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   Chapter 19 Another Misunderstanding (Part One)

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"Mandy, you have to remember that I have always been your good friend, your sister. If you are wronged and in a bad mood, you can come to me and I will protect you."

"Well, you are my only good friend, my sister, for the rest of my life." Amanda was very grateful to her. In her previous life, it was also her who accompanied her through the most difficult years in the beginning. Although she was not very enthusiastic about her, she was still wholeheartedly for her. It was not until she knew that Felix was released from prison that she hurriedly escaped that she cut off contact with Zaria.

The phone was quickly handled. After getting the two numbers, Amanda put them in the phones respectively. The note on her phone was Beauty Uncle, and the one she saved in his phone was Beloved Mandy. After that, she looked at them and smiled foolishly.

Looking at her silly look, Zaria said in disgust, "All right, don't embarrass yourself outside. Save my number. Didn't you say that you would treat me delicious food? Hurry up and go. I am starving to death."

Amanda stuck out her tongue and felt a little embarrassed. She was really stupid when it came to Felix.

"Well, let's go. I'll treat you a big meal."

The two of them set off for the delicious food again. After they had a good meal, it was dark outside. After parting with Zaria, Amanda went to the prison again and sent the mobile phone to Felix. She could chat with him when she went back in the evening.

When she arrived at the prison, Felix was still waiting in the visiting room as usual. Seeing that she was sweating, he felt a little distressed. "Slow down. It's too hot. Be careful of having sunstroke. Have you eaten yet?" He walked up to her and wiped the sweat on her forehead with a tissue.

"Yes, I did. Zaria and I had a lot of delicious food. I'll bring delicious food to you in the future. Have you eaten?" Amanda stood obediently and enjoyed the service of Felix.

"I've eaten too." Looking at her smiling eyes, he was very happy that everything he did was worthy.

Amanda chuckled and took out her phone as if she was presenting a treasure, "Uncle, look, these are phones I bought. We each take one. I have also prepared the phone card and saved our number in it. If I can't come in the future and miss you, I will call you and send you a video, okay?" Amanda took out two phones she bought and handed one to Felix.

Felix could tell at a glance that they were couple's phones. He couldn't help smiling when he saw the number and notes in it. "I like it very much. Thank you, Mandy. If you miss me in the future, call me. No matter what I do, I will answer it."

"Uncle is the best. You can go to bed now. It's late now. I should go back. I'll buy some delicious food

to accompany you tomorrow." She kissed him on the lips and ran away happily. She also took away the puppy she had forgotten when she left in the afternoon.

Puppy: 'what have I done wrong? It's so sad to meet such a loveless master.'

Felix still wanted to tell her something, but he didn't have a chance. Feeling the temperature on his lips, he smiled and savored it slowly.

The little dog was held by Amanda and complained all the way, "Humph, my master has gone too far. You left me in such a horrible place, which made me tremble with fear for the whole afternoon. You don't know how horrible the man's eyes were. I squatted in a corner and didn't dare to move. My legs were numb, and you didn't come to pick me up early. Even if he doesn't eat, I won't eat. Look, I'm starving. " The baby dog touched its round belly and felt that it was getting thinner.

Amanda stopped and thought, 'He hasn't eaten yet?' "Do you mean that uncle didn't have dinner? Has he been in the visiting room this afternoon? "

"Yes, he sat there like a fool, looking at the door without saying anything or eating. Poor me. I suffered with him." The puppy didn't notice the expression on Amanda's face and just complained.

Amanda didn't hear a word. Did her silly uncle just sit there for the whole afternoon? To wait for her?

If she didn't go tonight, would he wait for the whole night? Or did he wait for her like this before?

No wonder he waited for her every time she went there. She was so silly. No wonder he always met her no matter when and where she went...

Amanda's heart ached. She decided to change the phone's note to the Stupidest Uncle. She must supervise him to eat all the time in the future.

Seeing that its master had no intention of comforting it or asking for compensation after hearing its complaint, the puppy suddenly felt that its heart was greatly hurt.

"Master, White is hungry. White didn't have dinner."

The puppy said it was very smart and knew that its master was too stupid to understand the euphemistic words.

Amanda came to her sense. She realized that the little guy was really good at pretending to be pitiful. She smiled helplessly and said, "I see. I'll buy you delicious food."

They went home after buying food.

When they arrived home, Amanda sent a message to Felix, "Silly uncle, I'm home. Wait for me tomorrow."

She was so excited today that she just got a phone number. Tomorrow she would install QQ, WeChat and other chat applications. She had to supervise her silly uncle in all aspects.

Looking at the title, Felix shook his head and laughed, but a light flashed in his eyes. That dog...

"Okay, I'll wait for you. Go to bed early and don't stay up late. Be careful when you go out tomorrow."

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