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   Chapter 7 Kiss

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Gradually, under the comfort of Felix, Amanda stopped crying. Her eyes were swollen into peaches, which made Felix's heart ache. He kissed her again and again, wishing that he was the one who was swollen.

Amanda felt the kiss of Felix on her skin, soft and warm, just like she kissed his lips before he died, but at that time, his warmth was gone.

Thinking of this, she blushed unconsciously. She turned her head slightly and avoided his kiss shyly.

It was not until Felix felt her dodge that he realized what he had done. He panicked and was afraid that she would be scared away again. He incoherently said, "Mandy, I'm sorry. Don't be afraid. I'm just..."

But he didn't know what to say. He just wanted to kiss her and comfort her, but he couldn't say it. It would scare her away.

Looking at the panic in his eyes, Amanda suddenly realized that she had made him misunderstand her again. She sighed in her heart, 'I haven't done enough, so he is worried about losing...'

She didn't feel shy anymore. She wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips tightly in his shocked eyes for a long time... Time stood still beside the two of them.

Their hearts were pounding, and Felix's head was buzzing. The blood all over his body was flowing back, and he was unable to extricate himself from the shock.

Amanda was annoyed, thinking that her uncle was so stupid. It was so embarrassing for the two to stick together like this since he didn't know to take the initiative at this time.

She wanted to take the initiative, but she didn't know what to do.

She left his lips angrily and glared at the man who was still in a daze with a red face. She was amused by his expression in an instant. She didn't expect that her uncle would be so cute. He was so silly and stupid. The depression in her heart was swept away. She would forgive him this time.

"Mandy? Just now? " Felix asked in a daze after a long time. He wanted to ask what had just happened. Was it a dream?

Amanda raised her eyebrows and glared at Felix, "You don't like me kissing you? Then I won't kiss you anymore. " Didn't blame her for being narrow-minded. It was all his fault. He had been absent-minded for so long and left her alone here.

"Kiss, kiss me? You were really kissing me just now... " Not a dream? Did his Mandy really take the initiative to kiss him? Felix couldn't help touching his kissed lips, where he could still feel her fragrance and softness. He grinned foolishly...

Amanda's face turned red because of his subconscious action. She gritted her teeth and wondered why he was so dull...

Immersed in the kiss, Felix suddenly realized what she had just said. "No, no, Mandy. I like your kiss. I like it very much."

Amanda turned her head arrogantly and discontentedly, "But I don't like it anymore. I won't kiss you anymore." It was rare for her to have the courage to take the initiative. However, this fool didn't know to take the initiative, which made her so embarrassed.

Felix's heart was swaying between heaven and hell because of her words...

She wouldn't kiss him again?

He felt both disappointed and satisfied.

It didn't matter as long as they had kissed once, he could remember it. "It's okay. It doesn't matter. As long as you are happy, everything will be fine. As long as you are happy..."

His open-minded words could not hide his disappointment.

Amanda noticed his disappointment and sighed helplessly. Since when did her uncle become so stupid? She wrapped her arms around his neck again and kissed him on the lips quickly. Innocence flashed in her big eyes. "I won't kiss you, and you won't kiss me either?"


Felix's head exploded in an instant. He was so enlightened that all the blood was burning. He told her his answer with actions.

The kiss was overwhelming. Amanda was wrapped in his breath and fell in love with him.

Felix kissed her deeply, as if he was going to eat her up. He waited for such a kiss for a long time.

Amanda patted his hard chest weakly. She was almost suffocated to death.

Feeling unsatisfied, Felix let go of her reluctantly. Looking at her red face like the morning cloud, his heart was filled with joy.

After getting freedom, Amanda gulped the fresh air. She almost became the first person to be kissed to death in history.

She glared at Felix who was as excited as a child who had eaten candies. A kiss made him so happy that he almost turned into a wolf and devoured her alive. Didn't flirt with a man easily.

But he didn't expect that her dissatisfied eyes made him kiss her again.

Felix's mind was full of her beauty. Her reproachful look distracted him, as if inviting him to continue. How could he not be as she wished!

Amanda felt that she had suffered a great loss today. She came to ask for comfort, but she sent herself to the wolf's mouth and be eaten again and again.

Now her lips must be swollen like sausages. How could she go out to see others?

