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   Chapter 2 My Next Life Is Only For You (Part Two)

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It was enough.

Looking at the man who was now more mature than she remembered, she smiled so contentedly as if she had no regret in her life.

However, before a smile slipped onto her face, fear replaced everything. A bullet, flying from a devil's hand, mercilessly cut through his heart. He seemed not to know any pain and used his last strength to send the dagger in his hand spinning into the middle of the shooter's forehead as if he had completed a sacred rite and returned as a devotee.

The tall body crashed down in front of Amanda Yun with a loud bang. She felt that the sky above her head had also collapsed, and her heart trembled like a fearful beast.

She couldn't find any words to scream and struggled to breathe. She could only stare at his white shirt, which was slowly soaking in his heart's blood. It became a dazzling color in the flickering flashlights. Everything around them was silent. There had been no gunshots, no screams, and not even a heartbeat.

Amanda Yun stared blankly at his heaving heart and thought, 'Is he going to die?' Wouldn't she see him, hear him, and feel him again? There wouldn't be another Felix Pei in such a big world, would there?

It was so terrible. A world without him was too terrible. It was dark everywhere and cold everywhere, like a cold tomb. It was a terrible existence.

Her trembling limbs struggled, but she lacked the strength to stand up at all. She could only crawl to Felix Pei, who was lying on the ground, using her hands and feet. It was as if she was a cloud that could float away at any moment and could barely resist the wind.

She wanted to touch his face. She wanted to feel his warmth, but she had no strength. Amanda Yun opened her mouth and seemed to choke on something, unable to say a word. She could only look at him with helpless red eyes.

Felix Pei stared at the girl beside him, feeling sorry for her. He tried hard to raise his hand to brush away her tears, but his hand seemed to be lead-filled, and no matter how anxious he felt, he couldn't move it at all.

Only then did he realize that he couldn't be there for her anymore...

"Mandy... Don't cry. I can't watch over you anymore. Take care of yourself. Don't run anymore. It's too hard… I am so sorry for you. Find a place you like and live happily for the rest of your life. You must find someone who loves you... Get married and have kids. If possible... Don't forget me… Mandy, I love you."

The night became quiet again...

She looked at his closed eyes, which used to only look at her, but now would never open again. He said, "Don't cry…" Such loving and distant words. He had always comforted her, "Don't cry... Don't be sad... Don't be afraid... I am here..."

Now, he was gone, and she wouldn't hear his warm voice...

Holding Felix Pei's hand over her face, Aman

da Yun knew the last thing he had wanted to do was to wipe her tears.

She laid her hand on his face. What she wanted was to feel his familiar warmth.

However, as his warmth slowly faded away, her heart cooled. After losing him in the end, she suddenly came to the realization.

She sent him to jail because of her hatred and fear, which she had used as an excuse to run. Death let her see the secrets hidden in her heart, and now she wanted to see him, even if for one last time.

It turned out that she not only hated and feared him, but she also loved him and felt guilty for him.

Now that she had really lost him, she discovered that only love and guilt remained for him.

How ridiculous of her! She had been paralyzing herself with hatred and fear this whole time, escaping all her regrets. She was not afraid of him but of her mistake.

She had been wrong, and it hurt so much.

She loved him more than she could imagine.

Therefore, she had stayed at the place where he was put behind bars for five years and never even thought of leaving.

But in the end, she still didn't have the courage to admit her mistake, and she had let herself repeat it...

Amanda Yun smiled sadly as tears glistened in her eyes. The price of her awakening was his life. How hateful she was!

How could she live a happy life after losing him!

She was now an empty shell without a heart. How could she hold on and live without him!

Find someone who could love her? Well, except for Felix Pei, who else in this world would love her, and who else would she want to marry?

She lowered her head and kissed his lips. They were cold and soft, just like her heart…

"Felix, if there is a next life, then my next life is only for you."


A gunshot echoed through the quiet night. Nobody knew whether it was the end or the beginning.

Rain City had been named after the weather. It rained two thirds of the year here. It was an important city because it was the capital of A Country. It was also an international military, political, and commercial city.

However, no matter how prosperous a city was, there were still slums and civilian shanty places. The shabby cottage was so simple that there was only a bed and table left, and even the paint on them had already been stripped off. A wooden bar with clothes piled up on it hung in the corner. It was a wardrobe.

The room was windowless. It rained for most of the year, which filled the small shabby room with a damp and musty stink.

"Boom! Boom..."

A thunderclap sounded, waking Amanda up. The rain was released once more. Looking at the familiar and broken place, she was confused. Why was she here? Wasn't she already dead? She rubbed her painful head and looked at the calendar on the table. Her eyes widened. She had come back to nine years ago.

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