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   Chapter 6 Grievance

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Amanda's face was full of smile and her mouth, which had not been closed all day long, was almost torn to the back of her ears.

In the past, she used to go to the shop and home, but now she had one more place to go. The most important thing was that she didn't know where it was. It was obvious that Amanda had got rid of being single.

"Mandy, tell me the truth, or I will punish you severely." Zaria stared at Amanda with greedy eyes. She had already stretched out her demonic claw. If Amanda didn't tell her the truth, she would immediately punish her.

Amanda dodged the inspection of Zaria. Her eyes, which were saying that you are in love, made her blush. It was the first time for her to fall in love in two lives. It should be love, right? She was shy.

"Explain what? Ah, a guest is coming. I'm going to greet him. " Then she tried to escape.

Zaria wouldn't do as Amanda expected. She had given Amanda a long time. Since Amanda didn't tell her, she had to use her own way to ask Amanda. "There is no such a guest. Want to go, no way. Tell me the truth." He threw the demon claw at Amanda.

Amanda screamed and escaped from the demon claw but bumped into another man's arms by accident.

She didn't like any other man to touch her except Felix. No matter in her previous life or this life, she would only let Felix hold her.

Therefore, when she accidentally bumped into this embrace, she left without hesitation. "Sorry, are you okay?"

The two stopped playing.

As soon as Louie entered the shop, he was bumped by his new prey, the beg girl. He was about to reach out to hold her and make fun of her, but she left so quickly that he hadn't even stretched out his hand.

Louie felt a sense of loss in his heart when the girl left his arms. As a powerful man, he wouldn't have such a feeling, so he naturally ignored it.

"Don't you remember me, beg girl?" Fingering his fringe, Louie leaned against the table and looked askance at Amanda. "You are so blind. No wonder you become a little beggar."

Beg girl? Amanda looked at herself up and down with a dark face. How was she like a beggar? Did she really see him before?

Amanda began to doubt her life.

However, if she had met him but no impression of him at all, it was understandable, because she could never remember such an arrogant person.

Her face also turned cold. She said lightly, "I'm sorry. It's my fault to bump into you. If you don't have anything else to do, I'll go to work. Help yourself."

Amanda always kept a distance from such a self-righteous and disrespectful person.

Was he ignored again?

But he wouldn't let her go. He stepped forward and stopped in front of Amanda, "Beg girl, is this your attitude to guests? It's really unlucky for the manager to have an employee like you in this shop. If I were the boss, I would immediately fire you. "

Amanda's face darkened. Did this man deliberately make trouble for her?

She tried to hold back her anger and said, "I've apologized for hitting you. If you forget, I can apologize again. I'm sorry. Is it enough now?"

What Louie wanted was not an apology. He wanted the beggar to remember him well. He, Mr. Louie, was not someone to be ignored casually.

"You bumped into me. Is an apology enough? Then I will be the one who is bullied by others easily, right? " He played with his fingers and said casually.

"What do you want?" Amanda had never been a good tempered person, but she didn't care about it before, so she didn't take it seriously. She muddled along with everything and didn't fight for anything. Everyone thought she was a good tempered person. Someone would thought she was no temper at all.

In fact, she had a bad temper. She really felt that this person was annoying, so she didn't have a good tone.

"What do I want?" Squinting at Amanda, he continued, "Look at your tone. It seems that I'm the one who did the wrong thing. Beg girl, you are not kind."

He called her beg girl again! There were ten thousand ants crawling in Amanda's heart, which tickled her hand. She really wanted to tear the man in front of her. Why did he think that she was a beggar?

She gritted her teeth and stared at this arrogant man, as if a volcano was about to erupt.

Noticing that the situation was not good, Zaria hurried to stop Amanda, "I'm sorry, guest. It's our fault to run into you. Of course, an apology can't solve it." Zaria raised her head and said to Louie, "How about this? We will do whatever we can, or you can say a number. If it's reasonable, we will pay for you. Just take it as a surprise."

"Do you think I'm short of money?" The disdainful tone made Amanda and Zaria angry.

The manager heard the noise and hurried over. "What's wrong? What happened?"

"Are you the manager?" Looking at the chubby man in front of him, Louie pursed his lips in a condescending manner.

After all, the manager was an official and had some knowledge. Moreover, he had a dream of making money all day long, so he had to study the rich people.

Of course he knew Louie. He smiled obsequiously and said, "Hey, aren't you Mr. Louie? I am sorry I didn't welcome you in advance. I'm the manager of this shop. What can I do for you, Mr. Louie? "

"No, I'm just a little dissatisfied," Said Louie, glancing at t

he hatchet manager in disgust. He didn't want to argue with the manager any more. "Your employees are too arrogant. They hit me and were more fiercely than me, which makes me very depressed."

