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   Chapter 14 Loss of Collaterals (Part Two)

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Manager Tom had a high status, so they couldn't offend him because they might need him in the future. They had to swallow their anger as a way to show their respect for Manager Tom.

"In that case, we will do you a favor. If you have good medicine in the future, please inform us."

Manager Tom said with a smile. He didn't get angry because of the two's cold faces. "Of course. I will inform you two as soon as possible. Today's matter will be regarded as a favor that I owe you two."

It was not a bad deal to get a favor from Manager Tom. The two of them were unwilling, but they didn't say anything. They glanced at Mr. Quick and cursed in their minds that the old man was so lucky and felt pity for the herb. At last, they snorted coldly and had no choice but to leave.

Mr. Quick was so excited that he didn't know what to say. He felt dizzy when a piece of pie fell on his head all of a sudden.

"Manager Tom, can you introduce the seller to me? I want to thank her face to face. I'll keep it in mind. If she needs me in the future, just tell me. I'll do it. "

Manager Tom patted Mr. Quick's hand with a smile and said, "Mr. Quick, this seller doesn't want others to know her identity. She asked me to keep it a secret, so I can't introduce her to you. But don't worry. I will convey your thanks. Another thing, the seller's ancestors were barefoot doctor. There was a notebook in the family heirloom left, which reported a case similar to young master's disease. But she had never seen young master in person, so she was not sure if it was true or not. But she asked me to give you a bottle of her medicine, saying that it might work. If you believe her, you can use it according to her words. If you don't believe her, just forget it. Here you are the medicine. Please use cash except ten percent of the money to check. "

"Well..." Mr. Quick was shocked. He didn't expect that his grandson had been sentenced to death by all the doctors and now things had changed. Someone knew the disease. "Manager Tom, is it true? The benefactor really said... "

Manager Tom nodded at Mr. Quick and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Quick. Young master can't live without you. Yes, the seller said that the ancestral liquid medicine could cure a disease similar to his. She said it will work if she didn't take it wrong. If the medicine doesn't work, it will be useless and can't make young master worse. If you believe her, you can have a try. I believe her. Maybe this is a good chance for young master.

But this is just my suggestion. In the end, it is you who ma

ke a decision. As for the seller, she is kind. Even if it is useless, please don't blame her for meddling."

Mr. Quick gradually calmed down after talking with Manager Tom.

Taking over the medicine and ginseng, he lowered his eyes and thought for a moment. "Manager Tom, please thank this kind benefactor for me. I will send the money to you as she asked. No matter what will happen to my grandson in the future, I will thank her and be grateful to her kindness. I will definitely not be a person who repays kindness with enmity. If my grandson is lucky enough to recover, I will ask him to go to her house to thank her in person. "

Manager Tom smiled at Mr. Quick. He believed in Mr. Quick. He said that just for a promise. After all, that young lady didn't know him. "You don't have to thank her. The seller is also a kind person. She just wants to do her best and hope that young master can recover as soon as possible. If you have nothing else to do, please go ahead with your work. I have to hand over the work to this seller. "

Mr. Quick nodded. He couldn't wait to use the medicine.

After sending Mr. Quick away, Manager Tom came to Amanda and told her everything. Soon, the money was sent over.

Looking at the large bags of cash, Amanda touched her forehead and realized that she had miscalculated. She forgot to estimate the weight of millions of cash. This was the sorrow of not seeing money.

Looking at Amanda's wrinkled face, Manager Tom couldn't help laughing. She was just a little girl.

He smiled and said, "Don't worry. I'll ask someone to send you back or go to the bank with you to deposit money."

Amanda blushed and felt a little embarrassed. She quickly regained her composure. She thought for a while and shook her head. "No, thanks, Grandpa. Please help me find a tricycle and a few cheap old bags."

Manager Tom didn't say anything about the thankless behavior of Amanda. Perhaps she was afraid of being poor, so she was worried about anything.

But this girl had worried so much. She didn't know if she was worried that he would take the money away when he saw the money.

Well, he decided not to make fun of her. She was not easy to deal with. He didn't know what she would do at that time. "Okay, wait."

There were an old tricycle and several old bags. No one could imagine that there were millions of cash in these bags. After everything was ready, Amanda put the check in Manager Tom's hand.

"Grandpa, this is yours. Thank you today. If you need me in the future, just tell me. This is my phone number."

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