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   Chapter 1 My Next Life Is Only For You (Part One)

Reborn: Love You Again By Piao Guo Characters: 5704

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"Whoosh Whoosh..." In the dark forest there were many lush trees, and the interlaced canopy of branches blocked the moonlight so that not even a trace of light filtered in. Amanda Yun was running headlong under the trees, quite breathless. Even though the forest was so dark that it was hard to see anything, her helplessness and panic could clearly be seen in her eyes. She snatched a backward look at the beams of light, drawing ever closer behind her from time to time. She didn't know who these people were, or why they were chasing her, or even where she was. At this moment, the only thought in her mind was to run and to run with all her strength.

The wind roared past her ears, and her heart beat faster. The forest was like a huge black hole, swallowing her one limb at a time as she dashed headlong into the dark. She knew that somewhere ahead of her there was an abyss, but she still had to run on. Only by running could she have any chance of surviving.

Amanda Yun didn't know how long or how far she had run. She only knew that the killers were drawing near, and she was exhausted. As she stumbled along in the dark night, her body got scratched by the branches, leaving large and small cuts. She grew weak and fell to the ground, but she didn't feel any pain. She thought that maybe it was because her fear now occupied all her nerves.

The pursuing flashlights shone in her face. The strong light made her blink, and she was unable to open her eyes, so she shut them tightly against the inevitable. In this way, she would not see the gun and would not be afraid.

Indeed, the moment she closed her eyes, the fear that had so consumed her had disappeared, and it was replaced by a regret deep in her soul. She regretted that she could no longer see the person she had run from for ten years, and she regretted that she would not even have a final farewell.

She couldn't figure out how such a regret had been lodged in her heart, or why it had been buried so deeply without her knowing it. However, it seemed that there was no answer…


As the gunshot rang out, Amanda sneered. It seemed that she would die with regret. That was good. At least, he could still hate the person she had been.

She closed her eyes and waited for the hot lead to end her life. But after a long moment, the expected pain did not come, and a scream rang out somewhere in the dark.

"Ah... Bang..." Gunshots and screams rose in a desperate melee. Amanda Yun's heart skipped a beat.

Who could have come to save her at this time? Who would care enough to save her? There was only one answer in her heart, but she refuted it at first. She smiled with self-mockery. "How could he come?" He wouldn't come. He had every right to hate her.

When she opened her eyes, she didn't know whether she should be surprised, shocked, or reliev

ed; nor whether she should feel guilty, even though she didn't want to admit it. But no matter what she felt, she smiled because he was here.

The person who she hadn't seen for ten years finally came. She thought she had completely forgotten him, but she knew him so clearly when they met again. She had escaped from his sight for ten years, but she wanted to see him before she died.

She wanted to ask, "Why did you come, Felix Pei?"

Tears filled her eyes, but stubbornly, they did not roll down.

Seventeen years ago, when she had been ten years old, she had met him. He was twenty years old then.

In her eyes, he was more beautiful and magnificent than anyone she had seen or heard from TV, magazines, and fairy tales. His was so mature that he didn't match his age. She liked to call him uncle. She could tell that the smile on his face must be the most handsome one, so she fawned on him to make him smile.

He smiled. She saw the most beautiful image, which left her addicted like the strongest poison in the world. From then on, he was her one and only beautiful uncle, and she would never be able to detox from him.

He was like a creature living in a cold pool, which had left his world dark and lonely. Until he met her. The girl who gave him sunshine and colors convinced him that there was still warmth and color in the world. From then on… She became the motivating force in his life, the meaning of his world. She was his all, and his only redemption.

Over the past seven years, they played and grew up together. Everything was so beautiful.

Suddenly, one day, she woke up from her dream and saw him standing at the foot of her bed with a bloody knife in his hand. At his feet was her only family member's bloodied corpse. Screaming madly, she was deadly fearful. Disgusted with him, she ignored the wounds and pain in his eyes and sent him to prison.

She hated him and feared him. It was him who had killed the stepfather who took her and her mother in. He had still taken care of her after her mother passed away. Therefore, for all of the five years Felix Pei had been in prison, she didn't visit him. Five years later, when she heard that he had been released from prison, she ran away in a panic that night, fearing that he would find her. Over the next five years, she ran sporadically, and she only stayed in a place for less than three months.

In the past five years, she had traveled almost all over the country. She was exhausted after five years of wandering. She had no relatives, no friends, not even a stranger who could sit with her and talk. Her heart was so tired.

She didn't want to flee again. Tonight, she was at the mercy of God. When she was tired, these people helped her stay forever and stop running. And his appearance proved a gift from God to her, fulfilling her last wish.

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