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   Chapter 18 Buy A Phone (Part Two)

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Zaria felt so strange that a woman who was so mean before but now wanted to change her antique phone and didn't even look for a job. It was so weird...

Suddenly, Zaria held Amanda and cried sadly, "Mandy, what happened to you? Don't take things too hard. There is no obstacle in your life that can't be overcome. You still have a lifetime to live. "

Amanda pulled a long face and pushed Zaria away in disgust. "I haven't met anything. I just got some money. I am rich now, so I decide to be good to myself. You are always thinking too much all day long. Life is so beautiful. I won't be the one who take things too hard. "

"Got money?" Zaria doubted. How could she make a fortune for no reason?

Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide and stared at Amanda, "Mandy, don't you ...?"

Amanda slapped her on the forehead and said crossly, "Throw away all the messy things in your mind. My money is fair and clean. I won't sell myself for money, neither will I sell my body or soul. So you'd better keep your mind pure, okay? Can you still talk nicely? Are you a friend? can't you think something good about me? "

Zaria rubbed her forehead and asked timidly, "Then where did you get your money?"

She couldn't figure out why. Did her rich father suddenly appear and want to take back the daughter who had been missing for many years? Did he try his best to spend money on her for comfort?

Amanda was too shocked to brainwash her. She raised her head proudly and said, "It's a secret. You just need to trust me. Don't think too much. Well, now go with me to buy my cell phones, and I'll treat you delicious food. Don't worry about it. Whatever you want to eat, just mind your own business. I have money. " Amanda didn't say anything more. She put her arms around Zaria's neck and dragged her forward.

Zaria knew what kind of person Amanda was and knew that she would not violate the law and discipline. Since Amanda asked her to believe her, she would not think too much. She just needed to believe her.

"That's what you said. Don't cry for mercy before I start. I won't sympathize with you..."

"Humph." Amanda didn't think so. "I won't feel sorry. Order whatever you like. If you can't finish it, pack it up."

The two of them held hands, chatted and laughed, and happily went shopping to buy mobile phones and food.

In the mobile phone store, Amanda took a fancy to the latest couple's mobile phones. They were beautiful in appearance and had powerful functions. She liked them at a glance, but they were a little expensive. Two of them cost more than ten thousand, and almost twenty thousand. She was hesitating.

Zaria's mouth twitched. "Mandy, you don't have to lose mo

ney to play even if you're rich. It's a luxury for you to buy one of such an expensive cell phone. Why do you buy two? Do you want to use one and keep one? Don't you know to save money? "

"I'm not a spendthrift like you. I need two. I really like this cell phones." She believed that Felix would also like them. She had millions. It wouldn't be bad for her to spend a large number of money once.

After thinking for a while, she said, "Well, I've decided to take them. Please help me choose two phone numbers with a small difference. I don't need my previous number. " She only saved Zaria in her previous phone, and the rest were her part-time job numbers. Now that she didn't do part-time jobs, those numbers were not much useful. She wanted to use the couple's numbers with him.

The staff went through the procedures according to the requirements of Amanda. Zaria stared at her and thought for a while, "Mandy, to be honest, are you in love?"

Looking at her with a smile, Amanda neither admitted nor refuted, letting her guess by herself.

Felix belonged to her. She didn't want to share him with anyone, not even her best friend. She was so selfish in love.

Looking at Amanda, Zaria felt that her guess was right. She had asked her before, but she was still dubious, but now she was sure.

She knew her good friend very well. Amanda had never been in love, and she didn't even have any contact with any other man. But she was obviously deeply involved in it now, and she was a little worried.

"Mandy, do you know who he is? Don't be impulsive. You will get hurt at that time. So you must see clearly whether he really treats you well or just wants to play with you? How did you get to know him since you didn't meet some men? Was he reliable? Besides, you are only seventeen years old. You need to know more about him. First love is very important. "

Amanda knew that Zaria was for her own good, so she was moved. Her mother had left a long time ago. She had no friends or relatives, and no one would say these words to her. Felix would only be good to her all the time, so he would not say these words.

"Thank you, Zaria. You are my sister." Holding Zaria's hand, Amanda said, "Don't worry. No one in the world will be as good to me like him. We have known each other for a long time." In her previous life and this life, no one would be as good to her as he was. No one would risk his life for her.

Amanda's attitude was firm. Zaria knew that it was useless to say anything. She could only hope that she, who had been running for survival all the time, could meet someone who really loved her and took care of her. She hoped that her good friend would be happy.

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