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   Chapter 82 The Wedding In The Baby's Completion Of His First Month Of Life

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Joe didn't know what to say for a moment, and what he wanted to say was stuck in his throat. "Max, I know how important Cassie is in your heart, but you are responsible for the company and your son, and these are responsibilities that you cannot escape. What about your parents? What should they do?"

"I can't care less." Only when Max saw Ivy on the bed could he show a trace of love in his calm eyes. As usual, he wetted the woman's red lips with a cotton swab.

Everything was the same, but Ivy hadn't said she loved Max in his ear for a long time.

"Are you escaping? As a father, you haven't seen your child for a long time. What do you want your child to think in the future? Is he just a dispensable existence to his father? "

For a moment, Joe couldn't help raising his voice. His sculptural features were somewhat cold and hard, and a sense of powerlessness wantonly fermented in his heart.

"Joe, come here and have a look at Cassie... Is she going to wake up? She moved her finger just now. " Max's thick eyebrows rippled, and his thin and moderate red lips rippled with a long lost smile.

"What?" Joe also felt a sense of joy at a loss.

Ivy's eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she had used up all her strength. She slowly opened her eyes and then closed them, "Cassie, Cassie?" Max beside Ivy called her in a gentle voice.

"It's so noisy." Ivy's hoarse voice was shallow, which was really a wonderful sound for them. Cassie woke up...

"Great! She finally woke up." Max's cold line was covered with a layer of tenderness, and there was a smile between his eyebrows, like the bright first quarter in the night, intoxicating.

Ivy opened her eyes again and saw the enlarged handsome face of Max. Her cherry lips moved slightly. "Who are you?"

"Boom", like a time bomb exploding in the ward, the impact of this sentence was no less than the time when Max knew that Cassie was in a coma.

What was this? The test of God?

"It's me, Cassie. I'm Max, your fiance." Max's heart was filled with sadness, and he couldn't bear the pain in his nose. The moisture in his


It was rare for Mrs. Andrea to pull a long face, but now her dignified face made them feel restless. Thinking for a while, Max asked, "what's the matter? Why are you so serious?"

"You two have the nerve to ask me what happened. Now that you have a child, don't you have any idea? When are you going to get married? " Mrs. Andrea pretended to be angry. She looked calm and kind.

"Get married..." Ivy's cherry lips whispered softly, and some part of her heart began to become soft.

"Don't you want to marry Max, Cassie? No way. You are the mother of this child and the daughter-in-law of the Hua family. We have reached an agreement with your parents. You have to agree to hold your wedding whether you want or not when the baby is one month old. I am informing you, not discussing with you. "

It was rare for Mrs. Andrea to be so arrogant. This surprised both Max and Ivy. The wedding in the baby's completion of his first month of life sounded good.

"We didn't say that we didn't agree. My Mrs. Cassie has long wanted to marry me." Max's lips curled into a sly smile, and the corners of his eyes were meaningful.

"Mom, it's not like that, please listen to me..." Ivy wanted to explain something.

"Isn't that so? I think my son is right. If I had known earlier that you wanted to get married, I wouldn't have delayed it for so long. " Mrs. Andrea seemed to be enlightened.

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