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   Chapter 5 A Different Visiting Room

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"Uncle, come here and have a seat. See what I have brought for you."

Felix felt unreal, as if he was stepping on the clouds.

He couldn't believe what she said yesterday. He was not sure if she had really thought it through. He was afraid of disappointment after he believed it.

But there was also a surprise as expected, because he believed what she said.

He didn't get any useful information from Black yesterday. He didn't know why she changed so much, but he liked her change. If this change could only be made one day, even an hour, he would enjoy it. As long as it was about her, whether it was joy or sadness, he would accept it happily.

With her greeting, he sat down. His eyes were full of tenderness, which was warm to the bottom of her heart. "What did Mandy bring?"

Amanda pretended to be mysterious. She took out the food in the bag and slowly opened it. "Look, I made it myself. Does it look appetizing?" Amanda winked cunningly, "I made it specially. I'm in a hurry to have lunch with you. Are you happy?" Amanda said as she put aside the things and showed the food to Felix as if she was presenting a treasure.

Felix suddenly felt lighter and pinched himself secretly. It was painful.

Did his Mandy cooked for him? Did she come here to have lunch with him? No matter how he thought, he felt it was unreal. He felt dizzy, happy and afraid. Fear of losing made him as sad as a cat's claw.

Fearing that he would frighten her away, Louie didn't show his true feeling. She just smiled happily and said, "Yes, I'm very happy. Thank you, Mandy."

Amanda looked up at him with a reproachful look, "Why should you say thank you to me?" She was willing to do it just like he said to her.

After placing the things in order, she saw the prison guard standing aside and realized something. She approached the window and asked in a low voice, "Uncle, isn't it appropriate for me to come to you every day and have meals with you? Will they make things difficult for you? If it's not convenient, I'll come to see you in a few days. You can put all these away. If you can't eat them all, you can throw them away. I don't want you to have a bad time here. "

After saying that, Amanda was stunned. She thought she was ridiculous. It would be bad no matter what happened here? How could she say that she didn't want him to live a bad life? It was all her fault.

Suddenly, she felt that she was so hypocritical and disgusting. The guilt hidden in the bottom of her heart gushed out like spring water, wrapping her up.

Looking at her depressed mood, Felix thought she was worried about him. He unconsciously tightened his eyebrows and tried to hold her hand. Seeing that she did not feel uncomfortable, he felt relieved and held her hand tightly and comforted her gently.

"No, Mandy. They won't make things difficult for me. I'm living a good life here. I'm free. It's not what you think. Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm happy that you can accompany me to eat the food you cook for me. It's better than anything else. "

"Really?" Would he live a good life here? Amanda didn't believe that he would never let her know his hard work and sacrifices.

"Of course it's true. If you don't believe me, you can ask them." Felix glanced at the prison guards standing aside. His cold eyes made people feel goose bumps in this summer.

Could they say no? How dare they say no? They nodded immediately. "You can come to see him at any time. It doesn't matter whether you take food or clothes."

Amanda didn't expect the prison guards to be so friendly. She felt relieved and said: "Thank you." A bright smile appeared on her face.

Felix looked as usual, but the air around him was so cold that no one dared to ignore it.

The prison guard waved his hand uneasily and his face twitched.

'Please don't smile at us anymore. We are almost frozen to death, and I can't take your thanks. As long as you are happy, you can treat the prison as a bedroom.'

"May I ask you to leave for a while?" Felix said to them. There was an obvious threat in his tone of inquiry. It seemed that if they dared to stay one more minute, he would make them regret for the rest of their lives.

The prison guards were relieved and left without looking back. They walked in a hurry as if they were escaping. Amanda didn't know what happened, "Uncle, what's wrong with them? They feel scared. What are they afraid of?"

"No, they are just hungry. Don't worry about them." Felix took back the cold air and looked at Amanda as if he was the sunshine in winter.

The prison guards who hadn't gone far were speechless. How hungry were they? They sighed and continued to run away. They felt sad...

Amanda nodded and didn't pay attention to them anymore. She pushed the food to Felix and stuck out her tongue with a smile. "Uncle, have a taste of the food I cook. If it doesn't taste good, don't tell me."

Felix took a bite without hesitation. His face was full of enjoyment, which made Amanda think it should be delicious. "What do you think?" Her big eyes were shining.

"It's delicious," Said Felix with a smile. Her vivid expression softened his heart.

