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   Chapter 8 Something Strange

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Felix smiled. What a silly girl. "Mandy is always foresight. My Mandy is the smartest treasure."

Amanda giggled, "Well, uncle, I have an appointment with Zaria to look for a job. I'll come to you later. Be a good man, okay? Bye! " She quickly kissed him on the lips and ran away with a smile.

Felix sighed helplessly. His dark eyes flashed, but he finally decided not to say anything or do anything. He would give her whatever kind of life she wanted...

At the corner of the street where she had made an appointment with Zaria, Zaria was already there. Seeing her coming from a distance, Zaria waved her hand and shouted, "Mandy, here."

Seeing Zaria, Amanda walked up quickly, stuck out her tongue, held her hand and said apologetically, "Zaria, am I late? I'm sorry. I'll buy you a cup of milk tea to apologize."

"Come on, it's my treat. I didn't expect to see you starved like a mummy."

"It's not that exaggerated." Amanda pouted. "I can afford a cup of milk tea. Let's go and have a look around to see where there needs a talent like me." Then she held Zaria's hand and walked along the street, looking for a place to recruit.

"By the way, Zaria, where have you been these days? You didn't go to work and didn't come to play with me. Did you go on a date?"

Amanda felt uncomfortable under the gaze of Zaria.

"Yes, you are right. I went on a date. It's not appropriate for young people like you to ask such things. Don't ask too much."

For Felix, Amanda didn't tell anyone about his existence. It was not that he was not important, but that he was too important. They had made an agreement that they only belonged to each other, so normally she wouldn't mention him to others. He only belonged to her, the only person hidden in the deepest part of her heart.

"Really?" Zaria was surprised.

At first, Zaria was just kidding. She knew that in the case of Amanda, she would not have the mood to fall in love, but now her words made her have to believe that she was really in love.

If not, she would say no directly instead of half-joking to admit it. As a good friend, she was really surprised.

Amanda smiled and said nothing.

The calmness on Amanda's face drove Zaria crazy, but she also knew that no one could ask her what she didn't want to say. Forget it, there would be plenty of opportunities to know in the future.

"Amanda, there is one thing you don't know, right?" Zaria stopped joking and said another thing, "The manager. On the second day after you left, his mistress came to the shop to seek justice, saying that he actually raised a second mistress, and the second mistress and her original wife were good friends. When the two of them went shopping and passed by the cafe, they happened to see the mistress and the manager tangle. The two of them went up and hit the mistress at the same time, and said that she seduced her husband. All of a sudden, the crowd was in an uproar. It was not until then that the second mistress and the original wife knew that the husband they were talking about was the same person. Don't you know how lively that scene was? "

It was obviously a wonderful thing. Zaria was so excited that her face turned red. "The manager couldn't deny it when he saw the three women gather together. He wanted to pull away the women who were fighting together, but he was just hit by three women. How miserable he was, but we were very happy to see that. In order to curry favor with Mr. Louie, he let you go without asking. I think this is retribution. "

Hearing such a story, Amanda was also shocked. She could imagine how chaotic and shocked the scene was at that time. "I really can't see that he has the ability to deceive three women all at once, but he is not so popular. Are those three women blind?"

Zaria shrugged, "Who knows? Maybe someone likes a weirdo like him. Well, let's not talk about him anymore. I just want you to vent your anger. He deserves what he has done. Let's focus on finding your job. "

Amanda was not in the mood to mention such an irrelevant person. The two wandered on the streets and alleys hand in hand, and tried a lot of places. But when they said they wanted part-time jobs and vacations, they didn't want them. They wanted to recruit full-time people. Her feet were swollen after a whole day's running, but she still got nothing.

After parting with Zaria, Amanda went home. She was so tired that she needed a rest. She ate something casually and fell asleep as soon as she got on the bed. It was a deep sleep. It was so deep that she dreamed the dream that had been repeated countless times but she could not remember.

But this time, she saw everything clearly.

In her dream, she saw a very large and thick book, which was as big as two adults, floating in a void. It was written "Report of Cases". She opened it curiously.

There were ten parts of this book, each of which recorded a variety of diseases, causes, treatment, specific situation of each medicine, such as origin, appearance, effect, and what kind of effect would be produced when paired with other medicine.

