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   Chapter 13 Loss of Collaterals (Part One)

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Amanda, of course, saw through his doubts and explained. "Here is the thing. My ancestors are barefoot doctors who didn't learn medicine in a professional medical school and didn't diagnose patients in a fixed place. They have seen a lot of difficult and miscellaneous diseases from south to north, leaving behind a notebook. I've been reading it since childhood, and I want to see if I can help."

"Oh, I see," Manager Tom said without any doubt. "You are so kind, young lady. You will have a bright future. However, no one knows what kind of disease the young master is suffering from, and it can be regarded as a knotty disease. All the sophisticated instruments can't check it out, and many masters in the medical field have never heard of it."

Manager Tom sighed, "I just heard that the blood vessels all over his body were shrinking bit by bit and the blood was slowly withering. Such a case has not appeared in the world yet. I heard that the blood vessels have shrunk to the size of an ordinary needle. It seemed that he can't live longer."

The blood vessels shrank and the blood was dry?

Amanda searched in her memory for the case in the Report of Cases she had studied. There was a similar case, which was called Loss of Collaterals.

This case was caused by a kind of mini bacteria called the meridians devouring bacteria. This bacteria specialized in absorbing blood and compressing the meridians. When the blood was dry and the meridians contracted into a thin line, it swallowed the meridians that had been condensed into essence in one gulp.

The energy devouring bacterium was very similar to the human fat tissue. It was very small, hundreds of times smaller than ordinary bacteria. Moreover, it was a kind of parasite that was good at camouflage, and it was usually impossible to be detected.

Only after it ate the host's meridians could it climb out of the host's body. At that time, it would grow hundreds of times larger because of being full, and it would also produce countless meridians devouring bacteria. They got into other living things, so it could be said to be a kind of spread germs, which was very terrible.

But this kind of bacteria was actually easy to die, but it was not easy to be found, so people felt it terrible. This should be the fear of the unknown. The medicine for it was very simple to refine.

In the herbal garden, Amanda refined some medicine as a simple practice. It only needed two kinds of herbs to make liquid and pour them into water. Soaking the patient in water for half an hour a day and repeating it for ten days, the bacteria could be completely killed.

Manager Tom looked at Amanda, frowning and calming. Did she really know? Could she cure this disease?

"Young lady, have you thought of a way to cure him? Or do you know what kind of illness it is? " Manager Tom was also suspicious. There were so many experts in the world who couldn't cure the disease, and even coul

dn't find the reason. It was impossible for a little girl to think of a way to cure it.

Sure enough, Amanda shook her head, "I didn't see the young master himself. I don't know if it's the kind of disease I've read, so I'm not sure if it can be cured. But I have a bottle of medicine passed down from my ancestors. I always take it with me. I'm afraid it's not safe to put it at home. I can give it to Mr. Quick. If he believes me, he can take it back and have a try. If he doesn't, forget it. The ginseng will be sold to him at the highest bidding price of nine million and ten thousand, but please keep it a secret for me. "

Manager Tom didn't know whether he should be disappointed or relieved. He hoped that the little girl could cure the young master, but he felt that it was too surprising that a little girl could cure him who was sentenced to death by so many medical experts.

However, this girl didn't say that she couldn't cure him. The notebook she mentioned really reported such a similar disease. Maybe it was the same disease as the young master had. It would be great if she could cure the young master.

At this time, looking at the little girl, Manager Tom thought that not only was her eyes misty, but also her whole body misty. How could a person with such a book be so abject?

Forget it. This kind of thing was not something he could investigate. This girl must not be underestimated in the future. If he helped her before she was fully fledged, perhaps there would be unexpected gains in the future.

Besides, what he did for her now was good for him. "Don't worry, young lady. I'll deal with it. Do you have any other requirements?"

Amanda thought for a while and said, "Give me a check for ten percent of the money. I want cash for the rest. Don't use consecutive numbers."

After thinking for a while, Manager Tom knew why she asked for cash. He shook his head amusingly. What a thoughtful girl.

But why did she want a check? But the request was simple. "Okay, wait here. I'll get it done."

When Manager Tom returned to the auction room, the three of them didn't say anything. Except for the old man, the other two were very happy. It seemed that they had won the old man in language.

Manager Tom said calmly, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. The seller just told me that the medicine is for curing the patient. She sighed when she heard about the matter of Mr. Quick, so she decided to sell the medicine to Mr. Quick with nine million and ten thousand. She felt sorry to you. She will have a chance to apologize to you in the future."

The three of them hadn't expected that the situation would be transferred. The two of them, who were determined to get it, didn't look good. They thought they had been tricked. The seller didn't want to make money if she could. Was she an idiot? They wanted to reason with the seller, but judging from Manager Tom's expression, he must be on the seller's side.

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