Then he took another big bite, which showed that it was really delicious.

Amanda was surprised. She did

n't expect the food she cooked for the first time to be so delicious. It seemed that she was really talented. She picked up the chopsticks and ate proudly.

It was too late for Felix to stop her. Amanda frowned and said in disgust, "It's salty. Don't you feel it? Why did you sat it was delicious? I'll try another one. " Amanda took the chopsticks and tried them one by one. None of them was good, either too sweet, or too bitter, and there was an indescribable strange taste.

She used to be proud of her own talent, but she didn't expect the food was cooked so badly with her so-called talent. She said with a bitter face, "I'm sorry, uncle. I didn't expect it to be so bad. Don't eat it. You will be sick. I'll buy some more."

"No," Felix stopped Amanda from throwing away the food. "This is the first time you cook for me. It's delicious no matter what. I really think it's delicious. I'll ask someone to send you something else. Can you eat with me? "

"Uncle?" Amanda felt her eyes and nose ached. Was she worth his care?

"Good girl, as long as you are happy in the future, I will cook for you what you want to eat." Felix comforted her with a smile.

"But how can you cook here?" Amanda curled her lips and was about to cry. He always comforted her and made her happy. She forgot that he was the one should be comforted.

"Of course I can cook here. The prison is very human now. We can cook by ourselves. From now on, I will cook for you. You just need to come and eat with me, okay?" Felix comforted her in a hurry. The last thing he wanted to see was her tears and sadness. He could cook for her wherever she wanted.

Hearing this, the prison guard looked up at the sky speechlessly and said, "Only the prison you are in will be so human. You are so awesome. Even your treatment in prison is different from that of ordinary people.".

Amanda didn't expect that he would be treated like this in prison. She widened her eyes in surprise and thought that it really goes with the times. "I didn't expect it to be like this in prison now. Then I will come to eat with you every day."

"Okay." Felix breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as she was happy, he would be satisfied. He would see her and have meals with her every day in the future. Such happiness was something he couldn't imagine before.

Amanda didn't ask Felix to send some food here. Instead, she accompanied him to eat the most terrible and delicious food in the world. Every day after that, Amanda came to the prison to have meals with Felix, went to work after meals, and then went back home. She was happy to live such a regular life.

Felix seemed to be dreaming every day. He could feel that Amanda's heart for him was no longer repulsive or afraid. She wouldn't care if he held her hand at any time. Gradually, he was no longer satisfied with holding her hand. He wanted to hug her, touch her head and face as before.

So he changed the visiting room to the living room. There was no obstacle between them, so he could try to get closer to her.

When Amanda saw such a visiting room at the beginning, she felt strange, but she was prevaricated by Felix with the prison reform. She didn't care about it, so she didn't think too much. Anyway, it was better, because she missed his embrace.

So when she first met him in the visiting room, she threw herself into his arms without thinking. His hug was still as warm as before. It was so good.

Felix hesitated for a moment. He didn't expect that the way he tried to get close to her would be useless. However, he was happy to see it now.

Holding her soft body in his arms, he was really satisfied. He could tell that she was thinner than before. She used to be fatty and soft, but now her body was full of bones. When he hold her, he felt she was light.

"My Mandy has really lost some weight." He held her tighter, which made him feel sorry for her.

"Do you like me to be fat? Then you can cook more delicious food in the future. I will eat them all and be fat. " Burying her head in his arms, her fluffy head rubbed against his heart, making him softhearted.

With a satisfied smile, Felix said, "Okay, I'll cook delicious food for you every day. I'll make you as fat and soft as before."

The two of them flirted with each other without restraint. The prison guards' foreheads twitched. 'Could they consider the feelings of these single dogs? What's more, sir, you are in jail now. Do you know what 'jail' is? Do you really take this place as your own home? You buy food and cook every day, and now the visiting room has been changed. Are you still in jail? If you go home, we will kowtow three times to see you off.'

Of course, the prison guards could only imagine these words in their hearts, but they didn't dare to say them out. They wanted to live a few more years. But if this master still stayed in the prison, they might not live for a few more years. Every day, they would be frightened by his cold temperament and their hearts would suddenly stop for several times. They thought they wouldn't live longer.

Coffee shop...

During this period of time, Zaria had noticed the abnormality of Amanda. She clearly saw several big words on her good friend's face. The words were, "I am in love".

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