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   Chapter 11 Auction (Part One)

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He was an experienced man in this industry. Not only was he good at medical materials, but also he seldom misjudged people.

The moment Amanda came in, he noticed her. She had clear and bright eyes with a layer of mist, which was hard to see, but attracted people to find out.

"Interesting girl."

Taking back his inquiry, he smiled and said, "Of course. What kind of herb do you want to sell? Can I have a look?"

Amanda nodded. Judging from this man's tone, he was indeed a manager, but safety first. "Grandpa, can you find a place where no one around?"

"Oh?" Manager Tom raised his eyebrows at her and became interested. "Well, follow me to the lounge behind."

To everyone's surprise, the old man and the young woman walked into the lounge.

Everyone was curious why Manager Tom who always kept a straight face, would be kind to a little girl and take her to the lounge to see the medicinal materials without asking the reason. Did this little girl really have good medicinal materials? What kind of precious herb could it be?

No matter others believed it or not, Manager Tom believed it.

When Amanda took out the ordinary wooden box from her bag and opened it, Manager Tom's eyes widened.

The fragrance of the herbs, the well preserved roots, the perfect shape and the size of the ginseng. Manager Tom could tell that it was at least one hundred and fifty years old.

The medicinal materials were well made, and the efficacy was not lost at all. It was well preserved. It was a top-grade wild ginseng, a good thing that was rarely seen in a century.

Manager Tom caressed the ginseng carefully, his hands trembling with excitement. In the medicine business, people wanted to find good medicinal materials, just like collecting antiques and wanting to get the best collection.

Amanda sat quietly aside, letting him look at her carefully without disturbing or urging him. She was not only worried that she would be tricked.

It took a long time for Manager Tom to recover from the shock. He put down the ginseng reluctantly and looked at Amanda up and down.

"Little girl, your ginseng..."

Amanda calmly looked at Manager Tom. She knew that she would be suspected, but since she was here, she would not be afraid.

"My grandfather got it by accident. After the family left, I put it away. I wanted to keep it as a memory, but now I was in urgent need of money, so I had to sell it. I heard that Herbs World is a fair place with great reputation, so I brought it here. "

Amanda's dressing just showed her words that she was desperately in need of money. Manager Tom didn't have to ask any more questions, as long as he knew the origin of the herbs. He believed Amanda was not cunning.

Who said that only the rich would have good things? Many good things were really in the hands of the poor.

He smiled at Amanda and asked, "Do you have an estimate of the value?"

Amanda shook her head, "I don't know the herb. I d

on't know its age, grade or market. That's why I'm here. I believe you will give me a fair price. If it's appropriate, I will sell it to you. "

Taking a look at Amanda, Manager Tom felt that this little girl was more and more interesting. Why did she give such an important thing to him so generously? Didn't she understand the herb, or just trust him?

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, this ginseng is a superior wild ginseng of one hundred and fifty years. According to the current market price, it is more than three million. Of course, what I said is the normal price, which is the lowest price. If it is sold at an auction, the price can't be estimated. I have several clients looking for such wild ginseng. If you want, I can invite them to hold a small auction. Of course, you can go to a big formal auction house for the auction. It depends on your decision. "

After thinking for a while, she decided not to attract too much attention. More than three million was beyond her expectation, so she could earn more money. She also hated trouble.

"Then please arrange a small auction for me, but I don't want to attend it. Can you help me?"

The shopkeeper understood what the girl was worried about. It was just a small favor, so he was willing to do it.

"No problem. You can have a rest here. I'll call them. They are in urgent need of this thing and will come soon. At that time, they will bid outside. You can see the situation clearly in the cubicle, and they can't see you."

"Okay, thank you, Grandpa." Amanda nodded gratefully and waited quietly in the lounge. Thinking that she would soon have money, she was very excited. She had never had so much money before. What should she buy?

Just as Manager Tom said, those people needed ginseng. Even if they didn't need it, they would still want it. Good things could be met but not sought.

As soon as they heard that there was some goods, they rushed over.

Amanda could clearly see the three bidders in the cubicle.

One of them was a young man who was about twenty-eight years old, with a disdainful look on his face. He was determined to get the herbs.

It was easy to tell that he was rich and powerful person who had never suffered any hardship and had always been arrogant and supercilious. This reminded her of Mr. Louie, so she didn't like him very much.

One of them was a woman in her more than 30 years old. She was well maintained. Among the three of them, she was the calmest. It seemed that she came here just to watch the fun. As for whether she could get the herbs or not, it was not that important. It was just a matter of fate.

The third one was about six or ten years old. Maybe he had taken good care of himself before. Judging from his face, she guessed that he must be worried about something, which made his hair all pale in a short time, his face gaunt and his eyes bloodshot. He looked anxious and worried. It seemed that he really needed the herbs.

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