"Report of Cases" had ten parts, from one to ten, recording all the difficult and miscellaneous diseases

in the world from simplicity to difficulty. Most of them were something that Amanda had never heard of.

She thought that if she finished this book, she would definitely become a great doctor. At that time, there would be no disease that she couldn't cure in the world."

The most important thing was that all the mentioned herbs were traditional Chinese medicine, and the refining of the herbs was somewhat similar to the previous pill refining, because there was a furnace beside it.

In addition to this book, there was a magnified three-dimensional phantom standing next to the book. The phantom was transparent, and the crisscrossed meridians in his body could be seen. Beside the phantom was a set of silver needles that looked very eye-catching.

Amanda remembered that she had just glanced at the ten books, in which many diseases were treated by acupuncture, and this person seemed to be used to practice acupuncture.

In addition to these things, there were also medicine fields and rows of small houses, bamboo buildings, grassland, which made Amanda feel that she had entered a paradise.

She looked at those herbs roughly. Most of them were unfamiliar to her. She could only recognize those popular herbs like ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum, but she couldn't tell how old they were.

Just as Amanda looked at it curiously, a fluffy little fellow broke into her sight. The little fellow, only the size of her palm, shook its head at her. Its big watery eyes flashed, which melted Amanda's heart.

She happily held it in her hand and looked at it closely. It was like a little dog. She pinched its soft ears and said, "Little guy, what's your name? Why are you here?"

Amanda was talking to herself in front of the little guy as usual, and she didn't expect it to answer her question. Unexpectedly, the little dog spoke human language, "Master, I'm White, a garden beast here. You are finally here. I am so happy to see you." The little dog wagged its tail and rubbed against the palm of Amanda, begging for her praise.

Amanda was stunned for a moment. How could it be so mysterious?

"White? A garden beast? " She found that after she was reborn, she could even dream about something mysterious. A talking puppy?

It was said that if she thought too much on the day, she would dream it at night. It seemed that the real life was too helpless, so she had such a dream. Her imagination was quite rich.

"Ring, ring, ring." The phone on her bedside rang one after another. Amanda woke up from her sleep, and everything in her dream was still vivid in her mind. Rubbing the patterns on her forehead, she always felt hot and uncomfortable.

She shook her head to sober herself up. It seemed that she was really tired and her dreams were so fantastic.

"Master, White is hungry."

Just when Amanda felt herself funny, a soft voice sounded beside her, making her blood stop in an instant. She turned her head in a daze, only to find that the little puppy that appeared in her dream actually appeared in reality.

"No, it must be a dream." Amanda patted her face and murmured to herself, "Wake up."

"Master, White is hungry." Another sound was heard.

Amanda patted her face and lowered her hand feebly. It seemed that she was not dreaming. The puppy was real, so were the medicine library, the meridians picture she saw in the dream true?

Amanda thought for a while and couldn't help but speak out. The little dog, White, nodded and said, "Yes, it's true. Master. As long as you think about the herb garden, you can see it. If you want to go in, you can also think about it. You can take things and put them in your mind, but now your mind is too weak, so you can only take some small things. You have to slowly accumulate to be strong, only then you can take big things. "

Shocked, Amanda followed the words of the puppy, White, and did as it said, "How to accumulate to strengthen spiritual sense?"

"That book. The more you learn, the better medicine you can refine. The more people you save, the stronger your spiritual sense will be. Your spiritual sense has a lot of uses." White didn't want to explain more. It blinked its big watery eyes and looked at Amanda, "Master, White is hungry." It was the third time that the White puppy said it was hungry. Its master didn't plan to cook for it at all. It thought there would be a good day when its master came, but it didn't expect that... It was so sad.

Amanda was still deeply involved in what White had said. She could not extricate herself from the vortex that was deep in the herb garden and enhancing her spiritual sense.

When she saw the pitiful White with its head down, she suddenly remembered what he had said. "Oh, I'm sorry, White. What do you want to eat? I'll make it for you." "But I only know to cook instant noodles, or frozen food. How about I buy you dumplings and cook them?"

Hearing that there was food, White didn't care what it was. It jumped happily, "Good, good, Master is so nice." There was no trace of sadness at all.

The baby dog's jumping and cheering made Amanda feel a little headache. "White, you'd better not speak in front of outsiders. It will cause panic, okay?"

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