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   Chapter 4 Cooking

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After changing her clothes, Amanda came out and began to work at the checkout counter.

"Mandy, where did you go last night? It's rare for you to overslept one day."

Zaria asked curiously. As far as she knew, Amanda always worked hard. She would never waste her time on sleeping, because time was money. She was short of money. But today, she even overslept. It was really unexpected.

"Nothing. I'm just too tired. It's not a big deal to sleep late occasionally. Well, focus on your work. The manager is here. " Of course, Amanda would not tell Zaria what she had experienced. She was afraid that she would frighten her into the hospital.

Zaria curled her lips. Seeing that she obviously changed the topic, she didn't ask more questions. She thought that Amanda might be really tired and she really felt sorry for her.

For the whole day, Amanda was absent-minded and kept thinking about how to take the first step. Because of guilt, she was afraid to face him. Just like before, she had hidden herself from him for ten years because of this guilt and the deep love. Now it was difficult for her to cross the gap in her heart to take this step.

"Mandy, did you hear me?" Zaria felt that Amanda was very strange today. She used to be workaholic but she had no interest in work at all today. She had called her several times but didn't get response.

"What? What did you say? " Amanda really didn't hear it. She had thought about countless ways to take that step, but she denied all of them in the end.

"Hey, have you heard about Samuel in our class?" "A few days ago, his grandmother passed away. He was brought up by his grandmother. His parents seldom went home because of work when he was very young, so his grandmother was the closest person to him, so his grandmother's death was a big blow to him. I met him yesterday, and he said that he regretted that he was not obedient when she was alive. Now that she left, it was useless for him to be obedient. He had planned to make money to take his grandmother to travel in the future, but the plan couldn't catch up with the change. It was a pity. It is that when one wants to take good care of his elders but they had passed away, isn't it? I think he is really sad.

He used to be naughty in class. He didn't study hard and always made trouble. I often saw his grandmother be called to school. However, he just didn't listen to her and didn't change his mind. Now that his grandmother had passed away, he realized it and regretted that he had realized it too late. What could he do? There was always no medicine for regret in the world. So, we can do whatever we want to do in the future as soon as possible. Don't be too late when we want to do it. It's so troublesome. "

"One wants to take good care of his elders but they had passed away? Yes, if I don't cherish it when I have it, then I will be regretful when I lose it. People should seize the opportunity. There is no medicine for regret in the world. "

Since Amanda was reborn, she could feel the pain of losing something. The most useless thing in the world was regret.

Every minute and second of her life was earned. What else could she be afraid of? Since she had already made up her mind to live for him, there was nothing that she dared not do. She could do anything for him.

"Hey, it's you, beg girl. You work here. Come on, please introduce your popular dessert and coffee to me." When Louie met the woman he was interested in again, he was in a good mood. He fingered his fringe and winked at Amanda at the checkout counter.

Amanda thought out everything. If she wanted to take the step, she didn't need any methods at all but just do it. So she automatically ignored the noisy voice beside her ear, "Zaria, ask for a leave for me and tell the manager that I have something urgent." She took off her apron and ran to the only place she wanted to go.

"Well, Mandy... You? What medicine did she take today? " Zaria shook her head and muttered. Amanda had already run away, and she couldn't ask anything. She'd better ask for leave for Amanda.

Being completely ignored, Louie pulled a long face and wondered if his charm had been reduced. How could he be so invisible!

This beg girl dared to ignore him. There was no one who had ignored him again and again. She was the first one. He didn't like anyone to break his record. The beg girl was doomed.

In the prison, Felix didn't expect that Amanda would come to see him again, so he came to the visiting room suspiciously.

Today, he was more careful than yesterday. He was afraid that he would frighten her again because of his carelessness. If so, she would really stay away from him.

When he saw Amanda, he didn't dare to say anything more. He just looked at her quietly, as if she was looking at him. When their four eyes met, there were thousands of words in his eyes, but he felt that he was unable to speak, or he didn't dare to speak.

"Felix, I owe you an apology." Said Amanda firmly after a moment of silence. "I owe you for a long time. I'm sorry, you suffer so many disasters for no reason because of me. You stay in this prison without freedom because of me. I will accept all your complaints and hatred, and I will try my best

to make up for what I owe in the future."