"Are you a dog? Look, it's swollen. How can I go out? Others will laugh at me if they see me. Felix, compensate me. "

The coquettish Amanda warmed Felix's heart again, but when he saw her red and swollen lips, he

had to restrain himself and gently pecked on her lips. "Mandy, good girl. I'll ask someone to bring you a mask later. Does it hurt? Let me blow it. "

The tip of her nose was full of his breath, which made Amanda's calmed heart beat wildly again. She dodged him and said with a red face, "Don't be naughty."

This time, of course, Felix was not stupid enough to think that she hated him or was afraid of him. He could see that she was shy. His Mandy was so cute, and she looked lovelier when she was shy. He really didn't want her to leave him.

He held her tightly from behind, making her back close to his heart. He lowered his head and sniffed her breath at her neck. It was good to hold her in this way. She belonged to him.

Felix buried his head in her neck, and the breath he spat was itchy, which made Amanda shrink her neck unconsciously. She laughed, "Uncle, it's itchy."

Hearing that Amanda said it was itchy, Felix didn't stop but licked her lips. Amanda shrank into his arms to avoid him and shouted for mercy.

As the two of them were playing, all the grievances and depression in Amanda's heart disappeared, except the joy of being with him.

But Felix didn't forget how aggrieved she was. He wouldn't let go of those who made her aggrieved.

For several days in a row, Amanda kept running back and forth in the house and in the jail. When her work was done, she just took a rest and accompanied Felix well.

As long as Amanda was with him, Felix was naturally happy. He liked her to do nothing but stay with him.

Lying in Felix's arms and relaxed for a few days, Amanda still had to face what she should face. She had no savings, no parents, and she had to depend on herself to earn money. The new semester was about to begin, and she hadn't found her living expenses yet. Before the new semester began, she had to find a part-time job.

Playing with Felix's fingers, Amanda was lost in thought.

"Mandy, do you have something on your mind?"

Felix stroked her hair which was soft.

These two days, she was with him, but her heart was not with him, so he naturally felt that.

She had something on her mind but didn't tell him, which made him a little sad, which meant that she hadn't treated him as her whole.

"Yes," Amanda nodded honestly. She was thinking about her work, but she had to do it by herself. Telling him would only add to his trouble, so she didn't take the initiative to say it. But when he asked, she wouldn't hide it.

"The new semester will begin in a few days. After the new semester, I will have less time to rest. Even if I work part-time, I can't make much money. I'm wondering if there is anything that can make more money, or I will have to live on air." She pouted and looked a little sad.

After saying that, Amanda felt that it was a little inappropriate, so she added, "But don't worry, uncle. I just talk about it. I have worked part-time in the cafe shop in this summer vacation and made some money, so I can hold on for a period of time. Besides, I have much more spare time in college than in high school. By that time, I will definitely find a suitable job. I can support myself. " She grinned at Felix.

Felix's eyes darkened, "Mandy, I..."

He didn't want her to work so hard, and he didn't want her to get up early every day for money. He could let her live a carefree life.

But he couldn't say anything. What could he do now? When she knew who he was, would she think that he had lied to her before? Would she be scared to run away if she knew his identity? Would she be angry if he left here? He didn't dare to take any risk.

"It's okay, uncle. You should be confident in me." Amanda patted Felix's hand to comfort him. She didn't want him to blame himself and worry about her for no reason.

"By the way, uncle, I applied for medical major in the university. I thought it was so expensive to cure a patient, so I chose this major. But now I think I'm right. Medical major in Rain City University is the best major in the country, so I can stay in Rain City all the time and come to see you during my vacation. Is it good? If I applied for other major and had to separate from you, we would have to meet in winter and summer vacation. It was hard for me to think about it. Fortunately, I have a foresight, isn't it, uncle? "

Amanda teased Felix. She didn't want him to be immersed in self-blame and worry all the time. She was the one who was wrong, but why he was the one to blame. She had to try her best to live a good life, so that he would not blame himself and feel sad.

This might be the reason why she applied for medical major in her previous life, but now she didn't think so, because the only thing she wanted to do now was to be with him.

She would never learn medicine just to make a living like her previous life. When he was lying in front of her with blood all over his body but she could do nothing, she regretted very much. If she learned more and had better ability, she would definitely let him live.

Therefore, in this life, she swore from the beginning that no matter if she would encounter such a dangerous situation, she would learn medical skills only to protect him and his safety.

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