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   Chapter 10 Medicinal Materials

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Amanda smiled to herself. She knew White couldn't resist the temptation of food. It was a real foodie.

She accompanied Felix until it was dark outside. When Amanda came back home, she closed the door and began to study the Report of Cases.

The whole night passed. When the alarm rang, she came out of the herbal garden. To her surprise, even if she didn't sleep the whole night, she was energetic.

In the next few days, Amanda kept on reading medicine books. She spent the rest of her time at home, except accompanying Felix every day. She even forgot to look for a job. Soon it was the beginning of the new semester. Amanda realized that time went too fast and she hadn't found her living expenses yet.

"Alas, what should I do, White? We have to go on a diet in the following days." Amanda complained to the puppy, scratching its head irritably.

After getting along with Amanda these days, the puppy no longer worshiped her at the very beginning. In its limited knowledge, its master was tall, but recently, it found that its master could not do anything, and always made it hungry. More importantly, even though it knew that it was afraid of that man, she still went to see him every day, which scared the dog to death.

And the only good thing was that it could eat the food cooked by that man. If it was not for this, it really felt that life... Oh, its life was meaningless.

So when it heard Amanda's complaint, it rolled its eyes at her and said in disdain, "Master, even if you make money, I won't have enough food to eat. You eat free meals every day and don't need to pay for it yourself. Besides, even if you don't have free meals, it's easy to gain money. I heard that human beings value medicinal materials very much. You can sell herb in the garden for a lot of money. I don't know if my master is too stupid. You didn't think about it. "

Being despised by a dog, Amanda felt that her life was in vain. She just couldn't cook, but she couldn't do anything in its eyes. What a snobbish dog! A foodie dog! She also despised it.

However, it reminded her to sale herbs. The ginseng for more than ten years would value more than ten thousand. She looked at the ginseng in the herb field, and the smallest one was the size of a newborn baby's arm. She didn't know how many years it had been.

If she sold one, she would get money, but there was also a risk. As a person without any background, if she suddenly sold such a precious herb, she would definitely be remembered. She had no ability to deal with those troubles.

"White, how old is the youngest ginseng in the herbal garden?"

"The youngest? Five or six hundred years." The little dog thought, tilting its head. It seemed to have been five hundred or six hundred years. It checked when it cleaned up the herb garden last time, but it forgot when he did it last time. It seemed to be a hundred years ago. It shook its head and couldn't remember.

"Five or six hundred years?" Amanda was too shocked to close her mouth.

She couldn't sale them in case attracting people's attention and she daren't touched the money. How aggrieved she was. "Did you have younger ones? Even if it's only one hundred years, you can go and look it for me. "

"One hundred years?" The baby dog was listless and unwilling. It was difficult to find it. Generally, it had to look for it for thousands of years or hundreds of years. In the past one hundred years, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was not full, so how could it have the strength to find it? Its master didn't feed it well, but wanted it to do things for her. Its owner was too unscrupulous.

Looking at its lazy look, Amanda knew what it was thinking. What else could a foodie think? She didn't know why such a small thing could eat so much things. It kept saying that it was hungry all day long.

"Well, I promise you that as long as you find me a suitable medicinal material, I will buy you delicious food after selling it, okay?" Of course, the best way to bribe a foodie was food.

Sure enough, when the little dog heard that there was food, its tail almost shook off, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Amanda entered the herb garden, and saw a white figure shuttling through the green herb field. His body was too small, leaving only a waving little tail outside.

Amanda believed that it would find the medicinal materials that she liked, but she had to consider where to sale them. She thought she couldn't rely on the street, so she had to find a more professional place. At least, the capital should be more abundant.

After she found the herbs, she went out for a walk. Those large-scale Chinese medicine hospital should take them. Having made up her mind, Amanda stopped worrying.

However, if Felix was with her at this time, she would not be so confused and worried as she was now. But how could he get out easily after she sent him to prison? She deserved it.

"Master, master, I've found it. It took me a long time to find it. Look!" The little dog appeared in front of Amanda with a ginseng with intact root, begging for praise.

Hearing the voice of the puppy presenting the treasure, Amanda came back to her senses. Looking at the human shaped ginseng with fresh soil, she was also very happy. She didn't know how many years it had been, but the puppy said

that it was almost a hundred years.