"Oh?" The manager looked back and forth between Amanda and Zaria, measuring something, "Amanda, did you hit Mr. Louie?"

"It's me, but I've already apologized." Amanda was neither humble nor pushy. She had seen the manager's eyes for countless times. At first, she would feel unfair and aggrieved, but gradually, she became numb.

After all, she was an orphan and had no one to rely on. She had experienced such a thing for many times.

The manager thought for a while and realized that Mr. Louie didn't need to apologize.

The fat man pulled a long face immediately and said in a bitter tone. "What's the use of apologizing? I hire you here to entertain my guests well, but you are so arrogant. My temple is too small to accommodate you. Go to the financial department to get your salary. Hurry up and leave."

As soon as the manager finished his words, Amanda didn't say anything. She turned around and left without even looking at the manager.

She had planned to give up her salary. Fortunately, this person was not too immoral.

After getting the salary, she left with her belongings without looking back. Zaria still wanted to persuade the manager. She knew what was going on with Amanda who relied on this job to support her life for a semester. But Amanda left so fast that she had no time to do anything, so she had to be anxious.

Seeing that Amanda was in a bad mood, Louie was happy. He thought she should remember him this time.

He quickly caught up with Amanda who was walking far away. He stopped in front of her, and said with a cheeky smile. "Beg girl, how are you feeling now? You must be very happy to get your freedom, right? You don't need to thank me."

Amanda cast a cold glance at Louie and walked past him.

Hearing no response from her, Louie was a little angry and stopped her again. "Beg girl, I'm talking to you. Are you deaf or dumb?"

Amanda tried her best to suppress her anger and stared at him, "I'm not deaf or dumb. Sir, you are a rich man, so you don't have to be so serious with a little beggar like me. Now that I'm fired as you wish, what else do you want?"

Although her tone was not very good, fortunately, she no longer ignored him, which made him feel happy.

"I knew it. How can I be ignored by others with my charm! Beg girl, remember, my name is Louie. If you forget it again, you will not only be fired. "

Amanda was speechless. Did he let her lose her job because she didn't remember him? "Are you crazy?" Ignoring him, she walked past him quickly.

After getting the response, he stopped pestering. Even being scolded was very pleasant to his ears. He let her go in a good mood.

Getting rid of him, Amanda went straight to the prison. She didn't feel like visiting a prison anymore, as if she was going home, because wherever he was, she felt warm.

The moment she sawn Felix, her depression turned into grievance and she threw herself into his arms tightly.

Normally, at this time, Amanda was at work. Felix was surprised to see her came here when she was supposed to work. Now, she threw herself into his arms, crying. Although she did not cry loudly, the heat on his heart let him know that she was crying. His Mandy must have been wronged. She was his treasure, how could she be wronged!

He winked at the man standing aside, and the man silently retreated, followed by the others. Holding Amanda in his arms, Felix didn't ask or say anything. He just let her stay quietly in his arms to vent her anger. He patted her back gently and kissed her hair from time to time to comfort her.

After a long time, it seemed that she was tired of crying. Amanda came out of Felix's arms and looked at him with red eyes. "Uncle..." Her nose was blocked and her voice was buzzing. It sounded pitiful.

"Uncle is here..." Feeling sorry for her, Felix wiped her tears, looking at a loss. He was always at a loss in front of her tears.

She wanted to say something, but as soon as she heard Felix's voice, the grievance she suppressed came out again, and her tears burst out again.

She began to burp while crying.

Feeling that the sky was falling, Felix kissed her tears sadly. At this time, he had already forgotten his scruples, forbearance and cautiously. He just wanted to comfort her.

Thinking of the man who made her so sad, a bloodthirsty anger flashed through her heart.

"Mandy, it's okay. I'm here with you. Don't cry. Just leave everything to me. I'm always behind you."

"Uncle..." Amanda choked with sobs, "They all bullied me. They bullied me because I was an orphan and had no money or power. I hate them. Uncle, I hate them."

Amanda was like a poor woman abandoned by the whole world. Only his embrace was her harbor, the only harbor.

Felix's eyes turned red...

"It doesn't matter. I will let those who bully you pay the price. Mandy, don't cry. What if your eyes are going to be bad because of crying? My Mandy is not an orphan. She is my treasure. No matter power or money, I will give you whatever you want, even the whole world. My Mandy is the most precious treasure in the world. "

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