Amanda knew that she didn't need to say sorry to him, but she had to say that she owed him. Only in this way could she love him without scruple.

Felix frowned and his heart sank. Was she trying to draw a clear line with him? Did she really want to leave him? Was she still hating him?

"Mandy, I'm willing to do anything for you." Felix said in a panic. "You don't owe me anything. I don't need your apology. I just want you to be happy forever." 'I hope you can... You can be with me, even though it is impossible now.'

Felix said anxiously and cautiously.

"Mandy, what happened to you today? Did someone bully you? Tell me... Are you... " 'Are you want to leave me?' He didn't dare to ask, but unconsciously reached out his hand, trying to hold Amanda's hands tightly, not letting her leave.

He froze at the thought of the frightened look on her face yesterday...

He looked at her carefully and felt relieved when he found that she was fine. "Mandy, I..." He wanted to say that he would be careful and not touch her.

Before he finished his words, Amanda stopped him and grabbed his hand which was about to take back.

"Uncle, trust me. I won't escape anymore. You are still my most beautiful uncle, and I am still your Mandy. I am yours. I have nothing but just think it through. I won't dwell on unnecessary problems, and I won't lose you. I will firmly grasp every minute and second. Uncle, I have to go back to work. I'll come to see you tomorrow. Wait for me. "

Amanda smiled brightly. She was in a good mood since she was brave enough to take this step. She came in a hurry and left without waiting for any response.

Felix was still in shock when his hand was held by her. His Mandy took the initiative to approach him. Did it mean that she had really let go of it, thought it through and stopped hating him?

What did she mean by saying that she was his only Mandy? Was it what he thought?

But her reaction today was so strange that he felt as if she had changed into another person, which was unreal.

"Go and ask Black to come here."

Without the presence of Amanda, the voice of Felix was very cold, which made the guard beside tremble with fear. He nodded quickly and went to find Black mentioned by Felix.

After going out of the prison, Amanda was in a good mood. She hummed a tune and walked back to the shop briskly, without noticing Louie who had been following her.

Leaning against the front of the car, Louie looked at Amanda far away and the prison behind her with a smile of interest.

"Prison? Last time, it seemed I met her here. Did she have her family in prison? Well, I've never seen anyone so eager and happy to visit the prison. It's strange. Beg girl, let me know you. " It was a kind of excitement to find a new prey.

Amanda walked gracefully into the shop under the surprised gaze of Zaria. She calmly put on her apron and began to work, humming a tuneless tune from time to time.

Zaria stretched out her hand to touch Amanda's forehead and frowned, "You don't have a fever. Did you have an accident?"

Amanda slapped Zaria's hand away angrily. She was just a little happy. Why did she make such a fuss? Was she destined to live in depression? She was her best friend, how couldn't she hope that she could be better?

"Zaria, I'm not insane or evil. I'm just happy that I've figured out one thing. Don't look at me like I'm a monster, okay? Work hard. We can get off work in an hour. " She still wanted to buy some food after work. She would cook delicious food for her beautiful uncle tomorrow. She felt happy at the thought of it. Thinking of this, she couldn't help smiling happily.

Zaria's eyes twinkled. What's wrong with Amanda today? She not only asked for leave, but also looked forward to getting off work... Maybe her spring came.

She must have been stimulated by something. How could she help her?'? Zaria was in a dilemma.

Amanda was thinking about cooking something delicious for Felix, but she didn't notice the pity in Zaria's eyes and her determination to save her. She waited happily to get off work alone.

On the second day, Amanda worked the night shift. She could visit Felix after lunch.

However, she still got up early in the morning. After tidying up, she began to prepare lunch.

There was a smile on her face. It was the first time for her to cook for Felix, and she didn't know what he liked. He used to cook for her. Amanda picked up her favorite dishes, and she believed that Felix would also like what she liked.

She had been busy all morning. Looking at the delicious food, she felt a sense of accomplishment.

She didn't know how to cook. Her mother spoiled her before, and then Felix spoiled her. After that, she lived alone for a year. She always made instant noodles to eat, or simply didn't eat. She only occasionally made the simplest meal.

It was the first time that she had cooked such a formal meal. She hoped it wouldn't be too bad.

In a mood full of expectation that Felix would like it, she packed up the things and ran to the prison with her small bag. When she waited in the visiting room and saw him come out, she waved at him with a smile from a distance.

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