She took it over in surprise, and suddenly found another question. "It's so fresh. What excuse should I find to tell others its origin? I don't think I can dig it out from a deep mountain."

It was true that everything went wrong as soon as she did it. It seemed that selling medicine didn't work. She didn't want to lose her life for money. She had finally obtained her life, and she had to stay with Felix well.

Seeing that his delicious food was about to fly away, the puppy was anxious. "Master, you can dry it with your spiritual sense, and it would look like an old ginseng."

"Dry it with spiritual sense? Can I do that? Didn't you say that my spiritual sense is too weak now? " Amanda was a little confused, but it would be good if it was feasible.

The baby dog was so anxious that it couldn't let the delicious food fly away. "No problem. It's just drying the herbs. It's a piece of cake. With the help of the vital energy in the herb field, it's easy. Master, you just need to speed up the evaporation of its water with your spiritual sense. Come on, give it a try. "

Following the puppy's words, Amanda put her mind on the ginseng to make its water dissipate faster. She could clearly see that the ginseng became dry from the water spirit bit by bit, but didn't lose the efficacy at all. When Amanda was about to stop, an old ginseng with a long history appeared in front of her.

He smiled happily and said, "Spiritual sense is so useful."

The puppy also felt relieved. Fortunately, its master was not so stupid as to be incurable.

She put it in an old but ordinary wooden box. It was her family heirloom. It should not be easy to arouse suspicion with this excuse.

Amanda went to see Felix happily and wandered on the street alone. She had lived in the Rain City for a long time. She was familiar with this place and knew what kind of place it was.

She knew there was a street selling all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. The whole street was full of stores or street hawkers, retail and wholesale, which sell traditional Chinese medicine. Many people who needed medicine to cure and recuperate would come here, and most of them were rich people. After all, western medicine was popular now, and it was cheap and suitable for the public.

Only rich people could treat and recuperate with precious Chinese herbs. The herbs were very expensive, especially those growing in the wild and with high quality.

Now everything could be cultivated by human beings. If the yield was increased, the value would be reduced. Without the word "wild", the value would be reduced by more than half. Moreover, the herbs cultivated by human wouldn't have a long history.

On the Chinese medicine street, there were many small shops and peddlers, and the bosses of this industry.

He had what others had, and he also had what others didn't have.

He did this because he was rich enough to receive more precious medicinal materials than others, so he naturally became the boss here.

The money was very important, as well as the methods. The medicinal materials industry were very complicated, and ordinary people would be deceived. People should be very careful to buy and sell here.

Therefore, a shop with good management and accumulated reputation could naturally grow bigger. The owner had the ability to make others trust him and become the boss.

The biggest medicine store here was Herbs World. It was very famous. People who were engaged in both Chinese and Western medicine or just engaged in the business of medicinal materials all knew it. People like Amanda, who was busy with daily life, had heard of it.

The business of Herbs World was big, and it had a good reputation. The price here was decided by the market, and it would not raise the price because only it had this kind of herb. Naturally, Herbs World would offer a fair price to those who came here to sell medicinal materials.

Therefore, Amanda thought this shop was reliable and safe, so it was the best place to come.

Having made up her mind, Amanda walked briskly towards Herbs World with her bag on her back...

In Herbs World, most of the people who came in and out were rich people who were well-dressed. She was thin and small, and her clothes were cheap and old. When she appeared here, it was a little strange and she attracted a lot of attention.

Although Herbs World had a good reputation, the threshold was also very high. Generally, vendors would have a clear estimation of themselves not to enter. Obviously, ordinary people like Amanda didn't have such awareness. She swaggered into the herbal garden directly and looked around. Her behavior was eye-catching.

If ordinary people were to be stared at by everyone, they would definitely feel uneasy. People at Amanda's age didn't feel much.

After looking around, she walked to the counter and asked, "Are you collecting herbs?" She asked an elder man who seemed to be a steward.

This man was indeed a manager. Everyone called him Manager Tom. He had been in the medicine industry for nearly forty years, and had worked in this shop for twenty years. He was very familiar with the medicine. Anyone who wanted to deceive him must show his true colors in front him. With his sharp eyes, no one could muddle through.

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