nest, although this value could be ignored.

She had lived in this place for more than a year and had some feelings for it because she had spent her hardest life here.

She sent a good night message to Felix and entered the herb garden.

On the second early morning, Amanda didn't have time to say goodbye to Felix. Rain City was very big. Even if they were in the same city, it would take half a day's drive to finish the whole city.

She needed to take the bus for more tha

n two hours to go to school from the place where she lived. After arriving at the school, she had to register. She went to the dormitory to pack up, buy daily necessities and get familiar with the environment. There were a lot of things, so she got up and packed up early. She hurried to go to school with Zaria without saying goodbye to Felix.

The two of them gathered at the bus station. Amanda only had a small backpack and didn't have much stuff.

Zaria, on the other hand, took many heavy bags with her.

Amanda was shocked, "Zaria, are you going to school or moving out?"

"It's all my mother's fault. She said there was nothing at school. I wouldn't know what to do there alone, so she asked me to take them all from home. Look, I take food and clothes. I even bring condiments with me. I said that I can't cook by myself, so I don't need them. My mother didn't agree, so she stuffed them all into my bag. It depends if I will use them or not, but I can take them first. It's right to take them out, and it doesn't matter if we put them there or not. If I need them, I don't have to buy them. "

Zaria rolled her eyes and pointed at a pile of things. "I'm so tired with them. Ouch, my life."

Zaria wiped the sweat off her forehead. She was exhausted all the way here.

Listening to Zaria's nagging, every word was full of complaints, but she knew that Zaria was very happy, because there was a mother who loved her, cared about her, always thought for her and wanted to give everything to her.

However, Amanda could no longer feel the warmth of her mother. She tried to hide her sadness.

"Don't you have a car at home? Why don't you ask your father to drive you there? It's too hard for you to take a bus with so many bags. Look at you, maybe the driver doesn't allow you to get in the car."

Zaria had a good family. She was from a rich family, but she didn't have the temper of a rich lady.

She looked like a little beggar who didn't have enough food, so the two of them could become good friends.

Zaria didn't take it seriously. "Don't you want to go there alone by bus? I'm a kind-hearted woman. I don't want to see a little pity. So I have to accompany you with my life. Anyway, it's just a little tired to get in and off the bus. It doesn't matter. At the worst, I can pay two more dollars for the bus fee. How can the driver not let me get in the car? I'll complain to him. "

Amanda was touched and smiled. Zaria always thought for her. She went to work for her and took bus with her even though her parents had a car. She took bus with her every day when she went to school.

She didn't eat the delicious food outside, but eat the cheapest, least nutritious and least delicious food in the canteen with her.

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